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  1. While wandering the web, I came across a little site that apparently had a test so 'devastating' it could test for geniuses... I took it... The time limit was really tight, and the questions where hard as hell. They seem to have some logic... but for all I know they might be something really stupid and illogical, I dunno, but the test was fun all in all.. They then asked that if I found this hard enough to go and dare the smartest people I know to do it. I've already referred some friends, but you come next (I could always beat them in a debate, but always lost to you...
  2. thank you shem, sunfire and udgard... and you're right, a spell is better... this post can now be closed.
  3. this wasn't exactly Eon's doing... anyone who'se getting close to item dispatch locations are sent back to GoE when they're going to be sent back (reset) so no one will get an unfair advantage. That's all there is to it. EDIT : f. Find Fyrd. He's usually at Windy's pub. On his Q page (or on the signpost outside Windy's) you'll find his quests & riddles. You get rewarded with pickle points, which can be traded for pickles or other rewards. EDIT 2 : neg rep? seriously? I just told you WHY you were telported out.
  4. I know that it's not that special and all, any is mainly for creature collectors, but... how much would it's value be? (I want to know whether I should mutate one and sell it, or use the wp for a spell)...
  5. okay, first off, the monthly quests are a WONDERFUL idea... I'd give it two thumbs up... and just for fun (though this isn't my submition) : The Mur : Sometimes Unhappy Never Lame Infinitely Genuine & Heretically Talented...
  6. [center][b]INTP[/b][/center] [center][color=#2C2C2C][font=Tahoma, Arial, helvetica][size=4][color=#C61F1E][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]I[/size][/font][/color][color=#E87913][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]ntrovert(44%) [/size][/font][/color][color=#E87913][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]i[/size][/font][/color][color=#C61F1E][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]N[/size][/font][/color][color=#E87913][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]tuitive(88%) [/size][/font][/color][color=#E87913][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]i[/size][/font][/color][color=#C61F1E][font=Arial, Helvetica][size=4]N[/size][/font][/col
  7. which parts can he do? maybe the incoming pm part, but all the rest? they have to be coded into MD...
  8. finally... I've been searching for this since I first made this thread... *drumroll* introducing the graph that made me worry : [attachment=4104:1.png] I'm not exactly sure, but graphical analysis and logical thinking lead the consensus that this isn't just 'temporary' in 1 year, MD lost 75% of it's incoming 'hits'... and now, so I don't get shouted at for only complaining, I have tried to think of what to do... for one, I thought of making a referral contest, ie, he who refers the most (it would be obvious, an adept at a young age can only be referred) and the referred characters la
  9. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1344199823' post='119353'] Dont bring me into your misunderstanding, i havent spoken to you before... show me where i was interpreting please [/quote] sorry, you said anonymous, not non-players... [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12479-the-council-meeting/"]http://magicduel.inv...ouncil-meeting/[/url] [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1344199823' post='119353'] All this sounds like is "Iv come back, something has changed and i do not like it, i shall complain" quite honestly without actually spending some time to see the "new" You cl
  10. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1344197062' post='119346'] I don't think people are stupid enough to think they aren't players. You really think any external person can understand MD world and such things without been players... If you believe that.. Too disappointing... [/quote] are they STILL players? if so then I misunderstood, but since it was Mur's announcement interpreted by chewy... well then, it would be an honest mistake plus, if they still ARE players, then what's to make sure that they don't 'help themselves' I know that's stupid, I didn't really mean it, I know they wouldn't, b
  11. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1344191498' post='119339'] Council is a group. They need to take decisions based on overal agreement. Why this is needed? SImple more heads think better than one. If one takes a decision he/she might forget any aspect which can lead to future errors/bugs/abuses. So I think it's good they do thinks as a group and well I think that such agreements take time. So we just have to have patience. [/quote] rhetoric question. Are the council members real players? from what I gather, they're not... so is it really in our best interest? would an African gouvernment succ
