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  1. Pls give us back our previous forum! D:
  2. Liberty. Goddamn. You were the one who brought me up and made me stay in MD in my early days. I knew after you made and showed me 50 accounts... you couldn't suddenly quit MD after that. I knew you were way too addicted. All this time I wondered where you were, and I just got my answer now... I don't even know what to say. Shocked.    You are indeed legendary. Wow.
  3. This has always been a "scary" problem for people who get the fright after failing to log in.   Tip: Remember/save and always log in with your ID rather than name, etc. It always works.
  4. I feel this needs to be bumped with all the death changes happening recently.
  5. There's no Seig, Fang nor myself on the list. Doubt it has anything to do with death.
  6. Honestly you're exaggerating and escalating it way too much. Nobody asked for decay of any of those things.   I don't really see a person as 'loyal' to a land unless they're willing to become a citizen of it. Being "historically connected to a land" and then leaving the land shouldn't mean they get to keep their loyalty when they're really not loyal/devoted to it anymore.
  7. If you mean the golden light, then that is not a bug but a secret for you to discover :)
  8. Bump.   The loyalty decay suggestion is real. Thoughts?
  9. I think its a joke to call it "land loyalty" anymore. I propose to either change that name or, if we want to keep it that way and fix the issue:   A player loses 1 loyalty from each land every day, except the land he's a citizen of or the land he is located on.   It makes sense to become less loyal if you don't visit a place for ages.
  10. @Aethon, not exactly extreme. Any pickle-holders could do it, or I could have done it with a send to trial of agony cast, easily. However I chose not to because Mur said I'd come out in a coffin lol   Would be funny if I tp everyone in there :))   Of course, then I see http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3868
  11. You don't fight the bull. He disappears once you finish the tutorial.   The bug is that you've passed the 100 wins/losses checkpoint by just fighting the shades and not fighting after that.   @No one: stop the freaking flaming, seriously you're harassing. Blackwood has returned after years so he obviously doesn't remember much. If you want to help, do it properly. Stop being condescending. Be to the point and keep your snide comments to yourself. Its getting ridiculous.
  12. 1346 days and I've still never seen KC.   Maybe you should be a real more realistic No one. After this announcement http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/1074 I highly doubt we would ever see KC again (even if it the account exists). Heck, we barely see Mur, KC is far away. I support the suggestion for the tips to be updated. Misleading indeed.
  13. MD logic: you can win a war/ conquer a land by just removing the name of an organization without fighting/hurting a single enemy soldier lol
  14. For all above reasons, and for the achievement, and to reach 6666 bursts eventually.
  15. You know why can't we shift MP 3 4 5 to MP 1 2 3? Just the numbers I mean.   Clearly MP 1 or 2 aren't a lower "mind" nor "power" in MD, because the lowest/youngest minds start at 3.   Just a random thought.
  16. What does AP have anything to do with being an MP6? It seems quite a random change.   I agree with the fact that the problems should be solved first, before experimenting with new ideas.
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