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  1. I'm positive I'm not getting any vit/VP with the time descrepancies... the whole reason I noticed this problem was due to me running out of time to get to the store, so I watched those things very closely. & when we were advised to refresh when the mail & battle links repeated over & over (which is also still happening btw) I saw these major inconsistant leaps in the timer then. I use IE6 atm... tried switching to IE7 but my comp wigged when I tried to install it so I switched back. Also have high-speed cable connection w/2.9gig processor & plenty of ram. I've also used Firef
  2. I understand the server issues we're having & hopefully this will be fixed when that is addressed... but I'm not sure this is a server issue. It may be, I'm not that up on servers & such... I've had some problems with the timer being off so I decided to test it & I refreshed 3x in a row... the timer said 8:43... refresh... 9:04... refresh... 8:04... refresh... 7:14. so then I let it count down to about 5:25, then refreshed again... it came back saying 9:04. <--(major descrepancy) Again, I understand we've got bigger fish to fry at the moment, & perhaps this isn't really a
  3. Yes I'm having that same problem... statue is back, the gaurds aren't fightable & I get the mssg above, can't enter Loreroot or Willows Shop, shades at the crossroads near Loreroot entrance is back as well but the shade itself doesn't rise to fight, just the black spot is there & clickable but won't fight. *(edit)Ok, yes I can enter Willow's Shop if I click the right spot low & between the gaurds...
  4. It's a great addition, but if it could be like a pull-down menu or in some way optional it would be better.
  5. I can't even seem to find the place... lol Where is it?
  6. Hi there Aegis... did you ever play that game? This one's better... Good luck here...
  7. Well I'm pretty new & I've been telling people in the other games i play, but they're mostly into war games so none of them have come here yet... but I'm gonna keep on telling people! This is without a doubt the kewlest game I've found on the net & I can't wait to see it get developed more...
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