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  1. You heard me (you know, that voice in your head) - selling a tutorial shade. [s]Shade Heat: 110768 Age: 393 Tokens: firedrop, jewelshards, onyxfangs, darkshield, claw3 C/O: 8gc[/s] [color=#ff0000]SOLD[/color] Also selling these, if anyone is interested: D Aramor 1 ID: 498153 Heat: 101939 Age: 1232 Aramor 2 ID: 498154 Heat: 104194 Age: 1232 Aramor 3 ID: 498155 Heat: 106223 Age: 1232 Aramor 4 ID: 736324 Heat: 3518 Age: 435 Dark Archer ID: 608910 Heat: 109761 Age: 1008 Grasan ID: 736322 Heat: 13954 Age: 435 E Dark Archer 2 ID: 490899 Heat: 574
  2. Happy birthday you two! I don't see either of you much (especially MRD), but a happy birthday to you nonetheless.
  3. They were already online and it didn't log them out. They still can't access it though (it logs us in then jumps back to the home page). And if you're not logged on, security letters invalid.
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    [quote name='Fang Archbane' timestamp='1349324232' post='123046'] I try to do as best I can o.o I'm not the community's numbe one choice, and I get that, but I'm here and I'm more than happy to help =][/quote] That's good enough for me.
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    I might suggest periodical updates as to how the TK fare and what they've been up to, but of course, we haven't seen much of this in the past and it's your decision.. Other alliances don't do this (as far as I know), but then again, you're more of a guild. Just some of my opinions, Etty
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    [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1349249317' post='122949'] Doubly agreed... Your role is serious, seems like you aren't... I prefered sieg even though he was sharp sometimes. [/quote] I agree as well. You'll probably brush over this since I killed you (by the way, you ~were~ biased by trying not to be...tricky situation), but (from what I've heard from you - this is premature as others have said) you don't seem to take this too seriously, nor can I take you seriously with all the emoticons and whatnot. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy emoticons, but not so frequently Anyway, I ~do~ apprecia
  7. [log=Day 274, Year 7] [b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia walks over to Ivorak's plot[/i][/color] [b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=Z1E6aGtZLildh5-D2CJ22g,,"][color=#7E5132]Avaritia[/color][/url]: [/b]Well, here goes. [b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia digs several of what seem to be the appropriate sized holes for the tubers[/i][/color] [b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia nods and takes out the bryony tubers, placing them in the holes[/i][/color] [b]: [/b][color=#305681][i]Avaritia covers them up with soil and steps back, taking a look[/i][/color] [b][
  8. For Hedge: [SPOILER]Hedge Munos: *sniffles* Not Jerry... : Hedge Munos wraps up Jerry's maggot body in a piece of his own flesh and sets it aside : Hedge Munos digs a maggot-sized hole with his finger : Hedge Munos looks around the cemetery and smiles at imagined guests Hedge Munos: We are all gathered here today to celebrate the marr... Hedge Munos: *clears his throat* I mean : Hedge Munos nods toward the lump that is Jerry Hedge Munos: Jerry was a friend, companion, and flesh-eater. Hedge Munos: He was there for me when everyone else was too busy being productive. Hedge Munos
  9. Z as Tom Bombadil? Seems legit. How's about: Peace - Queen of Hearts Mya Celestia - Duchess Metal Bunny - White Rabbit Eon - Caterpillar Ravenstrider - Cheshire Cat Maebius - Mad Hatter Ignnus - Knave of Hearts Azull - King of Hearts Too many Alices to name.
  10. Happy birthday/anniversary! You had a goat, but I ate it.
  11. Why must you all down-vote Seigheart? He doesn't seem to care, so holding any grudges by forum votes doesn't seem to do much. Anyway, I wish you luck Fang, and congratulations.
  12. I was pointing out there is another way, dst. Not the spell - that doesn't make the snow come across the screen as you said. But the other way does, I just don't remember the link. It was in the mood panel a while ago.
  13. There is a way to make it snow any time of year - not including the spell.
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