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  1. Happy birthday :) Hope you get to drink lots of tea and eat lots of cake :3
  2. I came because I thought it was a game with a kinda timer on it - how much you could move and such o.o So... Thought I wouldn't get too caught up and would still get some work done <.<.... The art and story were what made me stay I think o.o Then some of you lovely peoples o3o o.o but o.o now it's just nice to visit every now and again when I'm free because it always seems to be changing o.o
  3. Happy birthday :3 Hope you have an awesome sauce day ^^
  4. >.> Is late but happy birthday also! Hope you have a good day :)
  5. Ah o.o I'm sorry I was all excited when I made it, aha >.> If i make another one I shall do it properly aha >.< but yay I'm glad you liked it :3
  6. I made one :D o.o the other images are here http://imgur.com/gallery/d429g/new
  7. This is good :3 Thank you! (~o.o)~ ~(o.o)~ ~(o.o~)
  8. Are we allowed to do two things o.o....? Two different things o.o... So 6 pictures o.o....?
  9. Are we allowed to make it but then edit the colours digitally o.o?
  10. Sorry it's so late but happy birthday! hope you had an awesomesauce day o.o
  11. Ah o.o I thought you said you'd rather not o.o Sorry D: I shall post it now~ The warder She kept him prisoner for quite a while now, but his prison was a big one, with room to move and even change the scenery. Every morning when she woke up she made herself a cup of tea, rolled a cigarette and when the first puffs of smoke left her nostrils she opened the gates to see if he was still there. Of course he was. Where else would he be? How much he hated it, how much he wanted to be somewhere else, he couldn't escape her. It was his lifelong prison, his once self-chosen place to be. At least, she liked to think of it that way. You had to play the role that fate had in store for you in life, you would never be able to play another part. That was what she believed, and up till now life had proven her right. His role was to be a captive, hers was that of a reluctant warder. Reluctant, yes, a big part of her hated it to held him captive, although another part enjoyed it even so fierce. There was just no other way. He was there. He was where she had left him the night before, in the library, where the others could see he was doing well. Yes, there were others in her prison too, but they were not held captive and could come and go as they pleased. She wasn't afraid he would ask for help or even tell them what was going on. She knew him too well, she knew he wasn't very fond of people and way too proud to let the others know what was happening to him. He wasn't very talkative this morning, moping perhaps, so she left him and took a shower. By the time she came back nothing had changed. She hated it when he wouldn't talk to her and the silence between them would stretch out like chewing gum. Sometimes it lasted for days, and after such a time his first words always aroused a feeling of relief and great joy. She had roamed the lands when she had first met him, trying to escape the void that always tried to lure her in its non-existent arms. She had roamed the plains, forests, ponds and mountains, the lands that she and he and the others had created. She had helped him then by exposing a spy in his ranks, and she had captured him with her body afterwards to make sure he could never escape, at least not as long she didn't want him to. At first he hadn't complained. Their days and nights had been filled with endless wonder, with love and lovemaking ,with music and books and enjoying each other's company. She had even told him about the Void, her fear of being captured by it and losing her identity. He was a woman's man. She knew he had one in another realm, but that didn't bother her too much. That realm didn't interfere very often, and when it did his return was always worthwhile. But the others weren't that easy to sidestep. They told him he neglected his duties, that he wasn't the man he used to be. He was a besotted fool and no fun to be with anymore. All his time would go to her. And he listened and heard. The two of them argued and made up for days on end, but nothing was solved. It made her furious that the words of the others meant more to him than she did. Were they not just jealous of his attention for her? Were they not just thinking of the past, in which she played no part? She wanted to shout to them that the world had moved on, that stagnation meant decline and most of all, that he was as guilty as she was, but she did nothing and kept silent. She guessed that was the moment she first thought of really taking him prisoner. She rejected the thought every time it popped up, but one morning she found herself with the keys in her hand and him at the other side of the gates. She felt nothing but repulsion for herself and fled, but the next day she came back and pressed her face against the black iron. And every time she stood there or entered in the hope to catch a glimpse of him, he would come and talk to her. The world had moved on though, sure enough. There was no lovemaking anymore, but there was music, there were books, lots of books, and there was always his company. She often wondered what had happened and why she hadn't been paying more attention. Was the big change the result of him being a prisoner, or had she taken him captive because of the change? She didn't know, and she noticed that her brain did no longer work as it used to do. There was only the prison and him in it. Her wits, her mind that had been as sharp as a surgeon’s lancet, were reduced to a muddy mass of despair. What if he