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    Plix Plox got a reaction from nadrolski in HBD Plix Plox!   
    lol thanks 
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    Plix Plox reacted to No one in QA: What does a shared tool do ?   
    It's been quite a long time since the shared tools been brought to MD.
    They are interesting, they are different and most of all they are unknown to me.
    After such a long time I still consider that I have to ask this noobish question : "how do shared items work?"
    Don't jump to write "go to location, click, pac, bum, magic". Let me explain:
    Most of you have noticed, while picking shared tool, a strange text like this one :
    Do you know what all of it means ?
    Some of you may say that yes. Good, then please share it with the noob me.
    OK, for a part it is easy and there is no need to comment much on them:
    There is another one that is simple, so I will share it with you what I think it means. Please correct me if I am wrong:
    So, we come to the list of items that raise questions:
     - requirements (Land Loyalty & Skills)  ----> are they required for getting the item or for using it ?
     - action code ---> this is the big mystery I am interested on
    I have listed above 2 cases, i will list some more that I will use for my questions:
    Action code: gatheringtool#basket;2;2;all
    Action code: fightcause#Fightfor=landguard;Effect_won=pushout;Effect_lost=movelock;Power_won=1;Power_lost=60;Minpeople=2;Maxpeople=10;Duration=2000;Amplif=1;
    Action code: dice#2;12
    Action code: marindsbellpassport
    Action code: gatheringtool#bucket;2;3;Water Dowsers
    Action code: gatheringtool#bucket;8;2;Water Dowsers
    Action code: gatheringtool#bucket;1;1;Water Dowsers
    Action code: gatheringtool#bucket;2;2;Water Dowsers
    Action code: gatheringtool#raincollector;4;2;Water Dowsers
    Action code: Not usable
    Action code: itemmixer#Heat=10000;Recipetypes=cake
    Action code: instructions#Type=cake;Recipes=cake
    So, we clearly understand that right after the "Action code" it follows the "purpose" of the item : "gatheringtool", "fightcause", "dice", "marindbellpassport".
    The mentioning of an alliance name will be restring that tool to only be taken by ppl from that aliance's land. (i've seen it mentioned somewhere).
    My question, the reason for all this mambo jambo topic is :
    What are these numbers all about : "2;3", "8;2", "1;1", "4;2" (these numbers are all from different buckets to make it easy to understand).
    From personal experience with a "2;2" items (the "herbs basket"), when I get over 100 skill points (herbalism) , the item will gather for me 2 herbs each time.
    Another item collected 1 water, then started collecting 2 and then 3 (it is about water) and I am not even at the 100 skill points.
    So, can explain more about all these "item properties" and the numbers i mentioned?
    A tutorial on "reading" the properties would be great.
    Also, it would be nice to be able to check the properties of the items you hold.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Shemhazaj in for those who care about the truth   
    So I've stumbled upon a conversation that took place and was made public.
    Since the person who had that conversation doesn't want to talk to me in person, (and it already was made public) I believe some words are due here on the forum.
    anyway, here's what I'm referring to:
    [12/01/14 12:59] Kyphis: (zzzzzz..... I sleep from 13:00:00 ST until 22:00:00 ST.... zzzzzzz)
    [12/01/14 23:45] :*Mya Celestia* stomps over to the bar
    [12/01/14 23:46] :*Mya Celestia* snatches a mug from the bar and throws it at the wall
