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    I do have one if you'd like it just ask o.o''

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    o.o drifting through Marind Bell~
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  1. Happy birthday :) Hope you get to drink lots of tea and eat lots of cake :3
  2. I came because I thought it was a game with a kinda timer on it - how much you could move and such o.o So... Thought I wouldn't get too caught up and would still get some work done <.<.... The art and story were what made me stay I think o.o Then some of you lovely peoples o3o o.o but o.o now it's just nice to visit every now and again when I'm free because it always seems to be changing o.o
  3. Happy birthday :3 Hope you have an awesome sauce day ^^
  4. >.> Is late but happy birthday also! Hope you have a good day :)
  5. LOVED your Drachorn apple

  6. Ah o.o I'm sorry I was all excited when I made it, aha >.> If i make another one I shall do it properly aha >.< but yay I'm glad you liked it :3
  7. I made one :D o.o the other images are here http://imgur.com/gallery/d429g/new
  8. This is good :3 Thank you! (~o.o)~ ~(o.o)~ ~(o.o~)
  9. Are we allowed to do two things o.o....? Two different things o.o... So 6 pictures o.o....?
  10. Are we allowed to make it but then edit the colours digitally o.o?
  11. Sorry it's so late but happy birthday! hope you had an awesomesauce day o.o
  12. Ah o.o I thought you said you'd rather not o.o Sorry D: I shall post it now~ The warder She kept him prisoner for quite a while now, but his prison was a big one, with room to move and even change the scenery. Every morning when she woke up she made herself a cup of tea, rolled a cigarette and when the first puffs of smoke left her nostrils she opened the gates to see if he was still there. Of course he was. Where else would he be? How much he hated it, how much he wanted to be somewhere else, he couldn't escape her. It was his lifelong prison, his once self-chosen place to be. At
  13. Both have asked for me not to share, so I'm really sorry but I'm not gonna post them. But uh one was like this really cool idea where you could put your memories into a story and stuff and then the other was I don't know how to explain it but it was like a story, that ended in real life and... >.> Yeah I can't explain, but I found it really cool o.o So yeah >.> I'm sorry V.V
  14. Today I am 6789 days old. :D

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      Ackshan Bemunah

      Why do you know this?

    4. Seeker


      I have a blog with Day **** as the title for each post ~o.o~ Is why I knew o.o

  15. Seeker

    London meet?

    Ah I didn't think about that o.o I just thought about christmas money um hmmmm it will also probably be very cold and wet. Then again isn't it always... Hmmmm when do you think the weather will be improving again?
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