escaped? What if the others helped him? What if he retreated completely into that other realm, in which he already spent more time than ever before? She knew her prison and keys had no power there. When he didn't talk to her and kept silent for days, she knew he was there. And she knew she couldn't stay away from the gates, although he had long since abandoned the plains, ponds, forests and mountains, which all felt very empty without him. He sat mostly in the library, where he entertained himself with reading, writing and retrieving information. Sometimes she entered the library herself, but he had seldom eyes for her there. She would stand at the gates and look at the others, wondering what they thought of her. Most of them didn't bear a grudge and would come and talk to her, small talk, which wasn't able to amuse her or lift her spirits, but for which she was grateful nonetheless. The few others that did hold a grudge however didn't let her forget. It would have been mercy, she mused with her cheek against the iron bars. She tried to remember how her life had been before their acquaintance, but she couldn't. If she by chance for five blessed minutes didn't think of him, someone she had never talked to before would come to her and say: "So you are the infamous one." And if she then raised her eyebrows, the other one would continue: "I know your name. You have a bad reputation." Or someone would come to her and ask: "Did you find tranquility?" She would of course tell the truth as she always did, and answer : "No", whereupon the other one would point a finger at her and say: "It is your fault he doesn't come outside anymore to be with us. You had a responsibility. You just can't do that kind of things." That kind of encounters left her numb and unspeakable sad. What she had done shouldn't be punishable. What he had done neither. They had punished each other enough as it was, they didn't need the others to do it for them. Unless she gave this all up for him. Set him free at last, to do as he pleased. Befriend his friends again, disappear into his other realm, never talk to her again, leave her to the void, all very real possibilities. And then she remembered that he in better days had called this other realm Possibility, and felt a shiver go through her body. She couldn't let go of the idea. There was no need for them to be both unhappy, she alone would be more than enough. One didn't get many chances in life to do something really unselfish; maybe this would give her peace of mind. So she opened the gates and waited till there were no others around. Then she told him with razor-sharp voice that she didn't want him around any longer. That he should leave, to Possibility or the plains, ponds, forests and mountains and find himself a nice young girl. He was smarter than she was, though. At that time she couldn't even begin to understand why he did what he did, but he refused to go. He said he didn't want to leave, that he would always be her friend and actually was quite happy with his life. Her joy was short-lived though, as nothing did change. It seemed he didn't even grant her this one moment of altruism. But honesty forced her to admit she was overjoyed that she had escaped the void: although she could always feel its breathing in her neck, it had never once been able to touch her ... yet. He spent more and more time in Possibility. When they talked, it was about books, about the library, about others they both knew and who were responsible for their situation, but never about their feelings, their hopes and how to deal with the circumstances. Sometimes she felt like a puppy, grateful for every touch or morsel of food. It shouldn't have been like this, she was the warder after all, but at the same time she was the one captured. And then, one morning, she arrived at the gates to find him already there, dangling a pair of keys before her face. She felt involuntary in her pocket, and with a sigh of relief closed her fist around hers. "Where did you get those?” she asked. His face had become something out of a nightmare, cruel, calculated and knowing. "I've had them all along", he smirked. "But they are not the same as yours, although they look like them. And now ... " With a swift movement of his wrist he turned the key in the lock at his side of the gate. "What are you doing?" she shouted. "Why do you lock yourself in?" He shook his head, still with that terrible smile on his face. "You don't get it at all. You see, my dear, I wasn't the one captured. You were." He felt in his pocket and took something out, a little black box with a ribbon on it. “But before I go, I have something for you.” He reached through the iron bars and put it in her hand. Then he turned round and walked away without so much as a glance. She knew he had been right and watched him leave with a suppressed moan of agony. Then she looked at the little black box in her hand and slowly removed the ribbon. The box was empty, or so it seemed at first. But she felt a familiar unease and when she turned around she saw the void already eating the well-known surroundings and closing in on her. It had finally reached her. With a sigh she closed her laptop. How small a device it was, and how big a prison. © Magistra
  12. Both have asked for me not to share, so I'm really sorry but I'm not gonna post them. But uh one was like this really cool idea where you could put your memories into a story and stuff and then the other was I don't know how to explain it but it was like a story, that ended in real life and... >.> Yeah I can't explain, but I found it really cool o.o So yeah >.> I'm sorry V.V
  13. Today I am 6789 days old. :D

