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  1. I did speak to people and they confirmed that I wasn't the only one seeing this bug. What other details do you require?
  2. That's the exact other way around^
  3. I confirm this happens for me with Firefox and Chrome
  4. Well, lets ask people generally here: how many would be interested/fueled/motivated to make quests if this achievement were present? I am not saying that people speak up and say "I don't make quests for achievements/rewards" and stuff. I'm simply asking whether people think such an achievement would be one of the reasons to motivate people.
  5. Won't the presence of this achievement be a very good reason for quest-makers to have their quests rated?
  6. Congrats, you beat the highest reputation content record :))
  7. Seriously, I thought most had learned to ignore dst's blog by now...   Do not let such things stop or discourage you, Witty. You know there will always be people around who will support you no matter what.
  8. I thought Necro was the last land, that mirrored the others...
  9. If I recall correctly, there was a "login bonus" idea suggested ages ago, similar to other games, where a player gets bonuses if he logs in a row for the first few weeks, and a "special bonus" at the end of the week, etc. Not sure where that led.   Incentives are always a plus.
  10. The main reason I'd 'want' MP6 is because like always, DD likes to be unique in some way or the other. I won't say that "I need to be MP6 to help people", because I can do that anyway.   I haven't been an MP6 before because 1) I've never tried to get myself capped, and 2) I follow the "be yourself" advice a little too much I guess :) 
  11. In MD you "worship" protectors, nobody found that offensive? :P   I'm religious and no I don't find this offensive.
  12. Its been more than a week, any updates?   Aethon hasn't logged in for a week now.   Even though I'm not a participant, I'm getting a bad feeling. Even more so, because it is a WP quest.
  13. Huh, what is this about?
  14. Sadly, yes, that is the case. Even 5 silver is too much imo  :P   Pimped grasans are actually the most "gotten-rid-of" creatures at Christmas; people give them all out freely.   You could get more money from heating it up and selling it for people to lower their heat (which is something I'll be interested in)  :)) 
  15. A sad day for MD indeed, though this is a valid point.  According to http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3029 ,  any two had to agree. At the moment, it seems both must agree with each other for action is to be taken.  
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