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  1. [quote name='Grido' post='24350' date='Jan 27 2009, 03:25 AM']true Je Suis, thats true

    hehe Jonn, quote me enough there?

    EDIT: yeah i think of mp2's and 3's as children to, mp4's as teenagersthen 5/6 as adults :P[/quote]

    I don't know why it is like that......it's funny :))

  2. [quote name='dst' post='24224' date='Jan 26 2009, 01:55 PM']*plots to convince Jonn to grow the egg*
    *plots to remove Glai from YM*
    *plots that from now on all breakfasts should include eggs*
    *plots to actually wake up in the morning and have breakfast*

    Jonn *puppy eyes here* how can I convince you to get ride of the egg?[/quote]

    *Evil Laugh* <- very loud and evil

    Never!!! :P

    [quote name='dst' post='24240' date='Jan 26 2009, 11:12 PM']Jonn leaving the paper cabin??? :P That's blasphemy![/quote]

    You know.....I do have other things to attend to, and I have ppl to do the dirty jobs for me now :))

    [quote name='Grido' post='24288' date='Jan 27 2009, 01:45 AM']maybe is Shaniqua from the future getting revenge on dst for all the wrongs dst is going to commit? :P[/quote]


    [quote name='Grido' post='24293' date='Jan 27 2009, 01:50 AM']if you're the mother, that would make Jonn the father....the egg would be pure evil incarnate.....[/quote]

    ...all I can say is...the Egg is more evil than me. I can feel it's evil vibrations in my backpack!

    [quote name='Grido' post='24328' date='Jan 27 2009, 02:39 AM']hehe old news maybe, but still the original intention of the topic i made for him :P

    i'm still waiting for Jonn to make a comment in the thread hehe[/quote]

    Here it is! :D

    [quote name='Grido' post='24341' date='Jan 27 2009, 03:06 AM']if they're going to press charges on you for that then they'd be prosecuting a lot of players here :P

    i'm still not sure if semi-flirting with mp2's is classed as peadophilia[/quote]

    I considder mp2 and mp3 as being kids, dunno why but somehow I always feel like the old one when talking to them...

  3. [quote name='Jigoku Sword' post='21133' date='Dec 3 2008, 02:23 PM']Can ban person make a new account again?[/quote]
    Yes he can and I recommend this cause it will give the person a new start. Of course if he acts like an idiot again, the new account will be banned too.

  4. Banned this evening. Reason and some logs and pms will be posted tomorrow, all I can say is that he's been a naughty boy.'



    [quote name='pms to Calyx']1. pm
    [...]I've been holding this in put of respect for days..and all that talking to you and your callouse answers have molded it into 1 sentence: "Go to hell YOU fucking whore!!!![...]
    2. pm
    [...]hehe...you're not the one to talk... and I've no reason to speak to one who's lost all feeling... but if you want to start from the begining...go to any crowded plave and yell who wants me to be punished... and see how well you do... you whore...[...][/quote]

    [quote name='Transcript from Manifesting the Imagined by Calyx'][...]Sotesf:...cause they reached a level of perception...that was beyond their time
    Sotesf:*waves sore hand*
    .Calyx of Isis.:Yes, Stoesf
    Sotesf:er..to add to what I said just now:..and that person can improve it in way that wont be strange to to others...like for (a bad) example:
    Cryxus:not beyond their time mate...beyonf what was percieved to be their time
    .Calyx of Isis.:;;nods
    .Gargant.:*hand up (Again, sorry)*
    .Calyx of Isis.:ok garg
    Sotesf:If I said to gargant when he was talking about it earlier \"I belive it isnt clear cut either..but I see it as more of a glop...of everything...and the principles are the mail surfaces and of the highest volume in the glop..
    Sotesf:which I think makes more sense..\"
    .Gargant.:I\'ve been thinking about what sotesf said earlier, about method, means, motive
    .Calyx of Isis.:Sotesf, please wait to be recognized
    .Gargant.:When he said \'everything?\' or \'everything involving people\'
    .Gargant.:I believe I was wrong in my answer.
    .Gargant.:Everything involving people
    .Gargant.:Things that do not involve people do not necessarily require a motive
    .Gargant.:for example the wind does not need a motive to blow
    .Calyx of Isis.:Speaking rom the perceptual vantage point that only people ae sentient and conscios?
    .Gargant.:yet it still has a means (Air currents) and a method (the whole, blowing\' thing that we all know and love)
    .Calyx of Isis.:That presuposes no creatore that esires it to blow
    Sotesf:*hops down from cappy\'s lap*
    Sotesf:the heck with this...as it\'s being run by Isis..I\'m SURE nothing I have to say will contribute to your waltsing of the princples...and skiding on other subjects :<
    .Gargant.:A creature DOES have motive but it is on a more baser level
    Sotesf:*stomps out*
    .Calyx of Isis.:Sotesf -- you have spoken at great length and been shown respect.
    .Gargant.:for example a dog\'s motive for eating could be simply that it is hungry
    Sotesf:like hell
    Keith Moon:*scowl*
    Sotesf:I\'ve no respect to sho for one who think I\'m worth less than crap..and that I say is to be taken as that
    .Gargant.:Sotesf you have had the same chances as the rest of us. Raising hand, then being allowed to speak.
    Sotesf:show*..as you\'ve made it clear recently..
    stormrunner:sotesf quit your whining they be nothing but nice to you
    Sotesf:go shove it up with the rest of thigs isis\'s is shoving it up..
    .Gargant.:I was rather enjoying our little discussion until you\'re unreasonable outburst
    Sotesf:I should have not tried to give you a chance isis
    Sotesf:...*leaves* I could care less what bystanders say..
    .Calyx of Isis.:I think I need to take action here
    .Khalazdad.:Repeatedly problematic, that one.
    stormrunner:gargant you know a good hitman
    Queen Ailith Bull:I think you do Calyx
    .Calyx of Isis.:He is in a deam by himself
    .Gargant.:I do but he never Logs on.
    Queen Ailith Bull:That was uncalled for
    .Gargant.:It was, it\'s a shame. He\'s quite intelligent
    .Calyx of Isis.:Is thr more discussion here?[...][/quote]

