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  1. I once chose to fight some one who would cause me to lose 1 honor if I won. I did win but not only did I lose 1 honor but I also received a stat decrease. Same with attacking someone who would cause me to win honor, I lost the battle and also received a stat decrease. Perhaps there is another factor I am missing, but it definitly showed a negative to a couple of my stats after each battle.
  2. I don't think charging 20 actions per sacrifice is appropriate. I just sacrificed 4 beings and was left with 20 actions, that's not enough to get anywhere to use the vp's I received. I then waited for the 10 minute update just to find I lost all the VP's. It cost 30 actions to take maple road and 20 actions to get in gate in order to get to either of the 2 armor shops.
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