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  1. So many posts to read :P Fingers crossed for a fortunate transfer .

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      If you read the forums as people post you realize how slow they actually are :(

    3. Valldore Nal

      Valldore Nal

      If you try to catch up on a months posts though .... :P

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      Ary Endleg

      Still not comparable to catching up on all posts from 2005 if you started playing in 2013....

  2. If i remember correctly , when you change mind power the quests resets and you have to repeat the whole process from the beginning. It's been quite some time since i finished Maebius quest so i'm not 100% sure about it right now. He should be able to provide more details regarding that.
  3. The use of the word seed is very interesting, cause (at least in my mind ) it practically applies to so many things (ideas, relationships, love, events in our life etc ... ) "The present is caused by both the past and the future." The idea of how past affects present seems to be generally accepted. But i personally never saw, never agreed that my present can be affected by future. For some reason (and i've been giving it some thoughts on random occasions trying to figure out different perspectives) whenever i bring this idea in my mind, it's stuck in the word Fate. Fate as in, a predefined path for certain subjects that no matter what you do you can't avoid it (kinda falls in the same category as "luck", but it's off-topic to explain that ) The only way my mind can understand the future affecting the present is if the present gets predefined , in a way. It's a matter of perception, there isn't "proof" of whether it's right or wrong (or at least i haven't stumble across it yet ). And the reason of why i never believed in the idea is because if i did, i would feel i lose my freedom of choice. They contradict each other, and yes i do believe in the freedom of choice of people (always abode by other factors, which are /were determined by series of random events in the past, so unless we are able to change the past it's pointless to argue if those really take away our freedom of choice). It just leaves a certain feeling of "pessimism" (it's hard to explain it differently, if anyone feels offended by the use of the word, i apologize in advance, no offense meant) My mind just can't handle pessimism,i guess.And the fact that i have that strong negative feeling against the idea of fate and i actually connected Mur's initial post with that from the very fist moment really makes it hard to see it from a different perspective.
  4. In general, the idea sounds very interesting. (Well, the last part about printing and such goes on the same way with that box idea you had,i'll say this part sounds just fun but has no real usefulness. But from what i understand that's a certain point of view/action you like, so i'll just say for me it sounds indifference for the shake of evaluating the whole point ) What i disagree a bit, or maybe better say it , what i see that might go wrong at some point , is the part where you blindly trust people to give this "Titles" while making completely clear that you plan to make them permanent. Well, in a way, if you do make them as such and something goes wrong (anything, it doesn't matter what exactly), you kind off keep yours and other people's hands tied up. Ofc if it's that serious you can always just take back or change what you initially planned, but you know, it's better if you keep a small back-door from the start than doing changes later, looks neater :P What would be nice in order for us to get a better idea would be to maybe try and offer some more specific examples and their respective authority.
  5. Happy New Year for all :) All the best :)
  6. Prob better to ask here than start a new topic. What is the point of having the effect continues after the notification at the trigger box has expired ? I mean, if the spell should have a greater duration, why not leave the notification for longer ? I assume since it's not a bug that there is a reason behind that behavior, but i don't get it. Thanks
  7. Today i noticed that toadspeak had some strange effects. More specifically, after the toadspeak effect ended (disappeared from the trigger box) i was still toadspeaked. Once i did a refresh to the page i got the message that i was silenced, with the id given on the parenthesis at the end to be mine (Valldore's id).Got it for 2 times and then whatever i wrote in chatbox didn't have any effect in chat (not sure if this is part of the silence spell, i'm not aware how it works). After a couple of minutes the effect ended. On a second test, where i didn't do immediate refresh, i was still talking in chat like i was under the toadspeak effect, managed to write a couple of messages and afterwards i couldn't send messages to chat again either ( same as when i got the message for being silenced on the first case and couldn't send anything). After a couple of minutes the effect ended as well.
  8. Thank you for the nightmare lashtal, quite evilish one :D :D :D I'll take number 8
  9. Best of luck Maebius, hope things work out for you asap
  10. There was a discussion about the players in game mini profile and whether it should be changed or not. In game mini profile , in case it's not clear, is the name for this : So, do you people like it the way it is ? Do you think changes should be made and if yes, what would you like to be changed ? Consider the following in your suggestions : player descriptions alliances mp6 ui players with no description and no information either P.S. Will add more things to be considered in the list as people suggest, those were suggestions made during the discussion as well
  11. I got myself a couple of grasans to produce fat. Those grasans previously were producing skin. After leveling them and naming them properly (now named Leaking Grasans), they still keep producing skin instead of fat. I waited for a couple of days and tried to reproduce, see if the bug was still going on and it is. Creature ids : ID:731669 ID:729763 Can't think of anything else to provide atm, if there is something that could be useful pls tell me.
  12. Wanna make it busier ???? :P I know i do want to make you more busy :D
  13. Thank you for the quest Tom and congrats to dst and Nim for the score and ofc everyone for participating . In all honest i feel dst covered pretty any comment i would want to add. Only repeat her last one, if you are doing quests involving word puzzles and such , indeed please ask for someone to spell proof them
  14. AD : 533 Volition: 20 No grinding, just usual walk around (with a trip or two to MDA included, not with the goal to gather volition though )
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