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    It's not needed to make the whole name into a link, just a small "something" next to the name that appears on :hover.
  2. You know you've been here too long when you start signing your papers and contracts with your playername instead of your real name...
  3. I'll send my slave *Cabin Boy* ID:95907
  4. 4400 is the max heat you can have in the heat counter and 4000 what you max can use in battles.
  5. It's a timeout. Once the ritual is created you are redirected to the attack screen which, if you've taken too long, has expired giving that msg.
  6. [quote name='dst' post='19374' date='Nov 2 2008, 09:50 AM'].[/quote] :good: The extra slashes only appear if you forget to remove the ones that's already there before you save it again.
  7. and if they don't, stop asking about it.
  8. Happy Birthday Now back to work, noobs can't take care of themselves
  9. What! You're eating cookies on the job? Bad Light....where's my lighter. It would be a usefull thing Kragel, signed.
  10. Jonn


    Down with the Bunny Empire
  11. I found a topic that I actually want to reply to. I am amazed. [quote name='maggot' post='17937' date='Oct 6 2008, 01:41 AM']Like I said, you can't expect people to be able to judge what is spam according to the game's judgment. If they believe they're using the spell purposely, then they won't think of it as spam, which by definition constitutes something pointless. Guess you're right about the second rule though, hm. Too bad not enough people complained about rpc abuse, huh? Been poking around on the forums, reading old topics, plus heard some things firsthand. Don't think names wil
  12. Noooo it's fun chasing those that abuse the spell.....gives me a reason to be evil ... ... .... ... Nah ok make it silent.
  13. There's no body in the personal page that you can manipulate like that, you will have to make a divider with the background. <div style="background-image: url('[url]');width:[width];height:[height];z-index:-1;"> [everything else of the page] </div> That should do it if not I also too only know how in css.
  14. Images: <img src="[url]" /> Videos: <object width="[width]" height="[height]"><param name="movie" value="[url]"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="[url]" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="[width]" height="[height]"></embed></object> This will show properly in the personla pages but not in the /players/[playername] page for that you need to remove the " pretty much everywhere in the code. Hope it helps.
  15. It's a good idea and I think you should work on it.
  16. Welcome to Magicduel, you're gonna be busy if you want to find all the secrets
  17. Thanx guys and girls. You are great. I'll remember to put you all on the not-to-torture list
  18. The pages support any frontend scripting language. Furthermore there's aome thing you need to be aware of. The pages insert a break tag <br/> everytime you do a line break, it's really annoying and it insert the " around the attributes automaticly so you should omit them in your coding ie <img src=url /> one more thing actually, it escapes the " and ' in the text on your profile, to fix that you just need to replace them with the corresponding ascii code.
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