    [12/01/14 23:54] :Valoryn ducks as soon as he enters the quarters
    [12/01/14 23:54] *Mya Celestia*:Shattered Illusions!!! He went to Shattered Illusions!!!
    [12/01/14 23:54] :*Mya Celestia* throws another mug
    [12/01/14 23:55] Valoryn: *ducks again* That he did...
    [12/01/14 23:55] *Mya Celestia*:I didn't want to believe it *she chokes*
    [12/01/14 23:56] *Mya Celestia*:I knew in my gut he would that jerk
    [12/01/14 23:56] Valoryn: *stands again* Me neither. *hugs Mya* But it happened...
    [12/01/14 23:56] *Mya Celestia*: *hugs Val tightly* I feel so betrayed
    [12/01/14 23:58] Valoryn:You tell me... *sighs a little* He guided me in my first steps in this realm. I had him as high as a mentor. Now, I don't know what to think anymore...
    [12/01/14 23:58] *Mya Celestia*:He
    [12/01/14 23:58] *Mya Celestia*:He's essentially gone to the enemy.
    [12/01/14 23:59] *Mya Celestia*:He couldn't have hurt us any more than he did joining them
    [12/01/14 23:59] Valoryn: *nods* I know.
    [13/01/14 00:01] Valoryn:But breaking all the mugs won't change that.
    [13/01/14 00:01] *Mya Celestia*:He's lucky I don't have a killing item or he'd be dead
    [13/01/14 00:01] *Mya Celestia*:Not that it would matter because his precious dst would just revive him
    [13/01/14 00:03] Valoryn: *nods* That wouldn't change anything either.
    [13/01/14 00:03] *Mya Celestia*: *sighs* I know. I'm just so angry.
    [13/01/14 00:03] *Mya Celestia*:And he'd know just how angry I am
    [13/01/14 00:04] Valoryn:I understand.
    [13/01/14 00:04] *Mya Celestia*: (now I get how Obiwan felt when Anakin turned)
    [13/01/14 00:05] Valoryn:If it makes you feel any better, you can keep throwing mugs at me. (Yes, same here too.)
    [13/01/14 00:05] *Mya Celestia*: *shakes her head* It's not your fault.
    [13/01/14 00:06] Valoryn: *smiles a little* I know, but sometimes it helps set the feelings that overwhelm us free.
    [13/01/14 00:08] *Mya Celestia*:I'm still thinking killing him but I can't do it myself so it wouldn't have the same feeling.
    [13/01/14 00:09] Valoryn: *nods in understanding* I don't think it would change anything. Not for the better, at least.
    [13/01/14 00:10] *Mya Celestia*:No, it likely wouldn't. *sighs*
    [13/01/14 00:11] *Mya Celestia*:Once the emotion burns off, I'll be ok
    [13/01/14 00:12] Valoryn: *smiles* I know.
    [13/01/14 00:12] *Mya Celestia*:At the moment, I want to beat him with a club until he's a pile of mush.
    [13/01/14 00:14] Valoryn:I admit I was feeling the same way when I first saw him with that badge, a few days after our Yule ceremony.
    [13/01/14 00:14] Valoryn:Now I pity him. And sometimes, pity is a stronger feeling than anger or hate.
    [13/01/14 00:14] *Mya Celestia*:Pity him? Why?
    [13/01/14 00:15] Valoryn:Because his roots proved to be weak and frail and that's a very bad thing for someone who calls himself a druid.
    [13/01/14 00:19] *Mya Celestia*:He spits on the druids with this
    [13/01/14 00:20] Valoryn: *nods* He does.
    [13/01/14 00:21] *Mya Celestia*:The coward told me he was stressed out and couldn't handle the pressure in Loreroot any more.
    [13/01/14 00:21] *Mya Celestia*:What pressure? I did everything!
    [13/01/14 00:22] *Mya Celestia*:Couldn't be leader of the Guardians. Like he did anything there either.
    [13/01/14 00:22] Valoryn:That's how I interpreted his words as well (in both the alliance chat and the forum) .
    [13/01/14 00:23] *Mya Celestia*: *shakes her head* I should have known....I should have seen this coming long ago.
    [13/01/14 00:23] *Mya Celestia*:I knew he was friends with her. He has been for a long time.
