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  1. i think u forget to mention what path we will see in the story the way of giving up or the way of revealin the book?
  2. if u are mp3 and get 15 total point in 1 day u did very great i am realy surprised i play a little in mp3 and now how hard it to get any stats
  3. actualy u can it would be a a mix principle its like chosing different principles with different values but then u wont have a chance to control the principles and use them u can use that mix principles only
  4. lol we are talking about stat gain in 1 day not total profile my profile : Regeneration: 241 (241.9) Energetic immunity: 254 (254.47) Trade sense: 53 (53.33) Initiative: 169 (169.11) Defence: 416 (299.41 + 117) Briskness: 241 (241.61) Attack: 643 (601.49 + 42) Luck: 102 (102.04) Power: 181 (179.11 + 2) total of 2300
  5. there is no book of perinciple except u write it ur urself if u know the true understanding of principles just right it on the pages 8 principles are opposite of each other and 2 other arent so it mean akasha must write 8 principle on 4 peper and 2 other on indivisual papers its my though
  6. they get vp (and i think stats) based on mp lvl
  7. and for u all regeneration +15.299 energeticimmun +16.102 tradesense +6.096 initiative +17.508 defence +15.385 briskness +18.455 attack +32.945 luck +7.586 power +13.696 total of 142.072 update regeneration +17.019 energeticimmun +18.022 tradesense +7.056 initiative +18.228 defence +19.585 briskness +19.415 attack +39.825 luck +7.586 power +18.056 total of 164.792 stat i got 5 milion xp great
  8. for some reason i can do only fast replay its impossible for me to do post replay or new topic
  9. he say morpheus let him go but i dont bealive it i think morpheus give his name and other things to him so he will be dream catcher
  10. maybe u didnt see stf but he is in willow shop right now
  11. yes i find it but still it dont realy have a meaning i mean if he cant find a dying it must attack the most lowest vitality not skipping turn
  12. Load .omegaweapon. creatures Load *** creatures Influences for .omegaweapon.: creatureboost, ###### Influences for dst: regenaura ###### COMBO: Adding 207 combo vitality bonus for this ritual Applying 100% of .omegaweapon.'s energetic influence Applying 100% of dst's energetic influence dst's Walking Tree cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn .omegaweapon.'s Heretic Archer II cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn .omegaweapon.'s Heretic Archer II cant find any enemy creatures to target, skipping turn .omegaweapon.'s Heretic Archer II cant find a
  13. who said people dont like evil? i think people love to be evil but they cant beacuse they fear (most of time)
  14. dont make fun of this matter or mr assasin will show u what is the meaning of that
  15. hmm i dont think so also i hope it is true
  16. people with more than 1 charachter try to experiance other ways of playing so i dont think there is any problem except they dont want to realy remain indivisual (doing sabotage i mean LOL)
  17. something that is very strange is that there is 9 pyrmid and 10 principle
  18. if we can call it evil its evil but we are just protector of balance and we are in shade side
  19. there will be new feature in game inculding this charachters so u must wait to see it
  20. actualy its not very usefull i personaly dont regenerate any creature any more they will get what ever vitality i have in my ritual
  21. hmm there is a problem that i cant understand when we had people with 700 more win than loss there was not lots of people with 200 more loss than win beacuse there was alliances but now when in any fight there is a sure loss but not sure win how we can keep the balance?(withough alliances i mean) its very easy mathematic loss will win (lol) there wont be any balance soon only very rare people can keep their balance but it mean nothing beacuse balanced people have no one to get honor from so they force to get more loss in 1 month everyone go to have unbalance profile toward the loss
  22. sacrifice om or help him to beat ultr
  23. well if the loss rate goes too much it make things interesting maybe people defend with their real ritual one again but we must see this later
  24. the problem is new player must face all the rules in first time play if in any mp there was different rules (better to say more complete or fair rules) i think it would be better i mean there must a way a toturial step by step to show u how this rules work i personaly dont like to see all the complicated rules in 1 side specialy the new system is a little strange in most of game win is win so if u want to break the rules of the world first introduce it to them well i know its alpha so this things dont matter but we can just have different rules for different mp so people dont scared from th
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