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  1. Most Addicted MaGoHi   Best Beautification gonzalocsdf   Champion Fighter Asthir   Fossil of the Year Sunfire   Most Improved Player Jubaris
  2. 29th, 30th, 31st and 1st (of Jan and Feb respectively) is my vote.     Edit: Yes, I'd like to participate.
  3. To build upon my earlier point, divide the quest into stages and create a minimum bid based on how many stages have been completed?   A random example:   Collect X water, Y herbs, Z branches is stage 1 --- complete this for a minimum bid of 10 silver Collect 2X water, 2Y herbs, 2Z branches is stage 2 --- complete this for a minimum bid of 20 silver and so on.   But yeah, this kind of looks too demotivating (both for the slave as well as the buyer, who may not want to pay much). Scratch this part then lol.   Edit but then again, the real question is: to what exten
  4. To me the most obvious solution seems to be to just give the leash some drawbacks (to the slave) rather than cancelling the event. Fix the actual problem (i.e leash, not the event).   1) When the master uses the leash, the slave loses all AP and gets movelock cast on him after being dragged to the scene where the master is. This has an interesting side effect and goes both ways: a resentful slave is forced to listen to the master, a best-friends-with-master slave is stuck with no AP. 2) Add a cooldown to the leash (60 minutes maybe?)   Let the slave 'prove how good he his' BEFOR
  5. Happy birthday, my friend. Hope you are well and have a great time :)
  6. IMO highest bid I've seen in the last 2 years was 3gold? (correct me if I'm wrong... or maybe there was one specific bid that went up to 6g... can't recall)   So saying 1sc bid is allowed up till 2gc is redundant. I'd say 1sc raises shouldn't be allowed at all since the start.
  7. Other people's avy's may remain the same throughout their roles. Hence I'd like to suggest that if this is implemented, it can be a shop feature instead? An extra feature that allows access to role-based-avatars, that is. Buy it if you want it, don't buy it if you want to stick to your own avy.
  8. Dark Demon 241314   VE: 316364 (may have risen slightly after 2 months)
  9. I get this too sometimes due to flash errors/crashes, not sure if this is the same thing. For me, a simple refresh fixes it.
  10. Welcome back, hope you had a nice trip :)
  11. Lets not forget Labyrinth :P
  12. No, he was not idle and I do not recall him intending to idle (it happened quite a while back, the details are blurry).   He was talking in chat just fine.   You can see this in the screenshot.
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