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  1. Portuguese is definitely needed, send Manu a mail at manu@magicduel.com about it.
  2. "ugly motiv" wtf, there's something for every taste. Yes you did......
  3. 1) You need to buy the avatar feature first. 2) Yes everything will be unlocked in a certain order. Once you buy a feature/item/'crap' another one will be available.
  4. Active days below 2 and 30 days inactivity is a start too.
  5. Then the rest better beat him/her to it. Beside, when I say grow I'm not just takling about stats. Creature upgrades, puzzle solving, story progress, exploring etc. etc. etc.
  6. Ok, the one who grows the most that day/week gets a price.
  7. SPOILER! Well it saved me for a long journey around the world. Unles you are the one taking advantage of us all, making us humans look like fools....
  8. A warm welcome to magicDuel oh great heathen. Although we all know that the true vikings are the Danes
  9. What is the point of login in at all then. You can't use your prize when you'r offline. Also it wouldn't be a problem if the ones participating in the lottery is the ones online for the last three/four days.
  10. Which principles are required for that Metal Bunny?
  11. Yeah there should be a way to loose points
  12. You need to send Mr. Manu a mail about this. From the changelog:
  13. Gared you aint getting anywhere by writting with these ppl , try sending Manu a kind mail where you explain thoroughly what you think you can do for the game.
  14. I remember buying four, and that was no more than 20 days ago.
  15. 2?, they can buy as many as they like (up to 16).
  16. I don't have the 6th week...sry.
  17. Heh, I didn't know he needed fixing dst, most of these things have been discussed before so I suggest you search the forum if you want to read more about it.
  18. Netscape can be both IE and FF based, it's your choice and no wonder they encourage the use of FF, IE sux. Netscape is dead...
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