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  1. Actually think that this quite a good idea :)
  2.   Just stop already.  You're digging your own grave by being so blatantly non-apologetic.... 
  3. Loads quicker than before Hong Kong
  4. Here's my submission. It's Summer Time @ Plains of Deceit (Please click the link..TinyPic isn't working for me!) [url="http://postimg.org/image/5jj4u4vjp/eb80c574/"]http://postimg.org/i...u4vjp/eb80c574/[/url]
  5. [color=#000000][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]A cat sat on Zleiphners face and then died... Zleiphner woke up he said, "WHY!?" He shoved the knife into its sheath, slapping DD who's a GoB onto a bee. Zleiphner, thought that this was bizarre So he kicked the puppy Fang and Fang cried... hell broke loose! and licked BoB, poor BoB always whipped by demons. Then came Eon who finally said, "Enough you people!" and killed DD. DD's blood flowed down and down until it reached a river of chicken fat. Change with Lord [/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Tipu is a good p
  6. 'Elderberry' here. Thank you for the quest Nim and let's not fight guys...
  7. What I don't understand is why you feel the need to incessantly update the general public about yourself. Why?
  8. [quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1361196317' post='132907'] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]Plix has been a herb depletor for quite some time.[/color][/font] [/quote] Oh. My. God. Seriously. I've stopped depleting in your 'beloved land' Loreroot for [i]ages.[/i] Go moan and groan somewhere else.
  9. [quote name='nadrolski' timestamp='1359417299' post='131567'] Story Mode [/quote] Waiting
  10. [quote name='Dragual' timestamp='1359393743' post='131541'] Technology [/quote] Advancement
  11. Are we meant to talk about every single symbol on your list? or can we pick?
  12. Well I did say they were meant to be rather literal translations so that the riddles would be more difficult For instance, for the fish riddle, "[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]行" can mean walk or it also can mean move. For the table riddle, "[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]面" can mean face, but it can also mean a surface[/font][/color]
  13. This quest is over. The answers (along with the original Chinese versions) are: 1. 一個小姑娘, 坐在水中央, 身穿粉紅襖, 撐船不用槳 - [b]Lotus Flower[/b] 2. 紅姑娘, 住小巷, 冬天短, 夏天長 - [b]Thermometer[/b] 3. 人脫衣服, 它穿衣服, 人脫帽子, 它戴帽子 - [b]Clothes Stand/Clothes Rack[/b] 4. 弟兄七八個, 圍著柱子坐, 只要一分開, 衣服就扯破 - [b]Garlic[/b] 5. 身穿綠衣裳, 肚里水汪汪, 生的子兒多, 個個黑臉膛 - [b]Watermelon[/b] 6. 有頭沒有頸, 身上冷冰冰, 有翅不能飛, 無腳也能行 - [b]Fish[/b] 7. 有面沒有口, 有腳沒有手, 雖有四隻腳, 自己不會走 - [b]Table[/b] 8. 十個客人十間屋, 冷了進去, 暖了出 - [b]Gloves/Mittens[/b] 9. 身體細長, 兄弟成雙, 光愛吃菜, 不愛喝湯 - [b]Chopsticks[/b] 10. 千隻腳, 萬隻腳, 站不住, 靠牆角 - [b]Broom[/b] 11. 白娃娃, 爬黑牆, 越爬個兒越變小,
  14. [b]Hello![/b] I really like riddles, so I've decided to create this riddle-related quest. I am going to infuse some of my cultural roots in this quest and thus I'm going to use some random Chinese riddles I've found online.[list] [*]The original Chinese version isn't provided JUST IN CASE anyone who does this quest understands it and gets an unfair advantage from Google [*]Hope you don't mind the weird translations, the original riddles were meant to be metaphorical, plus it adds to the difficulty [*]The person who has the [b]most correct answers [/b]AND [b]sends it first[/b] will win:
  15. LOL. Congrats Nimrodel. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1358088645' post='130371'] brain teasers = subjective answers lol. [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]since its public we are all essentially nicking each others answers[/font][/color] [/quote] I'm going to do another one of these, but the answers must be PM'ed instead.
  16. Sorry, it's wrong 'Mr. Dogood' I won't say which though
  17. Hello! I was feeling bored so here are some brain-teasers 1. What does a 180-pound butcher weigh? 2. What are the next few letters in the following sequence? [i]W A T N F L I...[/i] 3. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a long one. Michael J. Fox has a short one. Björk doesn't really have one. Obama uses it very often. The Pope has one but doesn't use it. Your dad has one but your mom uses it. ([size=2][i]The answer isn't dirty! I swear![/i][/size]) Please reply here with answers, the first person with correct answers will get a [i]Fresh Pimped Grasan [/i]as a reward [NO EDITS PLEASE] [If
  18. I thought of a few requests. From the most outrageous request first...(Don't hate me for being outlandish! ) 1. A spell to grant one the ability to teleport to any normally accessible place (e.g. [i]NOT [/i]places that are require keys/special access etc.) 2. An independent bucket/herb collector/saw etc. 3. (This is a bit like dragonrider's request) A spell to render half of the person's creatures' tokens ineffective for a limited period of time 4. A spell to make everybody in the scene drunk [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1357900732' post='130217'] I would like the ability to give
  19. Hello! I've applied to be a citizen of Marind Bell. I'm still 'relatively' new in this realm, so if you have any questions for me please PM me or perhaps find me in-game (usually at GoE) - Plix Plox
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