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  1. I like the idea of drachs coming into the realm like this. Aside from that, I assume those that did the initial quest can enter in this as well. But can't use their previous submission in any form? (to prevent me from buying paint, painting the statue and sending it. Seeing I would not really be copying anyone else :))
  2. Erasers: there's the kind with 2 sides, a rougher and a finer grit, tend to be red and blue. They have a tapered end to each which is nice to allow you to erase with a bit of a finer line. Personally I erase very little, only in the beginning stages of a drawing where I use fine lines which are erased a bit more easily. I'm often guilty of just 'drawing over' errors later. If you draw darker things it's fairly easy to just take a strand of hair, a black belt or a flap of a cloak or such to draw it over a flaw. But this is partially due to my tendency to draw during lunchbreaks with a ballpoi
  3. Well, it depends on what you want to draw ofcourse. But getting a set of 3b to h3 pencils will help. Mechanical pencils ( I am going to assume those are the ones with the thin little rods that come out by clicking the end) tend to feel a bit more like the harder pencils due to create finer lines by the nature of their design. I myself couldn't draw a 'clean' picture with minimalistic lines if my life depended on it, but for others, that's the style they enjoy and fine lines are nice for such (clean would be something like nadrolski's avie). Paper wise the stuff they sell in hobbyshops works b
  4. There isn't anyone whom can do Lazarus' style. Not even me, otherwise I would have done it.
  5. I have a swish knife with all sorts of proddy things. and paperclips. I shall improvise. It's mostly going to be my skill that's in the way. drawing is nice and flat. sculpting is not. And tools are nice...if you know how to use them. It''s going to be one big muddy clay mess, but who knows, I might have some undiscovered talent.   Edit: I know I could find a ton of tips and tricks and what not, but like drawing or well, pretty much anything I do. I'll just start and see how it goes or doesn't go. Preparation is boring :)
  6. there, bought clay.   Haven't clayed since I was like 6. Nor do I have any of the special sculpting tools.   So either I'll prove to be a natural. Or i'll have to explicitly tell people it's a drachorn Or i'll get frustrated, smash the attempt into a wall and then make an ashtray
  7. Maybe perseverance. To overcome that viscosity holding you back, to keep pushing no matter how much it tries to hold you back. And that sounds a like like preservation. Topreserve those realities slipping away. To preserve the memory, the location into the here and now.   SO maybe just glue them together Preserverance
  8. What, handcrafted! And I just bought a 5000 euro 3d printer, argh! :)
  9. I have managed to get flash on my android working for firefox with a bit of a hassle. And then puffin as well, inbuild flash support, no hassle, costs 2 euro's or so.   That said, annoying decision. This whole html5 stuff is all nice and progressive.... but it's a damned pain in the ass for me. I now have to ensure my own web software works in html5 no flash.....but, due to soooo many compagnies still running winxp with ie7...it also has to keep working in flash, gah!
  10. *posts his happy bday on a completely different forum, being quite sure DST is listening anyways*
  11. I decided to create a personal page template...and couldn't make a choice which pictures to use. There for I created a template which offers multiple choices for color and image scheme.   The whole template is pretty much void, it can be filled as people see fit, with upto 10 separate pages + menu links.   Here's a demo of all the current themes (wait for a moment to see the full day/night cycle effect), showing off 4 color schemes as well as demo'ing the variable page system.   http://www.markbiermann.nl/md/templates/meadow.html   To implement it, simple copy the everythin
  12. Are you sure, just encountered the same error at 15:04 server time. If I remember to do so, I will try again at 17:00 server time
  13. I don't think there will ever be a cure against depletion the way things are. There are fewer resources then people whom want them (I don't care for the reason for 'wanting' them).   Thus there will always be the point of 60% ...and then someone walks by and thinks,'If I don't get it, someone else will'. Me or someone else.   I recently found myself with a herb gathering thing. My first gathering tool I ever had. And then, what do I see, herbs at 1/2 at best. I know if I don't harvest them, there's a fair chance that someone else will. So I picked them. If you put 20 random pe
  14. because I was feeling cowish Meet Kung-Moo Cow
  15. Finished stuff..at work and in md, good day.

  16. Yes, but the a href version is just what the editor used :) I started with id tags, didn't help much.   Md ca't fix wrong user code, but fixing wrong chrome workings is nearly impossible too Read some stuff about using absolute positioning and such to fix it. Maybe I will poke around with that. Doesn't matter though. Wrote a jquery div hide, was quicker :)
  17. Yes, it is annoying. And seeing it is purely a chrome bug, probably tricky to circumvent.   Maybe I will muck about with it, or maybe I'll take the easy route and just write a javascript show hide thingie for her.
  18. Yes! As you can see in my papers, I know better ways then anchors. But I don't think I can quite explain the javascript way for someone clueless on html in their knowledge document :)   Maybe she can use one of the templates being developed (yes yes still working on mine) and happily ignore this till then. (cause yes, it is fairly trivial)
  19. Bug: Weird scrolling behaviour Browser: Chrome Interface: Any of the public papers Description:When using anchors in a document, in this test replication, military beliefs, the anchor scrolls everything. In the example I build a list and filled it with 2 href='#anchorname' links. After several <br/> I added at first a div with an id matching the anchor. Later also tried it with the <a name="anchorname" method the build in link creator seems to favor. In both cases the outcome was the same, clicking on the link does not scroll down the scrollbar of just the papers documen
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