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  1. awesome picture :P

  2. Awwww I missed Je Suis birthday and i wanted to wish him a joyeux anniversaire!
  3. Well Im sure that you will do a great job when you get round to it Glor. Just dont make up wait too long okay
  4. The Heads contest is meant to be unfair, regardless of how long you have played the game or how much xp you have. You just have to deal with it
  5. Prohibition DST? maybe you could re-establish the anti saloon leauge. Hey! Maybe this could lead to MD gansters! Welcome to the forums anyway.
  6. I was thinking about my current non shiny phone as not every one owns a iphone or a top of the range smart phone. And also a lot of the non 3g phones which would take years to play on
  7. How exactly do you propose that this works? It would be a compleatly different game if manu somehow found a way to make it work and would be quite limited on your phone Edit: Though I have to add. It would be great if it worked
  8. Could the children of the Eclipse somehow tie in with Boots current storyline? I know so far Boots has only taken measurements, and the discussion on the forums has not yet struck a final decision. But I get the impression that the story will enable a new and momentous shift in the MD world. With *possibly* the emergence of a form of night which would be the perfect opportunity in which to launch this alliance and provide an excellent tie in to MD's history thus securing the alliances place as a core component of MD However Boots I wouldn't want to take away from any path you have already ch
  9. I hear that Santas suit used to be green untill evil coca-cola got thier hands on him...
  10. Put me down for would read it
  11. Wow! They simply are amasing. Im loving the archer!
  12. [quote name='dst' post='23339' date='Jan 4 2009, 02:02 PM']No Frosty. It's a deeper bug. Mur needs to fix it. Several other players had the same issue. I asked genocidal to open this topic. Oh...and genocidal...please post your ID also.[/quote] My bad - Mur must have done a bit of fiddleing before telling the last guy to refresh
  13. Refresh the page. Its a clash between story mode and the personality test.
  14. I managed to gain a massive amount of heads that I didnt want! Then I was under constant attack for the entire day untill some one managed to get a vitory from me. He had to attack quite a few times for it though.... (its the hangover from the holidays, no body can be botherd to log on!)
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