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  1. The missing scenes of the Labyrinth actually do exist and they are _very_ strange... :P
  2. I've heard that before and I honestly still think that there is just one "Taint". But that is a separate discussion and we can do it later rather than in this topic.
  3. Ary is incorrect; that is not the only way.   There are two ways of dealing with the Taint: either embracing it or mastering/conquering it.   There is no "drink this potion and you will be purified!" method to this.   DD was Tainted, as strange as it may seem, by two different people: physically by Assira and mentally by Granos. The way he 'mastered' it is as follows. (yes, this is my submission) __________________________________________________   In talks with Granos, the concept of three relics came into discussion. One of these was the Corroded Gauntlet, the se
  4. I'm willing to offer coloring services as well, if you find any artist.
  5. For those who ask: rewards will be distributed after MD Birthday.
  6. Why not?   (also: comp restart also didn't take me to log in page, automatically direct into the layout.php)   So I wonder why this happened..
  7. Okay I tried to reproduce it. Apparently restarting browser leads you to layout.php (aka does not lead you to login page) which is good.   Now lets see what a comp restart does
  8. Its the second-most common button in MD for me after the compass, I suppose :P
  9. Oh, that happens a lot.   Whenever I close my browser (or maybe computer restarts?) then open MD again, I have to put in my login details but this is the first time I've experienced the login cooldown this way.
  10. But I am already logged in, I never logged out..
  11. Thanks, I'll try this next time.   But still, this shouldn't be happening should it?
  12. Despite already being logged in and online, I get a logout cooldown, as you can see: http://storenow.net/my/?f=547e1c8ad87831b0b5853798f39e75f1 http://storenow.net/my/?f=3993d0477087b594430249ec623bc445
  13. How do you donate? I do not see any such thing on that clicky   :blink: 
  14. I went to Clash of Ages and used the password. What are we supposed to do? It only says what you say in your first post O.o
  15. Yep, its always been there, though never more than 5 seconds for me.
  16. Thank you for participating. I hope everybody enjoyed the second Labyrinth. Now for the winners:   1) First place was a tie: JadenDew and dst  (Jaden picks first, then dst, from a pool of 2 wishpoints and 2 GG drachs, Thank you Chewett for doubling rewards!) 2) Second place was also a tie: Shadowseeker and Zleiphneir (Shadowseeker picks first, then Z, from the two that are left 3) Third place goes to Aeo (5 gold)   The submissions are as follows:   dst [spoiler] Difference: Lab1 has all coords ending in "1" which makes it easy to recognize as being Lab1. Lab2 has
  17. Well since now quest voting is back... how about it?
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