  12. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1344189564' post='119336'] On the drachorns, it's quite simple, there is no need for a new master, the population is too high already. The distribution might be a little unfair, yes, but the amount of them, and of the angiens, is easily high enough for the number of players. I'd need to count to see just how many drachlings the lair contains currently, but it is a whole lot, and the melodic charm is all finished, there's just nobody doing anything cool enough to deserve one of those. [/quote] uneven distribution is just the problem... and it will stay that wa
  13. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1344180694' post='119325'] Said person lost their alliance once, it was given back and they have done nothing, Essentially their role had faded into the background of inactivity. As for randomly giving a role out, yeah lets just randomly give everyone roles... Since they were given the alliance back, they clearly were in favour to request and get the alliance back. I would doubt they would get it back a second time if they were to request it back, but then i questioned why they got it back in the first place because they were inactive before they lost it. [
  14. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1344178011' post='119321'] yes he did. It changes thigns quite a lot... Your contradiction is plain wrong. [/quote] actually I said it changes a lot. To be clearer, systematically, yes, we still have someone in power, someone who will monitor fairness, and will implement new ideas, but in reality, it is different, just as you said. (sorry for the ambiguity). [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1344178011' post='119321'] No, those who idolize Mur and put him on a pedestal will claim that all his actions he does are perfect and great. They arnt. Mur is a hum
  15. the point isn't WHO left the game, but rather how much... also, and this I'm not exactly sure about but from what I've heard, Mur is on a 'break' well deserved in my opinion, and ofcourse, we can't expect him to tie his life on MD for us, but did he give the council authority over all matters MD? I'm not saying that's a bad thing. I don't know if it is or isn't, but it's one of those changes that actually changes nothing, but changes a lot. burns, chew, dst, you've all been here for some time, and I don't think you'll leave anytime soon, but tell me, change is inevitable, I know, and we al
  16. well, HC is over for one thing and the second thing : when I was here about a year ago, even during HC, that place was always full... and also : looking back at MD a long time ago (ie, the pictures they post on reviews and such) the place was so full that even if we get every online/idle soul in the realm together at that place, we still wouldn't beat the number... to me it simply looks like a graph, one with a negative slope... EDIT : it's not that I'm being pessimistic, it's just... I think I'm for some reason 'sad' and 'dissapointed' after reading a few threads... Awi's indefinite
  17. I was passing by the park today, and this is what I found : [attachment=4102:1.png] the sparring grounds. Empty. And a new player over there, she/he must be wondering 'okay... umm where is everyone?' just thought I'd let you know...
  18. I know that the auction is closed, but is there a chance I can still buy any of the creatures? I mean it's been a month, so it can't be 'reopening a dead post, right?'
  19. wait.. if I'm right each creature for 0.5 sc... so both pimps + 2 popes for 2sc? just checking, cz it really seems like a low price ^^ oh, and in case it's not clear, I want that !
  20. for some reason, I'm sure my good-intended actions will be precieved as otherwise, but : I'm guessing this topic was kept open until the bidders pay up... well, I got excited, and then, not... so I suppose this topic should be closed?
  21. in which case, when you have a great sword but don't know how to use it, you feel so weak that willpower and determination get diminished, and your souls grow weaker??? okay. Not making much sense anymore, sorry guys... :S
  22. so the fact that YOU hold a sword makes THEM stronger/weaker? that doesn't make sense... they could gain 'morale', increasing effectiveness, but...
  23. @Maebius, hmm you have a point... but you can be offensive I don't mind it from you. I'll flag it under 'constructive critisim' @Burns, we agree on the 'sanctuary' idea, but in that case, vitality isn't you life-power, but rather the power or life-force you can give up or you're ready to part with for your creatures? and then when it's done, your creatures can't be used, and you're defenseless...? If so then I suppose I agree. I also have something to add on vp, I'll edit this post.
  24. country confirmed to be Romania... maybe? I'll check some other logs some other creatures have their original name such as 'Air Scout'
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