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  1. maybe I just dont think that material stuff is worth dying for and I wouldnt want MD encouranging that. As for losing of ressources...10% isnt risky maybe but maybe a chance of losing 80% or 100% is...so depending on what you have to pay it can hurt as hell
  2. you would have to make prices very attractive then, otherwise people like me would just go ask player XY to sell them ressource they need (like we did all these years), instead of risking their head for it.
  3. interesting discussion here....I understand and like an idea of adding risk to a trade. Also having a place to exchange ressources sounds good. On the other hand: death sounds like unrealistically high risk to be honest. Losing a part or all of your initial investment would be more fair. Business is risky but mostly because you can loose material stuff not your life. And for those who would like to be on a safe side, treasury could provide a sort of insurance for a certain fee
  4. item 1, item 7 and twice item 12 please.
  5. Farewell, DD. Even though I am probably a drama part in your MD story, I do wish you luck and success. Whatever you are up to.
  6. send to goe/lock in chaos stones would be nice, if possible
  7. alright. my menu then: 1) Clinical psychology. Professional advice on anxiety and mood disorders, PTSD, OCD, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, dissociations etc. It can be a short view on personal situation or some general information...whatever you would like to know about psychological illnesses, treatment, medications, diagnostics. It also can be subclinical issue like stress or fatigue. Depending on a specific question, context can be private or public. 2) Surviving and adapting to living, working and studying in a foreign country. I did it a few times myself. Can sha
  8. will you also provide an opportunity to have these conversations in a private places, like sunny bedroom. I can imagine that some people would prefer to keep the content of these lectures private (especially in my field of work). anther question: can people suggest their own topics they want to have a lecture on?
  9. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Hear, ye noble citizens of the lands of Magicduel. The day, you have all been waiting for, has finally come – Anniversary plushie auction begins! Kiss your plushies goodbye and prepare to bid for the most amazing and rare items! Rules are simple: check the list, place your bid as a reply to this post. Your bid can not be lower than a starting bid or the bid of the person before you! The bid will be considered final 24 hours after the last bid on an itemhas been made OR if it was the last bid on the item by the time the auction came to an end. The auction will l
  10. Dear MD-ers, with this post we are proud to present you 13th anniversary plushie shop. In the list below you will find various things and items. You can have as many of each as you want (as long as you can pay for them :P). The only exception is this years anniversary creature. This can only be bought once per person. Choose your items, post your wish below and I will contact you to arrange transactions. The shop will be open as long as there are people who want to buy something 😊 Good luck and have fun! Sincerely TK and Chew Item 1: Anni creature 2018. Price: 2
  11. gold has been given to Ungod as he deserved it. Since the rest of gold coins remain unclaimed TK decides to award them to Aia herself to use them as she wants. We think that Aias entry was worthy of a reward, even though she never made a submission to get a reward in a first row. Congratulations Aia to your nice quest and wonderful entry. We hope you will make more quests in the future.
  12. The ghost of Murmas arrived just in time to see how life is going in the Lands of Magic Duel. From now on and until the end of the year (31. January) make sure you behave well! What do you need to do? Simple: do something nice to somebody you know or you don’t know in MD. It can be anything – a present or a journey or a nice surprise, conversation, help in distress...pretty much anything that is not your direct duty, anything that makes other person happy. Be original, be creative, be attentive, check on people's needs, find out what they really wish for and how can you help them. After
  13. Greetings MD brothers and sisters, this year I am going to hold the tombola event again. Do you like getting presents? Do you like being surprised and surprise others? Then this event is for you! Rules are simple: till 25. December (13 pm), send me forum or ingame pm with ITC/CTC of something nice and valuable. I will gather all that treasure and randomize it, so that you get something nice and unexpected back, something that another participant has donated. Please note: I will not accept each and every CTC/ITC. While accepting a lot I will take into consideration player’s age and s
  14. treasury will sponsor 3gc for a winner, 2 for the one who comes second and 1 gc for the third place.
  15. Officially I am a Tool guardian of Necrovion. If that changed in my absence please let me know! Otherwise, I keep doing the job, since I plan to be more active now. If anyone has wishes, suggestions or questions about Necrovion tools - contact me via pm.
  16. Even though I have been relatively inactive recently, people manage to find me and donate stuff. Respect! Our 2 new heroes are AmberRune and Aethon: 21) Amberrune donated: - 12 gold, 65 silver coins, 8 various spellstones and 12 common items. 22) Aethon donated: 32 gold coins, 5 silver coins from an auction and 4 black and white eculubrations May generous deeds never be forgotten!
  17. Hi guys and girls! I am back from my unexpected slumber. Sorry everyone who was looking for me for whatever reason and could not find. From now on I should be available as usual. Happy belated Christmas and New Year to everyone! Wish all the best for you and your beloved ones!

  18. it was interesting to watch how your character developed over the course of MD years. MD will definitely miss your twist and your quests. Hope to see you back one day.
  19. 20) Donation: 4 pimped grasans Received from: Ledah Reason: spamspamspam...
  20. Greetings MD-ers, Since Necrovion closed itself for the outside world many things changed. The land is said to be filled with mysteries, rare resources and secret treasures. Many of you were trying to get there and were mercilessly slayed by Death Patrols. From now on things change for those of you who are interested in Necrovion trips for harvesting, research, sightseeing or other purposes. Regular trips to Necrovion are available for all MD citizens disregarding their gender, age or land affiliation. Of course, as every valuable thing, this trip has a price. Price for enterin
  21. 19) Donation: 2 sc Received from: Mallos Reason: undefined.
  22. 18) Donation: aged angien egg, 2 aged root warriors Received from: Amberrune Cause: -
  23. Hey, TK owes you a gold coin, you can't be just leaving like this
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