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  1. Use chat, a LOT. There are always people around who will help. Use the Live Help button. Send messages to players who have more time than you. Just about anybody will lend a hand. Look for mods (they have ** around their names). Listen to razz... keep playing. You'll figure it out and find it is a very original game.
  2. Faster, faster, faster!!! B) Heh heh heh...
  3. Bienvenidos... Somos varios que hablan espanol. Alche, ahkkharu, phrog y otros. Estamos ya esforzandonos por hacer la traduccion a espanol. Ojala que lo podamos terminar pronto.
  4. hah - That avatar looks like one of the bad guy soldiers from "Wizards".

  5. No worries, just curious. Thanks for the reply.
  6. Are you still looking for people to do live support?
  7. Dark Archer II gives +50 max vital energy and +400 max vital points. Dark Archer III gives +63 max vital energy and +200 max vital points. Is there a reason the lower level creature would give twice as much vital points to my character?
  8. It did it again... this time +1.8 Max Action Points.
  9. After doing a 24 hour wait, one of the stat increases shows Max Action Points +38 and a little farther down Action Points +38. After continuing on and refreshing my browser I am sitting at 100/100 action points. Should I be able to have more than 100 max action points or was that a bug? Should that have been some other stat increase?
  10. Just noticed Elemental Egg gives +100 Vit and VP (not max) while Elemental I gives nothing. Just seems like that is backwards, if not wrong.
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