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  1. Buna sa iti fie inima :)

  2. thrall

    New ideas

    I do not know who exactly come with this idea first...but this is my version (latest one, first is from more than a year back) A new extra feature named COLLECTORS BOOK This feature will enable 2 things: 1. u get a book where u can put your creatures: 1 page for creature and when u click on that page it will open all levels that creature has gone tru (creature requirements, description, etc. all should be available) 2. a new use for sacrificial altars, something i like to call IMMORTALIZE CREATURE, when u use this option it will fill a page in your book with the selected creature (max
  3. i like the idea allot and because i m greedy i chosen 2wp/year 1 should be given on the player's birthday (the day hi/she registered)and the second on Christmas as a present to the players but i do not want alts to get them - this will make things to collapse (abuses will be more frequent)
  4. *is talking about your pic. ^^*

  5. Eh? That's in my comments on self page. Did you steal it??? :o:D

  6. deleated cookis, refresh...done all things the first time i notice this still not working properly
  7. it is like what happen to dst and it is not related to the resend messages maybe its related to the number of messages sent? and if so whay some players gets my pm's instantely, when others recive them after a long time or not at all?
  8. its not that, when player id expire the game wont let me send the message if i send it again it work like 20% cases, 80% chance that is not send again
  9. somtimes the message gets stuck and is not send or is send very slow i have in the outbox many messages that seems to not get anywere, some r from weeks back and i know it's not becouse they did not log in, becouse they have recive other messages that r newer can anybody tell me what is going on?
  10. anubarak whay me? whay not? love the woods love a chalange and i m not afraid of failleur 1 thing i want to ask, if it posible alow more to do the chalange just for the sake of competition
  11. thrall

    Guild bank

    i know that and this ideea dose not come in conflict with the game economics (not if you can use it only to pay youre negative vp). Beside most of the time you dont use youre vp and to change my ideea or to give it a diferent view it can be made a EXTRA FEATURE in MD Shop so that it will be for everybody that want it or nead it anyway it was just a tghout
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