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  1. Vicious

    The Rewards

    Bump for @Chewett
  2. Thank you for the reward, and congratulations Aia and Nimrodel! I'll take whatever prize Nimrodel doesn't.
  3. Wiiya, as a resource, has always been described as representing Identity. This is shown in a few different ways: The resource is eponymous, it is a symbol of someone who used to frequent here, a recognition and remembrance of who they were and their role, even if the specific memories fade. The rituals surrounding the gathering of Wiiya have always been accompanied with discussions, stories and the creation of memories. Many say that we are the result of our memories and our past, perhaps this is more true in MD. The use of Wiiya is about granting or shifting identities, spec
  4. Vicious

    The Rewards

    Aaaaa, this aaaart! ❤️
  5. What keeps you coming back to MagicDuel? The nostalgic part of me that wants to curl around old memories as if they were an old, leather-bound book in a small but warm study. What is your favourite thing to do in MagicDuel? Talking and sharing ideas about business within the world(s) with my friends. What do you do most often in MagicDuel? Gather and idle! What do you wish there was more of in MagicDuel? More people for sure, maybe more things to idly do, even if it's a hollow sense of progress. Wh
  6. Maybe! It was a great event either way and a good way to finish the last night of the celebrations.
  7. I plan on throwing something here, in honour of the art, after some talking. The Arrival Slightly rushed, I wanted to finish this before going to sleep >.<!!!
  8. I feel like even if it's not a bug, it must be unintended.
  9. When you click on some text and scroll across the page, this happens. It's not particularly game-breaking but I thought it should be reported nonetheless in case it's fixable.
  10. Loving the MD Birthday Festival!!!

  11. I get where you're coming from, but for a new player to see stuff like that isn't encouraging, especially when this is the most easily obtained and reliable information you'll probably ever get when it comes to MD. It's also some of the earliest. The game intro has stuff like: Out in the world, Finaly! Obviously, we stuck around and probably never took a second look back or ever remarked on this stuff (It's been there since I started here, and I don't ever recall ever hearing about any mistakes at all) but I don't think that's an excuse to not fix it. Some of the worst offender
  12. This is the current status of the game development. This status usually changes daily or every few days. This status is not related to your own game progress or profile but is the same for all players in the game. Vacation Not working or playing. Currently away. I'll be back with fresh forces Hibernating Observing the game, no important changes in progress. During this stage please do not contact me for anything. This is usually happening when advertising is running very intensively. Learning Performing small fixes, and maintenance, talking to players to see what needs to be
  13. That'd be helpful. I have my style guides still around somewhere.
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