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  1. I was in the Willow's shop to transfer stones and I noticed the other items in my inventory, including the cake. It did not say I had multiple pieces like other items I have multiple quantities of and it also claimed to have no home land, though in my regular inventory it says it is East land. Just thought I would mention it. This was originally sent to master of Ceremonies but he asked me to send it via email. But I seemed to have problems sending it through email so I am just posting it here. Hope it helps.
  2. The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before. ~Albert Einstein

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      "In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep." ~Albert Einstein

  3. The event is over. It has been over for a couple days now. Anyone within the tunnel when the Birthday celebration was over was kind of locked in to either be pushed through or out and no one else was allowed in so we could finish things up. It took much longer than anticipated though and finally there was a cut off point, which you did not make. The Challenge was to make it through the tunnel while the event was taking place. I hope that explains things.
  4. [color=#a52a2a][size=3][font=georgia,serif]I had a lot of fun with this and I am happy to have been part of the organizing team. Thank you to Mur for asking me to do this, especially since I am still so new to the game.[/font][/size][/color] [color=#a52a2a][size=3][font=georgia,serif]I would like to apologize though to those who became frustrated. There were a few people that really stood out to me in general because of how much time they took to really think through the riddles they were given. I do hope you all had fun. I tried to be fair to everyone and I tried to be on as much as humanl
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