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  1.     Something tells me you haven't seen Chewett's record in page 23 on this thread... :D  :P :))   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3086-extreme-magicduel/?p=129152
  2. Good luck, hoping for the best...
  3. What if you pass to someone who is idle and s/he ends up holding the item unknowingly for 10+ hours?
  4.   No LHO can make stones anymore of the spells they're given. Casts were reduced to 4 precisely because they used to make and sell stones.
  5. Mouth sewing kit given to the older elite ones, Ary
  6.   Lol, he ignores 10/11 messages.   I normally wouldn't make such a fuss about this. But the audacity to say that he has a good number of the qualities needed for LHO manager, especially after treating me the way he did...
  7. May I know how much Sasha's bid is worth?
  8. Don't make it public, but at least tell the person you fired why you fired him and why you're ignoring his applications to come back.
  9. Just to confirm, for last 4 survivors, "all untokened creatures" means colored and restricted creatures too, right?
  10. I sponsor this with a gold coin and 5 silver.   Edit: I can be a judge if you wish. Let me/us know the timings, however.
  11. For what...?   Usually its the coins you use for buying stuff, not the other way around. Unless you're selling something?    Are you offering credits for coins?
  12.   Funny how you read exactly that one line and ignored everything else. All I meant was that getting others to do stuff isn't what should happen.   Best of luck in your goals. I'll stop talking now.
  13. No, RP items are intended to be non-functional and hence fall under the "common" category.   A side thought: doesn't the taming of knators happen after you buy them --- while leveling them up? (rather than before you buy them...)   And I think what Myth meant by being wild was that the GG "species" should have higher costs when recruiting, right?     Honestly, all the specifics can be decided later/during the creation of such a quest/story.   If you want me to sugarcoat it for you: [spoiler] You have ideas from us. Like Rophs suggested, berries can be g
  14. Thanks, edited.     Which is probably why nobody has much knowledge about this mutation either and how it occurs, or the history or why such a thing happened in the first place.   Creating a new mutation, however, needs a good, interesting explanation to be made real, and the story made enjoyable. Or maybe I can start mutating Winderwilds into my personal Giant Raven Guards tomorrow or 'purify' my unholy pope the day after and so forth.
  15. That is possible, but you're missing a crucial thing. Mutations would involve Necrovion and not be Golemus at all.... as you can even see that their creature-related forum section is called "Abominable Creature Mutations".   I don't know Braiton's story but he could turn GG drachorns into Wind's I believe (correct me if I'm wrong). I sense you are looking for something similar. (If not, and if you're just looking for it to be Golemus-related, then ignore this)   edited: thanks for pointing that out, I got confused with the name
  16.   Migration of Winderwilds? :D   Its a neat idea, and if you can make this happen, possibly via AL and using some awesome reasons, that would be incredible...   Start with:   What would cause such a movement/migration? And why?   Then think of how to do it.... and so forth. 
  17. If anyone finds an email address that is not in accordance with http://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/3338 then here's a thread to post and collect all of them together.   I've found one, at the bottom of the homepage http://magicduel.com/new_begining.php ---> http://storenow.net/my/?f=3330d7aa462ec266ccc26ae33c5e697e
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