    [13/01/14 00:24] *Mya Celestia*:Now he's in an alliance that won't care what he does
    [13/01/14 00:25] Valoryn:I had a feeling he would leave, since last summer. Pure gut instinct and nothing more. I couldn't have imagined he would have joined them though.
    [13/01/14 00:31] *Mya Celestia*: (I have to go make something for supper. thanks for listening)
    [13/01/14 00:32] Valoryn: (No problem. I'm going to bed now, since I need to wake up early for work tomorrow, but if you need anything, I'm here.)
    First things first. I resigned from my positions and left Loreroot because of REAL LIFE pressure and tiredness. I don't see how that makes me a coward or a jerk. I simply had no time or will to keep up to date with land issues, votings, events and such.
    It's also untrue, that I did nothing as land leader. Loreroot gov tags, Silvan Watch item and tags, negotiations with Council about reviving CoE are just few things I was working on. But that's not important really. As I said that was not the reason I quit. My personal life made it impossible to work further on that and other assignments.
    You might wonder why not just resign from leadership and remain part of the land? Voting system is one of such reasons. Inactive (and I already missed some votes) players, especially those with huge land loyalty (over 1100) greatly lower chances of successful vote. Didn't want to drag the land down.
    With my time limited I still didn't wish to leave MD. Have quite a few friends here, even if some proved to be rather fragile.
    With my balance issues and relatively little fighting now I felt it necessary to be in an alliance. There are very few alliances that are neutral to any of the main lands. Without internal structure.
    I fail to see how joining such alliance is joining an enemy. I do know that Mya dislikes dst, but personal dislikes are, well, personal.
    SI never was hostile towards Loreroot, and even dst personal issues have ended after a deal I made (as a part of Consul work) with her stopped both her and No One's resource depletion.
    There are also less important reasons why I chose SI.:
    "My mind got absent, troubles from different realm weary me. My illusions have shattered. I shall step down into the shadows and quietly wander the realm"
    I never was and never will be Loreroot's enemy. Even if you call me names and "pity me".
    Leaving Loreroot was not easy to me. All my active time in MD was dedicated to the land. In good and worse times.
    But what's really depressing is that people who had issues with my actions didn't even try to talk to me.
    And whatever you say, I still am a druid that walks a shaded path.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Ackshan Bemunah in metrology of activity   
    They must not be very good, then...?
    So we should find better ones --> thread.
    Also I thought that alt detection was already in the system...?
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    Plix Plox reacted to Ackshan Bemunah in metrology of activity   
    What is activity?  What metrics do we / can we find of it?
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    Plix Plox reacted to Chewett in Its an good bye   
    [quote name="Tom Pouce" post="148330" timestamp="1388542471"]
    one give in is ownway, but is said to be greedy and selfish ... to not be content when the good dont come back around[/quote]Tom, Your numerous PM's complaining to me why you didnt get a creature, that you deserved one, and that its not fair did lead me to say you were selfish. Many people didnt get a creature from confused santa, As I told you I didnt either and I was there when he was giving them out, I didnt ask for one as I dislike begging.

