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  1. @lashtal : Thank you:) Hope the downloaders like it too.. There are 4 more in process and will be displayed soon...watch out people..
  2. @Nimrodel : You're next..!! I'm still taking requests on FCFS basis people...Just PM me..!! Warm wishes to All, AA
  3. Greetings All, I've been able to do 2 avatar's till now for "Dragual" and "gonzalocsdf95". Fortunately I've only recieved permission from "gonzalocsdf95" to display his avatar in the forum like "menhir". Enjoy
  4. Well I've seen the restrictions on the image part by MD and thats one factor which made me a little confident to go ahead and paste my work...To be Only member specific... Btw I browsed through your gallery while going through MD artworks by people...You're good..!! Don't let go of the flow mate..
  5. Guess i don't have much options, than to take chances...thank you for taking it up.. You're doing a good job..!!
  6. I went through that link before i posted actually. I'm just saying that by this it just raises an insecurity factor, atleast for an artist like me to put up new idea's and display my work openly to the members of MD.
  7. Ok...well, it would be a lot easier if one did not have to use a third medium to upload a picture through an external domain or website..but if that's what I have to do till some features unlock depending on the no. of posts....btw whats with this facebook story? I know I'm not the only one mentioning in relation to this but they've been monitering vigorously...just wondering if it's actually backend security/checks/whatever technical reason OR they simply lack originality? Chewett & Grido : Thanks for sharing the information guys..appreciate it..
  8. Ok..you're probably right as i also had the idea to create an ablum and upload it through there but i wasn't able to. Some options are somehow removed or not available...but then how can i send someone an image file if not through PM or being given an option to create an album??
  9. When did that happen? I recieved requests where people posted images of their idea's. not a day or 2 back...was there any update in the forum on this?
  10. Unable to send images via PM in the forum. Only works in the public topic. Plz suggest...
  11. @ biermann: Thank you for the comment. For the resizing of image part..I couldn't agree more with you. If you do have an interest to draw I can only advice you that it only comes with time and devotion. You have the drive, skill follows with practice. Thats how I learned..!! @ Nimrodel: Thanks. Sure I can, send me a detailed description. We'll see it from there. @ lashtal: Thanks mate..Great respone..all of them...highly valued. Really appreciate the overwhelming responses I've recieved from in-game players till now...Hoping for more to roll in... Just a little update for the Ava
  12. @ Menhir: Thanks, it's good to be back..based on the talk we were having related to your avatar, hopefully it shud go well now..looking forward to play together further in the game and learning more.. . @Darth: I'm all ears whenever theres a talk related to my interests. Do let me know the description of your avatar explaining the character's appeal. Also, Offcourse if u want to check out other artist's before please do so.. @Etluc, Grido and Fire starter: Thank you guys.. Just to give the people an idea I'm pasting a sample image of the original non-edited version of Menhir's avatar.
  13. Thank you so much for your recognition..it really gives hope and drive to do better when seeing such positive n warm responses..I really wish to deliver what the members would like... I really don't wish to compete or evaluate my work with other artists on MD..I believe everyone has an inner skill...one only needs to reach the point of realization to accept and be happy with what one has.. I only opt to do better for my clients and friends. Thank you for you wishes..I wish u all the best in your endeavour. Regards, AA
  14. Dear Members, My name is Boaz, I'm a member of Magic Duel who goes by the name of "Apocrypha Aquila". I'm professionally an artist. I was introduced to Magic Duel by my friend "Menhir". I found MD really interesting especially because of the conceptualization involved with great artwork. Offcourse i guess I'm not the only one who thinks so. But the relation it shares with art gave me an idea of introducing myself. As i have already done an avatar for my friend Menhir. Members who are interested in getting a new avatar, a creature or any kind of crazy idea's and concepts related to illust
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