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  1. just to let you all know.. my problem has been solved and i've finally started playing the game and i really like it
  2. Dragon, I have checked it. It's not there. Tai, I have played quite a lot of Warhammer and Cyberpunk 2020, but my favourite is definitely Vampire: The Masquerade. I'm pretty busy right now and so are my mates and it's difficult to find time to gather together and play, though.
  3. Hello Everyone! A few words about me: male, Polish, IT student, pen&paper rpg player/gm, extremely eager to try this geme A problem is that I have applied for an account last week, around thursday or friday. It is wednesday now so almost a week later. I have not received any registration e-mail, yet the online form said it should arrive in ten minutes (or even instantly) after the registration. I also made sure to check my spam folder and it wasn't there either. As for the forum registration e-mail, i got it about 30 minutes after registration. What's wrong? I hope I will finally get t
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