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  1. wake up just so that you can see your dreams come to reality

  2. ichigo? hmm did you ever play speedwars? :D

  3. its beautiful isnt it? :P

  4. uber cool, where do you get em from? :P

  5. what sort of torture is this, ahh you and your avatars :P

  6. well upload the other head banging thingies as well :P

  7. ah, so in the mountain area, my brother lives there :P he says its nice, might go there this summer :P

  8. true i guess they are peaceful, i personally dislike them theres just too little light :P

  9. crazy Italian girl, yeah that might be possible, what part of Italy are you from?

  10. hehe its a pretty good comic, dont have time to read it all now maybe alter :)

  11. just wondering cuz you are one of the few girls playing and apparently all the guys jumped on you hahahhaha

  12. i just realised you have the most friends hahaha, did you add them or did they add themselves?

  13. why do you like cloudy days? them make all depressed and stuff

  14. umbrus

    before you cook today let me know and ill help you, maybe it wont taste so vile this time :P

  15. what web comic? :P ill read it and then ill get it :P

  16. what you got more head banging thingies ? :P

  17. "You enter a 10x10 room, an Orc is guarding a chest...Bob was there too." i dont get it :)

  18. the orange head banging thingie is awesome :D

  19. umbrus

    congratz bro, u managed to find the button :D

  20. gave psyco doll 5 stars for looking pretty so i gotta give you as well :D plus the great art stuff, thumbs up keep up the awesome work :P

  21. gave u 5 stars cuz u look pretty :D

  22. umbrus

    added you to friends cuz i like your poetry :D

  23. umbrus

    spammers unite, we need a spam section to this forum :P

  24. head on your shoulders is a romanian saying so you might not understand what it means :D it means down to earth & decent

  25. good guy with his head on his shoulders :P

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