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  1. Happens all the time and to contribute to the post. You know you've been on MD too much when... - you run around doing the *evil laugh* in RL - you keep your wins and losses balanced in counter strike
  2. Jonn

    PWD contest

    .Jonn. (Is well known *evil laugh*)
  3. I want to make a masterpiece for you MB, something with a dramatic bunny....jumping up and down or, or eating a humanoid. Unfortunately my extreme powers and extraordinary skills does not cover the art of pencil to paper
  4. more drama, more drama!!! *clapping his hands* When will someone get burned?
  5. lol, that's the best description ever! *evil laugh*
  6. I agree on the problem but I suggest having an I'm-not-LHO-right-now checkbox instead. Check it and you wont recieve Help Request until you uncheck it.
  7. lol, there's no button when all the LHOs are offline. Infact refreshing before using the Live Help will ensure that you get one that is online and hasn't logged off since you loaded the page last time.
  8. Galistig I've experienced the same thing about the imaginary creature. Mur knows about it and wuld like to know how big the problem is.
  9. If you unlock Avatar v.2 then there's a faerie, and two other female avatars.
  10. Nope it shoudl not look like that. Looks nice though Do you have the latest flash player installed?
  11. Where they set to target Dying? If your target has more than max VE then you can't hit it with dying oh and the Grasans and The Wlaking Tree hits multiple.
  12. Jonn

    Map click

    It's a flash bug much like the one at Beserkers Way. Open map, refresh, open map again and it's fine. Close the map and open it again and you have the bug once more.
  13. Email confirmed. Welcome to MagicDuel
  14. I would say #13 and then swap 'dog' with 'bunny' Welcome to MagicDuel
  15. Syntax errors appear often, it's normal and happens when Mur is working on some of the pages. Clear your cache and refresh, it might take care of both the errors and the slowness.
  16. and the caverns too.
  17. I will take a wild guess http://magicduel.com/players/laur but it looks to me as an mp3 player.
  18. I have no idea what you mean by enter button, I can't seem to find one except the one on my keyboard, but here's a modified code for you. It should display the two texts the same. If you really, really, really want it I might find a way to alter the width of the profile page box. Note that the <style tye...... removes the 'Comment on self' headline just in case you don't want it. There's a minot thing you have to change in the code. replace all the single quotes with & #39; &lt;style type="text/css"&gt;.hide, td.storyline-text font {display:none;}&lt;/style&gt;&l
  19. Not entirely true. At mp3 you need 100 wins to go to mp4, we all know that and we all know that we have to keep our profile balanced...but not all mp3 knows that, so many of them entered/enter mp4 with more wins than losses. That fucks up the mp4 balance and the mp5 balance is even more fucked up. The sum of all wins and losses should be equal int the theory, but there's a tendency in the mp3 group that then leave when they first emerge from story mode because they get attacked so much and loose (ppl are not used to 'loosing is good') and BANG, the losses are lost forever Give the new syste
  20. I can't get it to jump like that. What browser are you using?
  21. I like it and it fits perfectly, but I would like the possibility to turn it off and on.
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