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      Why do you know this?

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      I have a blog with Day **** as the title for each post ~o.o~ Is why I knew o.o

  14. Seeker

    London meet?

    Ah I didn't think about that o.o I just thought about christmas money um hmmmm it will also probably be very cold and wet. Then again isn't it always... Hmmmm when do you think the weather will be improving again?
  15. Seeker

    London meet?

    All uk peoples and visiting people I ask you o.o Would you like to meet for tea and cake in the near but distant future? In London, around christmas/early next year times. Or maybe even next summer..... Hmmm yes well o.o Probably bring a friend so you have someone to travel with (and use as a casual excuse to leave if needed >.>) So I was thinking either: The 29th of December OR the 5th or the 12th of January. London waterloo. That's about all the plans I have but yeah o.o... Would anyone be interested o.o?
  16. Dun dun dun.... ( Just look to the bottom for the results and save killing your brain cells on this narrative stuff, aha. ) Many moons ago a collection of black boxes fell into the world of MD. Most people choose to use them for good, others choosing a more personal design. As the boxes lost their magic and the citizens settled on the final forms. A judging of the randomest order began, each idea was recorded, examined and judged. The final results were made and ready to be revealed! And in that state they have stayed... Until now. The yellowed page cracks, as the results are unfurled. A torrent of dust falling from the page, testimony to the age they have stayed unrevealed. These two were very, very close. Highlight the below text to see the final 3. In third place - Magistra In second place - Syrian And in first place....... Nimrodel! So congratulations! To all who entered I pretty much loved everyone's entries, and I am so, so, so sorry for not doing this sooner D: and yeah o.....o.... Well, that is all good luck and good night/day. 'nd again sorry this was meant to be an animation and things and yeah o.o
  17. Apologies O.O for my deadness and the none quest answer and stuff o...o I have my media exam tuesday and art is ... time consuming and I'm going to fail and I don't want to and STUFF O.O so I haven't been on... in .. a while o..o but I will be! Eventually... Probably... When I leave school most likely o..o which will be... when art is finished o.o however in the event that I never return it was lovely to meet most of you ^.^ but if and when I do if the questers are still arou...

    1. Seeker


      nd I shall judges o.o or you can do it... I don't mind o.o....much... but yeah o.o I hope this made sense and wish me luck V.V and bye bye for now o.o

      Essay over ~o.o~

    2. Hedge Munos
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      hurry and come back! No one leaves MD forever :D Of course we will wait for you and All the best for your exam!! :D

  18. Mmm o.o...Ah, I posted that a day early V.V.....I see, I see, I'm sorry for any confusion o.o Midnight server time for MD on the 30th was when it was meant to have ended and then... Today ... the 1st was the day I was going to release the results V.V
  19. I shall judge you all and announce the winner in the morning/afternoon off tomorrow, if all goes to plan. Thank you very much to everyone who entered
  20. [color=#000000][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]A cat sat on Zleiphners face and then died... Zleiphner woke up he said, "WHY!?" He shoved the knife into its sheath, slapping DD who's a GoB onto a bee. Zleiphner, thought that this was bizarre So he kicked the puppy Fang and Fang cried... hell broke loose! and licked BoB, poor BoB always whipped by demons. Then came Eon who finally said, "Enough you people!" and killed DD. DD's blood flowed down and down until it reached a river of chicken fat. Change with Lord [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Tipu is a good pair of idiots. After Eon's retirement,[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] they decided to kill each other but were unsuccessful[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif], so they slept embracing one another[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]'s anime collections. Meanwhile, Peace declared war[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] to avenge DD and all bees, [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]headed by *MasterB*'s biggest [/font][/color][b]C[color=#DAA520]r[/color]A[color=#DAA520]z[/color]Y [color=#DAA520]B[/color]e[color=#DAA520]E Eff Eff. [/color][/b][color=#000000][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]The war was won! DD's revival[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] was forever postponed but finally happened in his dreams and reality too! But! DD mutated into a glow, eventually [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]becoming human 9000.1 years later. He killed Change's cousin named Chaos with bread knives and a toothpick killed DD again.[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] This time Permanently. (With no way)[/font][/color]
  21. Just a few weeks left to complete all my artwork....yay....V.V I'll probably be less active for a little while....

  22. I've explained the judging [i]a little[/i] more in an email so I'ma post it here as well to hopefully clear up any confusion about how I shall judge you >:3 muahhahahaha... uh yes so o.o For being graded I'm judging each entry on these individual three parts: Creativity - Is like a really cool idea, the most original and interesting entries will get higher marks - the limit is your imagination~ Effort - How much time you spent coming up with your idea... and how you've shown me that you've spent that time// and the amount of well...effort you've put into it o.o.... MD character - How well the entry fits with your character...Some people I may need to meet them as I may have not have spoken to them// stalked their profiles yet If you feel that your entry needs editing you are welcome to up until the deadline and stuff.... Hope this helps! o.o [size=2](If I have confused you more then just ignore me V.V)[/size]
  23. Thank you Iashtal o3o Magistra~ In short yes that's totally cool :3 I see no reason why using OOC stuff to support your entry should hinder you, in fact it seems like a pretty interesting idea I look forward to seeing your entry o3o.
  24. Rhaegar~ Why thank you o.o Mhmm if you don't want to post your entry into this forum page for whatever reason then you can mail it to me instead . I'm not holding a live event unfortunately though that would be cool aha. The winners shall be announced hopefully on the 1st of May though. The transformation time limit is basically just the amount of time you have to complete the quest. Does that make sense >.>?
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