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  1. There is one sort of interesting thing I found, which probably has nothing to do with this but I'll share anyway. That 'mirror' reference on FB instantly made me invert Golemus Golemicarum to Sumelog Muracimelog. Then I sat on google translate for a bit and here's what I found (random languages): 'su' means 'his' 'melog' means 'below' 'muraci' means 'appeal' Well clearly this island never really appealed to Mur or anyone else (except Rophs I guess) all these years...
  2. I sponsor this with 15-10-5 pickles for the winners respectively. (also last I checked, wasn't root warrior worth more than BP?)
  3. I merely pointed out the presence of claws and teeth, and the fact that drachs are really strong creatures. Are you saying that in your ideal scenario drachorns should be weaker than the 'monsters' they are now? Describe your 'glorious non-monster drachorn'.
  4. How I read this: A wild cat thinks that a cat who's a person's pet is under cruel treatment. What do you know about said person's love/care/treatment for his pet cat? Moving away from the analogy, I suppose drach's dont have claws, sharp teeth, fire breathing and superior combat abilities (relative to other creatures) because they dislike fighting and love peace? I think someone who's training his/her drachorn is not treating it cruelly at all. The more likely situation is that s/he's attempting to make them both stronger. There's a reason a drachorn needs 'wins' to grow from
  5. As a serious reply, I think this 'formula' has a problem with extreme old and extreme young. Nobody is 8 and nobody is 80.. If you want my personal opinion on DD's age, well it might be a coincidence that I never wondered how old DD might be, but now that I see 22, I am not very shocked to be honest (I have no protests against it). "Indifferent" is the proper word I guess. I never really pay attention to age when there's no need to.
  6. What the heck, Syrian has never missed a single day!!
  7. I dont speak for Mur but this his his trial against him... so not surprising I guess?
  8. Before I'm potentially used as an example again, I just wanna say the above is BS and lacks evidence of any sort. I have not abused anything or any power without proper justification, ever, and I dare anyone to find a case that says otherwise. (and by 'abuse' I dont mean YOUR definition, I mean actual selfish/harmful abuse, because you will find every little thing and say 'omg its abuse' when its actually not). Next time do not use me as an example to save Aethon, our situations aren't comparable.
  9. At first glance, even I read it like you said "exactly" to his last part about grabbing. HOWEVER, Aethon is not dumb. You clearly said that he will keep the things after the project was done and he knew this. I think the punishment should not be for grabbing the crits, it should be for trying to play smart and use language twists against you, to try and save himself from trouble. But the punishment should not be big, because it was indeed a partial misunderstanding. That is why I voted for: "Confiscate the goods aquired and do nothing more". I would also give a warning not to do it a
  10. I agree with Miq. You can't compare RL-note value to the price of the paper needed to make it. How can a gold coin we currently hold be the same as one which we make out of a smelter using metal gold?
  11. 8 gold + lock in chaos stone Unless you're only accepting coin? Also, to clarify, the winner of this auction gets to take one 'any creature' right?
  12. Diamonds should be the rarest... like maybe one person should find one in all of MD per 2 weeks... Its difficult to match the new resources with old currency; its too early for that. But what we can do for now is maybe appoint someone a "merchant" role who keeps track of all this stuff and suggests a value (in coins) for them.
  13. Glass (many) + skull + memory stone --> Talisman Talisman is a one-time use item which, when used, blocks the first targeted spell (or all spells) for next 10 min. clicky inside Necro or Land of the Dead
  14. 5 credits A max heated creature Tp stones
  15. Perhaps lead to a creature creation as well.
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