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  1. I think that is a great idea Rumi. Though it almost makes the revival items completely pointless as I believe they have a cool down period that lasts as long as the cool down on the kill items.
  2. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339431302' post='114354'] I now sit at GoC, dead. I don't have any time to roleplay some event to revive myself, and I will not be paying anyone to revive myself. Death to someone who doesn't roleplay means only that either the community will roleplay for them, and the gods will deem them worthy to be brought back, or that they pay. Clearly in spars case, he couldn't pay, and sadly I didn't see too much action for the roleplay so he faded away. This is entirely stupid, there needs to be more mechanics so that people who have died, have some way to be reborn that isnt paying someone an extortionate amount of coin or roleplay that isn't guaranteed to work. When Mur gave out revival items, it was obvious that they would slowly move to the highest bidders, those who would keep them for themselves. The "normal" person has little chance to be revived by an item, unless they have friends that hold said items. Death seems unfinished, especially when it is exceptionally hard for someone to be revived. In Spar's you just tell him to go away, he cant play MD anymore. Many of you wont have bothered to listen to spar, But hopefully someone is going to listen to what im saying. Quite simply, I'm just going to wait, I don't have time to do any roleplay to save me currently, nor will i be wasting my coin buying the use of a revival item. Lets see if I last longer than Spar until some change happens in MD. [/quote] As far as I understand it, Many did not want to help Spartiatis because he went so long without trying to do anything to help himself. So with you doing the same, what makes you think your "life" is more valuable than his? Especially if you are going to do nothing to help yourself just as he had done. And pretending not to care about being killed, that it was a cool thing to add to the game after you were even seen cursing like a sailor, breaking rules doing so, in the mood panel and even saying here that this is stupid... Seems a bit confusing to me. Again, you don't decide to go against something unless it involves you personally.
  3. I think, if you are hoping to revive the Spartan by killing someone more popular to have them both revived... You chose the wrong target. But then... I am bias.
  4. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339393413' post='114323'] I know a number of people who play alts well in different lands and alliances.[/quote] Doesn't mean I can't have my own opinion, though honestly alts has nothing to do with the prime problem as it isn't mentioned in the rule that is being up for debate. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339393413' post='114323'] Mur did it then, Most people dont argue with Mur, wheras council everyone loves to argue with them. I remember little/no argument to the rule when murry announced it, nor any when/if he removed alliances before.[/quote] That is basically my point. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339393413' post='114323'] But you are applying for an alliance no? I asked you about an alliance before you "hated" on me.[/quote] I don't recall what you are talking about but one person seeking entrance into an alliance that is known and respected is far different than an alliance seeking membership because it has only one or two people and needs more to stay alive based on a rule that has been in motion for over a year now.
  5. I don't believe alts should be allowed in different alliances. If there was to be a "war" between your alliance and the alliance your alt is in, what would you do? You aren't allowed to attack yourself. It is against the rules. And as for the rule regarding the minimum of three members... It was posted before that back in 2009 this rule was announced. Maybe 2010. That is two or three years that this rule has been standing. Where was all this discussion about it then? Or did you just not care then because it didn't affect you then? I would think the best question is, if you are really that concerned about it, then why not do something about it? I have been in the game for over 100 days now and I had never heard of Fyrd's alliance before. There are plenty of people who are unaffiliated with any alliances. I for one have never been asked into any alliance, nor had any of my alts. Three simple members can't be that hard to achieve...
  6. Well.. There is the whole "combat system" thing...
  7. Looking great so far. And I love the idea of a small zen garden or rock garden. I have a couple small ideas... but I would prefer to speak to you about them in private, mostly for fear of people thinking them totally stupid. Which they may be...
  8. Completely ooc here.. What happens with him now? Was this person seriously just run from the game because not enough people would offer coins for a revival or heat for a revival? Does he have to start completely over now or what? I tried to collect coins and people kept insisting the heat thing would work. He even had money tied up in the game and he is forced to quit? I'm not fully understanding this.
  9. I've had similar problems with alternate sites. It might have something to do with your cache, if you know how to deal with it.
  10. Mine is fine too. Maybe you need to restart your computer or something?
  11. I read it and still stand by my idea. I can see how many I have as I gain more and I can trade it or give it away and use it, so I would like the option to break it down, even if I have to pay cash to do so in the shop. It is just an idea and I was under the impression that the game is "player made" and that things can change if enough people work for it. I also stated it wasn't overly important. Just something I would like to see -eventually-.
  12. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339017063' post='113779'] You know that mur wrote a lot of information stating why resources shouldnt be split and such, and that its been designed as such? Its quite possibly you dont know, and therefore i would advise you to search this information out. [/quote] I did not know, but even so... I still think it would be nice. Say I have water I can use 50 times... and someone else needs water, but they only need to use it ten times, maybe I could use a new item like... a measuring cup to allow me to give away or trade water the ten times so I still have forty uses of mine left. If that makes any sense to you. Maybe it could even be an item to buy in the shop to be given the choice to separate things out of convenience. Maybe we could buy separate inventories to place different items in. If I had two, I could store water in one for trading, or herbs or wood and in the other store what I wouldn't want to give away or trade because I would need it for other things. Or maybe we could buy pockets for out inventories if they are like bags and we could separate things that way. There could be multiple ways to do it. And it would make things easier, especially for newer players. I have no way to collect water. I had to trade my way up to what I have now and if I use it or trade it for something I need, there is no telling when I could ever get it back again. Same with sand and wood. It could even act like the heat rocks. They could be bottles or crates and it holds however much we put into it and once it fills or no matter how much is in it, it is one, but it is separate from the single resource because it is in a separate container..
  13. It isn't overly important at all... But I would like to find a way to divide my resources in my inventory. If I have 50 water and want to give away or trade only half of it rather than all because it is stacked... I think that could be quite useful.
  14. If you don't want to use a separator as Lightsage suggested, then I would suggest you simply make both parts longer and make them each into a chapter. Or separate the chapter into Part a and Part b. And a neko is a cat person. Which, from what I have seen, is what Lintara kind of is. If I were you, I would ask each person whose character I have permission to use and ask them for a detailed description of the character for what they look like and what their race is, even the age they are suppose to be. And for a character such as Innocence, if you are unable to use the character correctly, then maybe choose to use another. There are other characters that acted as journalists. Maybe Grido would be a better choice if he gave permission, or one of the other journalists. Unless Innocence is okay with being pure female within your story. That would be between you and the player behind Innocence. Or you could just say in the book that the character is neither male or female but that Windy likes to think it is female and so refers to her that way. I would opt for just choosing someone else... but it isn't my book.
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