    If you are leaving because you didnt get a creature from confused santa, Then thats sad. I get quite cross when BFH, the council and I put so much effort into making Christmas fun and a couple of people complain that they didnt get what they wanted.

    I am sorry to call you selfish, but those people who just complain that they didnt get a creature really infuriate me. We spent a lot of time and it boils down to you not getting your creature. Thats exceptionally ungrateful and yes, selfish and greedy. If thats your opinion then in my view, you dont deserve a christmas creature.

    To sum it off, Yes, I was the mean person who called you selfish. I am sorry but your ungrateful nature and complete disregard for all the work we put it, to complain to me about not getting the creature made me upset and angry. I wish you the best and hope you reconsider leaving but am still annoyed that you complained so much about a free gift without thanking anyone for all the work they have put into making Christmas fun.

    Edit: Final Comment:

    I dont make this post to demean or insult, I make it because quite honestly a large proportion of MD apparently doesn't give a damn that there are people working really hard behind the scenes to produce all these events and keep them running. And this is not to get thanks either, all I would like people to do is have a little think before they complain about something rather than thinking entirely about themselves. Santa wasn't online 24x7. We are sorry, But did you know that santa was there quite a large chunk of time and he was, SPOILER, only played by two people this year(No, not me). Maybe after you have thought a little bit about the work that has went into getting this all ready you may start to see my viewpoint, Or maybe im just a bastard who hates everyone. Good Day MD, you never cease to amaze me.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Jubaris in Getting a Marind Bell citizenship   
    As the King of Marind Bell, I have the power to grant citizenship directly.
    There is the standard "apply for voting" procedure in Wind's Sanctuary, as with all the mainlands, but those rarely succeed because people do not bother to meet people of Marind Bell to convince them to vote for them.
    If you wish to join the Kingdom of Marind Bell and choose it as your home, contact me.
    I need to get to know you, and that may take a while depending on many circuimstances.
    Some people are quiet or just not that adept at English, yet they wish to have a home in Marind Bell.
    There is an option for that as well:
    - Get three (3) Marind Bell citizens to vouch for you and confirm that you are their friend and that they wish to see you as a citizen of Marind Bell.
    edit: Nadrolski's update on post #6: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15199-getting-a-marind-bell-citizenship/?p=163280
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    Plix Plox reacted to Blackthorn in Real Life Scavanger Hunt   
    I agree with Nim. Seems appropriate that next year we would include Items to be found around the world and from different cultures.  Or better still... that we create our own MD based Holiday around the winter solstice.... and celebrate that instead.  I mean if we are going to celebrate a made-up Holiday...might as well make-up our own. 
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    Plix Plox reacted to SageWoman in As there is no king anymore.   
    It is bad enough that Loreroot and Necrovion are void of life, why must GGG be as well? Marind Bell is the only other land to walk about in and the Archives and the Tribunial are heavy with viscosity. Take too much more away and there won't be any Magic Duel left.
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    Plix Plox reacted to dst in A tiny little rant about giving overpowered creatures to noobsikins!   
    Cut the bs. You got angry at fang for having some crits which you did not expect him to have. Yes, he got some of them from others but as much as I despise him, he broke no rules. Neither did others that LEGITIMATELY traded crits. 
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    Plix Plox reacted to Kyphis the Bard in A tiny little rant about giving overpowered creatures to noobsikins!   
    Rustgolds are actually pretty common.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Fang Archbane in Redacted   
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    Plix Plox reacted to Vicious in Head Contest - complaint   
    well if you were fighting so hard why did you not get 2k score?
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    Plix Plox reacted to Chewett in Head Contest - complaint   
    John, your score was 58 around the time you were hoping to have won, Do you consider this score worthy of getting a medal and associated prizes?

    I dont, considering that Mur also won a medal and prize by merely being around during the contest, not fighting at all. Which was entirely the reason for implementing the change. It unfortunate to see that you felt you deserved a prize and didnt get it.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Chewett in Head Contest - complaint   
    If you want to help, you can start by reading through every single text and rewriting it if there is some issues in the content :)

    As you might expect this is a rather large job, so may want to recruit more people so its finished before this century ends.

    Simply put, there is a lot of text, and most people dont want to help out, so if you are going to complain and not help then its not going to be improved by those that freely devote their time.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Pipstickz in Head Contest - complaint   
    Heads contest is unfair. Compete again next time and get your reward then.
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    Plix Plox reacted to John Constantine in Head Contest - complaint   
    I don't want your apology and don't try to sell me this spoof about family.
    I will demand rewards for 4 best players in this Head Contest as a remunaration for misguidng players. 
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    Plix Plox reacted to Ackshan Bemunah in Forum Death Quest   
    1. At the very least.
    2. To use the same language as before:  Outcomes will be coming up soon.
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    Plix Plox got a reaction from emerald arcanix in Resource Depletion: For or against?   
    [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1361196317' post='132907']
    [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Plix has been a herb depletor for quite some time.[/color][/font]


    I've stopped depleting in your 'beloved land' Loreroot for [i]ages.[/i]
    Go moan and groan somewhere else.