    and his last words.

    [quote name='Chatlog' date=' Willows Shop'][01/12/08 23:53] Sotesf:so...J0nn...
    [01/12/08 23:53] Sotesf:*shakes* what did you wanna talk to me about before!!
    [01/12/08 23:54] Sotesf:you just left..and didnt tell me :<
    [01/12/08 23:54] .Jonn.:I wanted to ban you
    [01/12/08 23:54] Sotesf:mwahahaha
    [01/12/08 23:54] Sotesf:then it would mean you own undoing...
    [01/12/08 23:54] Sotesf:because then there will be no more diapers for you
    [01/12/08 23:55] Sotesf:and you\'d have to use the public potty...which is like 3 times your size..
    [01/12/08 23:55] Sotesf:and dirty..
    [01/12/08 23:55] .Jonn.:I see
    [01/12/08 23:55] .Jonn.:facinating
    [01/12/08 23:55] .Jonn.::P
    [01/12/08 23:55] Sotesf:...also..
    [01/12/08 23:56] Sotesf:bad puppet of wrath *kicks shin*
    [01/12/08 23:56] Sotesf:my toes t.t
    [01/12/08 23:56] .Jonn.:did you just kick me?
    [01/12/08 23:57] Sotesf:no...you assulted my with your shins...your hard metal shins TT.TT
    [01/12/08 23:57] .Jonn.:why do you call ppl names?
    [01/12/08 23:57] Sotesf:*hops away*..just wait till I get shoes...then you\'ll gets what you deserve...your puppet of wrathy..
    [01/12/08 23:58] Sotesf:cause...it\'s more true to call them that when I\'m ticked off
    [01/12/08 23:58] Sotesf:or if they do something bad..
    [01/12/08 23:58] .Jonn.:you\'ve called Calyx a whore more than once
    [01/12/08 23:58] .Jonn.:makes me upset
    [01/12/08 23:58] Sotesf:cause she\'s cold and unfeeling...
    [01/12/08 23:58] Sotesf:inside
    [01/12/08 23:58] .Jonn.:you know what happens when I\'m upset?
    [01/12/08 23:58] Sotesf:like a whore...
    [01/12/08 23:58] .Jonn.:I burn stuff
    [01/12/08 23:59] .Jonn.:next thing I burn is Sotesf
    [01/12/08 23:59] Sotesf:although I\'m sure most prostitutes find ways to keep that from happening..
    [01/12/08 23:59] Sotesf:so I guess she\'s like a bad...whore..
    [01/12/08 23:59] Sotesf:well...I\'s a demon..
    [01/12/08 23:59] Sotesf:normal fire cant hurt me...permenently..
    [02/12/08 00:00] Sotesf:bwahahaha
    [02/12/08 00:00] Sotesf:huh..it doesnt feel the same when I laugh on one leg..
    [02/12/08 00:00] :[Spell] BURN! *evil laugh* - Sotesf, for repeated offending speach
    [02/12/08 00:00] Sotesf:...
    [02/12/08 00:01] .Jonn.:looks like I found some heat...
    [02/12/08 00:01] Sotesf:*hugs Jonn*
    [02/12/08 00:01] .Jonn.:bye Sotesf
    [02/12/08 00:01] Sotesf:I\'ll have some extra here >)
    [02/12/08 00:01] .Jonn.:that was the ban spell Sotesf
    [02/12/08 00:01] Sotesf:*flaming hugs to Jonn*
    [02/12/08 00:02] .Jonn.:you have 4 min max till you\'re completely burned
    [02/12/08 00:02] Sotesf:uh huh....
    [02/12/08 00:05] :[Spell] Obtaining log[/quote]

  5. You know you've been on MD too much when you find stuff like this on YouTube and feels the need to share it with everyone. :p



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