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  1. Name: Deleo MP-Class: MP4 Age: 52 active days Main Principle: Enthropy Reason for applying: The study of death and death-related effects.
  2. 8 days old in the game as an mp3. I survived the tutorial and now I'm here to point at some things. First of all, this whole conversation being made means that the game is healthy, so I give my congrats to the developers... To the point now...BFH, I didn't like how the selection of the principles is being made until now. I mean, either you focus on fighting or RP, you have to have a clear picture of the standards in order to develop the character that you have in mind. I don't think that ppl would like their characters to be based on their intuition. (I'm still not sure if principles are crucial for the characters advancement but I think they are.) This choice is unique, it is made once, it affects the concept of your character. So I think this matter needs more/special focus because it is the closest thing to the classic "Create your character" formulas, where you are asked make some choices(this goes to the "make them stay" part ;-) ). So I read your plan (and all the post about this matter) and my opinion is to make this choice earlier in MP2 not in MP3 and only if you choose story mode. Maybe after the experience of a fight that you explain how stats apply or whatever...let that be the force of the choice or something solid like that. P.S. Please keep the fighting dummy idea alive, especially if later on works as a "whenever I want" access to the ritual management.
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