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    Plix Plox reacted to Chewett in Forum Reputation System Poll   
    See, THIS is what we need. People being helpful and finding stuff rather than just complaining about something.
    Iv installed the hook. Thanky. I wont be installing the other one, dont want more flaming of peoples.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Zyrxae in Forum Reputation System Poll   
    Someone somewhere had time..
    Reputation Time addon: "With this simple hook you can check when reputation point was given ( in topic view )."
    Possible extra bonus: reason "Hook give you the ability to attach a short message when you give a reputation point."
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    Plix Plox reacted to Chewett in Citizenship Application % Votes   
    Problem: I would like I keep the knowledge of who voted for who private. With the simple method of keeping track of the score, you can then ask someone to vote and see which way the score goes, and therefore learn their vote. Consequently I dislike this idea.
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    Plix Plox reacted to Mallos in worst thing about Mur   
    I think people got caught up a bit too much in this "Favoritism"
    Whenever someone gets something, whether it be from working for it or having it handed to them, there's more likely than not going to be someone else with an opinion about it. That opinion could be good or bad, but mostly we see the bad don't we? That's when people feel the need to speak up about it as something seems wrong to them. This isn't bad in itself, but enough of it can be bad (as we see here). I think people need to calm down and try not to argue their point too much over trivial things.
    Whether or not someone gets that shiny feature from Mur, Council, whoever or wherever else, does it really matter? There's going to be this so called "Favoritism" or bias in the choices even if there's all kinds of good reasons why they got that feature. Our own viewpoints on who got the feature is biased on if we like them or not. Bias is part of being human.
    Can't we calm down and accept that sometimes there are reasons for what happened beyond what we can see? Or at least let it go, and be happy that good things are happening to others rather than put them down for it?
    (Since I am posting, Mur I think you need to slow down on the death feature, I don't see the need for people to be able to be killed and have no reliable way of revival, effectively taking them out of the game for a while for no reason other than "I don't like you so I'll kill you")
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    Plix Plox reacted to dst in Again about hypocrisy or how to act all innocent when the community is watching and swear like hell when it is not   
    WARNING! HIGHLY VULGAR language below. Click on your own risk!
    [spoiler][27/07/13 00:56] Mallos:What do you think of the recent forum stuff?
    [27/07/13 00:58] :Fang Archbane laughs
    [27/07/13 00:58] :Fang Archbane failed to cast a spell
    [27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:The sheep can say what they will.
    [27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:Im done endulging them with answers.
    [27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:They are no longer worth my time, if they are not willing to listen.
    [27/07/13 00:59] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 2
    [27/07/13 00:59] Mallos:It amused me the way they accused you.
    [27/07/13 01:00] Mallos:Saying you've done something wrong but never saying what, as if they didn't know themselves.
    [27/07/13 01:00] Fang Archbane:The only one that can actually accuse me and have facts is DST
    [27/07/13 01:00] Fang Archbane:But shed have light insults at bestg
    [27/07/13 01:00] Mallos:proofs
    [27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:She can say im breaking the rules all she wants
    [27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:Best part is, Mur dictates what the rules are and how theyre enforced, not DST, not No One, not the Council, not my cousins third mother twice removed
    [27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:So she can suck me off
    [27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:And she can read that text too, since she just LOVES reading the shit i type after its long gone
    [27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:And let me repeat it one more time for good measure
    [27/07/13 01:02] Fang Archbane:DST, aka the Dick Sucking Tramp can BLOW ME [/spoiler]
    Thank you fang for your nice words. I do hope the rules I DIDN'T make but Mur made will be applied and you'll get what you deserve for your nice behavior and awesome knowledge of English slang.
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    Plix Plox reacted to No one in Favoritism   
    I'll quote these posts:
    2 things wrongly put in just one line. Nice.
     - ppl didn't liked Fang AT ALL, not just for getting that mp7 thing
     - maybe we are biased, but do you know what he did with his MP7 ? or what he did since then ?
    The question is : why not SOMEBODY ELSE ?
    I am missing something. I don't get it.
    If you have untested features you have to test them, you have test teams.
    If you have to choose a "nobody" why do you choose a "somebody bad" ? fang was not a "nobody" at all when you gave him MP7.
    And by the way Mur, did you read this carefully :
    Just read what I marked. The rest is just to fill the page and hide his words.
    Mur, Fang messed up big time and he used your reputation to hide under it. Is this the kind of person you want to protect ?
    Right, you made a mistake too much. Don't try to fix it by protecting him.
    He used the MP7 in his own interest.
    You could have picked any number of ppl that are better at helping like : kiley, lashtal, samon, eara, tal, menhir, just take a pick from online list of players
    You gave roles to noobs. Some worked some not. Why do you choose a "somebody bad" ?
    There is no negativity / curse thing. I call it feedback. You either accept it and use it or you don't.
    Being upset on things ... happens to me sometimes, but in the end it is just another way of wasting time.
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