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  1. Quest ends at 18:00 tomorrow (Sunday). Be sure to submit your entries before then!
  2. Who is the fool who submitted Entry 1 for the avatar? This just got personal!     :P :))
  3.   You select the seven that you think are most prominent. If more than 7 are sent, I'll just look at the first 7.       It is an entire clicky quest. Search the Labyrinth for the activator clicky which will start the quest and allow you to see all the clickies.
  4. I have already started receiving entries, hence that is not possible.   Next time, perhaps indeed. Although I can assure that it wouldn't make the puniest difference whether I knew who's submission it was or not.
  5. Nope.   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15989-the-labyrinth-2-results/?p=159033   As everyone can see, there was a huge fuss created last time. I will not let such a thing happen again.     If you do not agree with the quest and how it is run, please feel free to not participate. Any further posts related to this matter will be removed.
  6. Okay, I thought it was understood, but I apologize for not being very explicit about this point.   dst is allowed one more attempt. Main post edited.
  7. *cough* Update   I would highly recommend that you VIEW AND EXPLORE the second Labyrinth before attempting to assume differences/similarities.
  8. Yes, there is a mini-quest, which will start at 21:00, to access the second Labyrinth.
  9. The following people are unfortunately not eligible to participate:   1) Chewett 2) Mur 3) Ailith 4) lashtal 5) Kyphis 6) Lone Wolf
  10. Important: No spells allowed for the duration of the quest (aka till 18:00 ST Sunday). If you see someone casting a spell, or have one casted on you, please do report.   It is time!   Don't miss the grand opening of the second Labyrinth at 21:00 ST today. And to make it even more special, we have a QUEST!     Now, gaining access to the second Labyrinth is a mini-quest on its own, but there is more to it than that.   What to do: PM me in-game or forum, any SEVEN points of comparison which you observe between the two Labyrinths (similarities, diff
  11. Wherever whispers are present, they are accessible.   (in other words: they are not present in obelisk scenes, etc)
  12. Let the celebrations for the 10th MD birthday begin!   To start with, there is a small mini-quest prepared to get you up and running :D   It is intended to last indefinitely. No race, no competition, etc. Everyone who completes it gets a reward.   What you have to do: search and listen to all the whispers of the Labyrinth and PM them to me in-game or in forum     Note: to complete this quest, you will need access to the Second Labyrinth as well, which is part of a separate quest announced in a separate thread.
  13. Say hello to the world's longest and trickiest cake!  :rolleyes:    This is the first time in years I've picked up a pencil with the intention to draw, so... >.>   http://storenow.net/my/?f=ada7aefd5ef41f8a989a08991fd99fe0   Anyone notice the missing candle? I couldn't resist  :))      P.S: no idea why the image is so huge...
  14. Cleaned logs for the first session (14:00-15:30).   It turned out to be a big success! I hope you all enjoyed as much, or even more, than I did! :D   Thank you Z for holding this awesome event. Happy 10th MD birthday! :) _________________________________________________   [spoiler]   [14/04/15 14:06] Dark Demon:NOOOOOO [14/04/15 14:07] :I am Bored waits for something to happen [14/04/15 14:07] Dark Demon:MY... CAARDS [14/04/15 14:07] :phantasm waits for Z to explode [14/04/15 14:07] dst: *whispers to IaB* you talk to the mad man...he seems your type [14
  15.   Alright, oh well :P   Let me know if you could still use the WPs.
  16. I sponsor this with 2 WP's for the players who win the first place.
  17. I don't think its right to blame day hosts for not meeting your expectations. Remember that they too are willing to sacrifice time and effort.   IMO ten was too huge a number in the first place. Too many things to manage.   Take this as a learning experience. Let it run as it is for the moment. Next year just make a group of a few old trusted volunteers to co-organize it with you, eg: person X manages for the first 3 days with all the questmakers within, person Y manages for the next 3 days with all the questmakers within, etc.   Convey everything to these 3-4 people, I me
  18.   Possibly because of what Z said in the end: rewards are fuel for participation/motivation to win.
  19. Due to unfortunate RL circumstances I will have to withdraw this tournament. I am very sorry to all :(
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