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    Wow.. i don't know about this one.. But there is a picture of us in right side of screen, right? i appear in there as someone without clothes on. it was fine until a few days ago. but since tomorrow the clothes is gone. I consider the possibility that the clothes is destroyed. but i check my inventory and I still wear the the clothes. Help me Admin. I already refresh the browser. I use Firefox Portable. --------- Beware that this is one of feature that is bought using credit
  2. Story migh be faster.. just do not forget that we want to read the previous.. it is better to make the log like the book or something... so it look cool
  3. Nice.. i even use bookmark and it still vit.. I think you have to give an option whether you want it or not.. people who didnt want it can NOT download and see it..
  4. Welcome aboard.. Okay.. Talk english please.. that much is already hard...lol
  5. yeah. i have been off for so long too.. just came to get credit. lol.. sorry.. life is getting busy
  6. I want to go... why is there no teleportation
  7. Welcome.. we will give you warm welcome in the game... lol
  8. Yeah.. it is just like seeing messanger..
  9. I see.. no mana.. and many complicated thing that i dont understand lol.. I think we need some brief explanation what kind of magic will be there.. or some determined magic that already been think about.
  10. Are we talking about type of magic here?? Well, i have another idea about how magic choice is.. The point is freedom.. 1. There are some Basic Magic that has some requirement of principle. something like fireball, blizzard, time stop, warp, teleport, 2. There are some Advanced Magic that has some requirement of principleS. something like InnerBurn (Increase entropy inside creature and damage them with fire.. - kinda combination of entrophy and elemental) 3. There are some CUSTOM MAGIC.. this custom magic is kinda pick from basic magic and we kinda give some Strength to those magic. fo
  11. Ahaha.. hey dont scare him with a whole mur thing... Welcome to our world... Have fun cause it will be more fun later
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    I use mozilla firefox portable the latest.. (well it is auto updated) The music start and it is nice.. and at some point it stop and when i click play it didnt start... hmmm i never use other browser though??
  13. Saladin


    No it is not.. in my mozilla it is not running
  14. Exploit eh.... hmmm, true... but you can limit heat gain from AP.... 100AP and each AP you can gain 10 Heat..... so 1 movement you can gain 10 heat.... (maybe in enemy ground you can gain double heat) so maximum AP you can gain in 10 Minutes is 1000... IF you spent all AP... Sacrifice gain 150 heat but use 20 AP... see.. it is the same With those calculation i think it is hard that people can exploit it?? Explain the exploitation of this??
  15. Okay, i get it.... I understand what are you saying... but when it represent to someone it mean it will represent some other.... you should know that... What I suggest is not my rule... what i suggest is a new rule that is benefit us all without left somebody. Some new rule maybe exist and benefit us all... For example... For people with fast connection speed.. heat can be gained with walking around fast... and than fight and the heat will be still high... and for the one with slow connection will gain heat but in lower degree... and fight . What i suggest is 1. Heat is gained by wa
  16. I wanna protest about Heat being decreased every second.... It is not fair for someone with low internet connection..... I need 10-15 second to load the page..... so every page i open i lost 10-15 and i only get 4 heat every page..... I always wonder why everyone is very eager about heat when i only see it always around 30 max.... Please admin... this in very unfair.....Make a better rule for heat.... per second redution is not fair.. I suggest that heat is decreased as the person battle with someone.... not by second...
  17. I see.. i though that is weird... well, if you say so....
  18. I use this principle?? but i wanna know what will be the magic for low level?? and what would be magic for mid and high level??
  19. Yeah, you should just give some reward for elemental. maybe some vitality and value and only slightly for payback of time... anyway now we can only have 16 creature right. as long as the value is not exceed the value of egg..
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