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  1. im a solitary witch. I worship the Goddess and God as i please.
  2. im guessing that we are still waiting on more people to apply.....
  3. real quick thought.... its what the market will bear. any conversions rate regarding anything is only acceptable at the rate that the market will bear. meaning if people don't BELIEVE in the rate then the rate will change to an amount that the PEOPLE will ACCEPT and BELIEVE in. you ask why a 1:15 rate because its the RATE that at one time the MARKET would BEAR and it didn't change for quite a while thus made it into law and tho the rate should of changed but didn't because the market at the new time wouldn't ACCEPT the new value. just my thoughts please let me
  4. Not that i speak alot on the forums, i tend to listen and not speak then to speak and sound stupid. But My two cents on this is that MUR's idea is right. the idea behind resources is not to hoard, that goes against the basic tenants of the the game. The Game is about balance, just as in fights and in relations so should it be in collection of resources. if you hoard the resources (as well as the tools) then that creates an imbalance in the game and starts a cascading failure of the rest of the game. if you only need 20 wood and you have 34 then to maintain balance you should loose y
  5. i would like to offer myself as a Guardian cause i do not already have a role and my active days have be good. i just became MP4 and the resources role is something i can get behind cause i have a green thumb and I'm always willing to learn. offering for 1_4x2_1 (passage of war)
  6. lol....i thought so too. but sadly not it just keeps being active...taunting me...laughing at me.....
  7. i know the secret about the golden light
  8. what about a restructure of NC populous. if the alliances mean nothing and the main players are as Aeoshattr said " think more about how to keep what you have rather than what to actually do with it - I think this would be a main point. It becomes a dead long-term 'savings' account rather than an investment. " Then it makes sense that a restructure of NC would be appropriate. just my 2 cents
  9. well found a little glitch or something. was there by myself. and left the game, came back logged back in and the gate is active.....not once but twice... that gate is trouble....and a little creepy for me
  10. i like this idea. possible fix would be to only grant this points value from a lands own council. it would limit the number of people able to grant the land points and hold accountabilty to others.
  11. i have a creative idea on how we can spice up the HC and other tornaments.....how about a betting pool.....
  12. [b]1001011111111010110010101 0011101011[/b]
  13. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1350516366' post='124198'] close HC, make new changes, start HC as temporary one off events to test stuff, repeat [/quote] that makes perfect sense. on a side note I am very aware of what the history dictates for HC & BHC. Way back when a lowly MP3 could join. seeing as there was a very interesting outcome where the MP3's were targeted greatly and thus savagely beaten for there HC it became a sport where several MP3's would "gang up" on a MP5 for the head and then the MP3's would fight among themselves for the heads but it was all for fun and i remembe
  14. [b]20 September 2009 by [/b]Marind Bell declares war on Necrovion, making an alliance with the land of Golemus Golemicarum against the forces of Necrovion and Children of the Eclipse alliance from Loreroot…details about the war can be found here: [url="http://magicduel.inv...he-2009-md-war/"]http://magicduel.inv...he-2009-md-war/[/url] silly link doesn't work!!!!!
  15. well whatever server related issue it was it has been served....hehehe
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