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    New ideas

    I do not know who exactly come with this idea first...but this is my version (latest one, first is from more than a year back) A new extra feature named COLLECTORS BOOK This feature will enable 2 things: 1. u get a book where u can put your creatures: 1 page for creature and when u click on that page it will open all levels that creature has gone tru (creature requirements, description, etc. all should be available) 2. a new use for sacrificial altars, something i like to call IMMORTALIZE CREATURE, when u use this option it will fill a page in your book with the selected creature (max
  2. i like the idea allot and because i m greedy i chosen 2wp/year 1 should be given on the player's birthday (the day hi/she registered)and the second on Christmas as a present to the players but i do not want alts to get them - this will make things to collapse (abuses will be more frequent)
  3. deleated cookis, refresh...done all things the first time i notice this still not working properly
  4. it is like what happen to dst and it is not related to the resend messages maybe its related to the number of messages sent? and if so whay some players gets my pm's instantely, when others recive them after a long time or not at all?
  5. its not that, when player id expire the game wont let me send the message if i send it again it work like 20% cases, 80% chance that is not send again
  6. somtimes the message gets stuck and is not send or is send very slow i have in the outbox many messages that seems to not get anywere, some r from weeks back and i know it's not becouse they did not log in, becouse they have recive other messages that r newer can anybody tell me what is going on?
  7. anubarak whay me? whay not? love the woods love a chalange and i m not afraid of failleur 1 thing i want to ask, if it posible alow more to do the chalange just for the sake of competition
  8. thrall

    Guild bank

    i know that and this ideea dose not come in conflict with the game economics (not if you can use it only to pay youre negative vp). Beside most of the time you dont use youre vp and to change my ideea or to give it a diferent view it can be made a EXTRA FEATURE in MD Shop so that it will be for everybody that want it or nead it anyway it was just a tghout
  9. thrall

    Guild bank

    i had a problem with VP (-4mil) and i have sean others with this problem (i hold the record ), so i m thinking about this: A GUILD BANK where all the extra vp would go automaticly on every reg counter -for ex if you have max vp 20k and you have 25k on reg count, the 5 k will go to the guid bank What to do with this vp? Whell think about this: * you can pay "youre debt" when you r having negative vp * the guild could use them to build somthing like extra chambers (+1/2/... guild members) * just for showoff, to see wich guild is richer * to open some shops in the guild (wepon, armor
  10. I like the ideea and all but...where should we put the creatures description and WHO WILL DECIDE THE WINER? Also i would like it better if every land will have only one creature with special abilities and maybe if it could be done CREATURE THAT CHANGE FOR OPOSITE LANDS (meaning, giving them a darker side if they come from necrovion or somthing like that). This could be done now only to guilds members and later on to everyone who will be part of a land
  11. thrall


    loosing xp the more dificult the quest the more xp you loose giveng creature from the places that r not for everybody, like those quest that were giving a dragon (add more creature, maybe make some unique ones) making youre VP ZERO (not the max you can have, just the vp you have on hand), i want this becouse there r people with -2 mil vp, I HOLD THE RECORD -3.2 MIL (it took me almost 3 weeks to reach this - i had -4 mil) giving acces for one day to forbiden places like GOLEMUS OR NECROVIAN giving clues to MD SECRETS duble youre ve and vp gain/reg time duble the skils you get for X
  12. anubarak ID: 4406 i still have the necrovion soldier (did not have any description before the test) P.S. i have posted this in the test bug topic also
  13. now that the test is over i still have the description of a necrovian soldier, i dont miend it but is still a bug
  14. +5000 Max Vitality - but it says increase maximum ve by 2000 +400 Defence - it says increase youre defence by 500 Weapon sets Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/userprofile/load_profile.php on line 168 - this is on personal page Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/weaponinventory/load_layout.php on line 406 - this is on armor page BOTH R APERARING AND DISAPEARING AFTER EACH CLICK
  15. bugs: - ve and vp ilusions dont seams to work (i have try it saveral times and no result) - ilusion creature dont gain xp except for the joker; and there s a problem with the elite loreroothian archer and with the life stealer reinforcement (seams that everybody has the same problem with them) - the "achivments for today" page is blank in ilusion
  16. I would like to sign up as well, please and thank you. anubarak:4406
  17. that sound great and it solves Grido's problem It would be grate to give your rituals number, solves a space problem and for the ones that ask WHAT ABOUT THE COMBO? i say that after your rit is defeated (100%) it starts to count from 0
  18. we all make huge numbers of def rit and attack rit (some ore than others; at least i do a lot of them) when we loose a fight (100% of that rit) we have to unbid them oureself, it takes time and its anoyg so what i want is ONCE YOU LOOSE 100% OF YOUR RIT THE RIT UNBIDS ITSELF, its erased the other thing is doing separate rituale pages (only 2). one will befor all attack rituales and other its for def rituaels i'm posting that because i'm tired to scrol down to choose the right rit
  19. thrall


    for me the prize dont represent much (soleve 2 quests and did not recive nothing), what i want is to try and solve as many quests/puzzle as possible. so the page with player name that gives quests will help me ALOT but if many of you think like chewett then make a personal page with question marks (alrady mention it and at the time it was posted it was liked) that represent the quests available, so one can know how many there r. When a quest end's and you did not solve it that question mark will desapear; but when you solve a quest the "?" will show the quest and your answer and the clue
  20. thrall


    i spend much time in sherch of players that give puzzle, to much time it would be best if we have a page where you can see all player's puzzle, so you will be able to solve them without exosting your time. sometimes you can walk right next to a puzzle owner and not knoing this because they dont have anything specific (except when you click on them). so to make it easy to evryone make a page for puzzle owners just like the rpc's list but with all puzzles IF IT CAN BE DONE BECAUSE IS TO HARD OR FOR SOME OTHER REASONS AT LEAST MAKE A SIMLE LIST WITH THE PUZZLE OWNERS SO WE CAN KNOW WHAT/WHO
  21. about the new free credits THERE R NONE FOR ROMANIAN PEOPLE way is that? And there is only one that works for all countries, from my behalf there r neded more of those
  22. i have 2 question: 1 - can it be made so that a player recive his/hers reword only after corectly voting? (dont know if it is done alrady) 2 - it is ok to vote with 2 diferent accounts on the same ip??? (i have 2 accounts, but i have stop voting on one of them when the voting links got back up)
  23. I m thinking of a way one could heal there creature without makingso many clicks in the profil page there is the globe that indicate your vitality, way not make 1 click on the globe and regenerate your creature? it would be random and only be good when you have few creature to regeerate Or making the line you click to regenerate in to a slide bar that indicate the percentage you want/can regenerate. both can charge the normal amount of action points (like you click on them over and over).
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