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  1. gettting wins is as easy as gettting loss u forget that if u change something u just change the strategy atleast most of time the strategy is to have life stealer and healer easy i dunno what will happen if u use regeneration all in all i dont think this change is a good thing u just make the game more complicated and it mean less people to join who will join a game that must have lots of policy the best way is to have some little simple policy i think this new change make things harder and less fun i personaly hate balance fight but i accept it as a part of game and i think this new change is only to cover the problem of having balance fight
  2. hey calm down akasha i definitly right about this beacuse when i read the aurinia post i thinked there is multiple writer (well i know that only one writer is there) but it could make people get the wrong idea oh i nearly forget plz make the story faster
  3. LOL the last delete articles is from magicduel 17:08, 11 May 2008 NawlinWiki (Talk | contribs) deleted "Magicduel" ‎ (A7 (web): Web content; doesn't indicate importance/significance) 14:49, 11 May 2008 NawlinWiki (Talk | contribs) deleted "Magicduel" ‎ (A7 (web): Web content; doesn't indicate importance/significance)
  4. lol it dont seem anyone care for assasin or bigc anymore well lets catch both
  5. i think its husband and wife they think they are so close but yet they so far sometimes they think other one cheat on him its their fear but this fear always mean war and headech for another one
  6. lol back stab the back staber
  7. maybe there would be a quest to rescue big? comeone mur lets rescue him
  8. omegaweapon


    tyran u died right the point of negative stats is that when u chose a path u must accept the responsibility of chosing that if u work hard in the wrong path u get lots of negative stats and if u have a little work in right path u get little positive stats but at the end there is no complete wrong or right path so beacuse of your hard work u get total positive stats except suicide that is wrong so u get total negative stats and your profile ruin
  9. so u like to give riddles interesing hmm
  10. MB it was a joke nothing special i just playing with u haha beacuse i wont accuse anyone withough proof sorry i think u misunderstand me LOL
  11. there is a reason for not seeing my pants and the reason ( u cant belive it but its true) is the same reason that i couldnt see your evil movie
  12. lol u suspect me? lol nop it wasnt me and how u do it i mean that black thing? now that u mention i find that i am realy stupid its completly natural to suspect me bigc said ome it can be first of omega LOL interesting i wonder who realy did it hmm
  13. what do u mean? there is a black thing on your spoiler so i cant read it
  14. lso i dont got as much battle as bigc have but well i am alittle near
  15. oh i like to see bigc again i realy miss him is he resurected or with some magical thing he will come back ? and where is Gazeebo of Gravitational ? realy i never find that place i like to join the girl and maybe just maybe if all of us pray for him or maybe we can find someone who have some connection with shades hmm i wonder btw who is ome is ome a name? maybe if we find him we have some way to help bigc anyway he know the shades and maybe we can tortuer him LOL:)
  16. attribute bonus of all items dose not implemented yet the difference btw their value point mean they will have different attribute
  17. sorry i cant do anything for now i tried to research but it seems i am busier than i though i will research when i have more free time
  18. wow u seem to friendly i like to see what will happen when u attacked constantly
  19. also i dont see new year (beacuse our new year start from spring) i still say happy new year everybody
  20. ok also i already do it i like to help newby so count on me too
  21. i see sometimes there is max number for heat what is the meaning of this? this mean if u increase your heat further u will get no more stat?
  22. i dont this u must do that u must level up a lot of creature and sacrifice them to have a lot of maximum value point like 15k then u can sacrifice 3 creature and buy 1 of the armours
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