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  1. Buna sa iti fie inima :)

  2. thrall

    New ideas

    I do not know who exactly come with this idea first...but this is my version (latest one, first is from more than a year back) A new extra feature named COLLECTORS BOOK This feature will enable 2 things: 1. u get a book where u can put your creatures: 1 page for creature and when u click on that page it will open all levels that creature has gone tru (creature requirements, description, etc. all should be available) 2. a new use for sacrificial altars, something i like to call IMMORTALIZE CREATURE, when u use this option it will fill a page in your book with the selected creature (max
  3. i like the idea allot and because i m greedy i chosen 2wp/year 1 should be given on the player's birthday (the day hi/she registered)and the second on Christmas as a present to the players but i do not want alts to get them - this will make things to collapse (abuses will be more frequent)
  4. *is talking about your pic. ^^*

  5. Eh? That's in my comments on self page. Did you steal it??? :o:D

  6. anubarak ID: 4406 i still have the necrovion soldier (did not have any description before the test) P.S. i have posted this in the test bug topic also
  7. now that the test is over i still have the description of a necrovian soldier, i dont miend it but is still a bug
  8. +5000 Max Vitality - but it says increase maximum ve by 2000 +400 Defence - it says increase youre defence by 500 Weapon sets Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/userprofile/load_profile.php on line 168 - this is on personal page Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/weaponinventory/load_layout.php on line 406 - this is on armor page BOTH R APERARING AND DISAPEARING AFTER EACH CLICK
  9. bugs: - ve and vp ilusions dont seams to work (i have try it saveral times and no result) - ilusion creature dont gain xp except for the joker; and there s a problem with the elite loreroothian archer and with the life stealer reinforcement (seams that everybody has the same problem with them) - the "achivments for today" page is blank in ilusion
  10. WOW!!! your very talented


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