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  1. so I can get your love once I ebay sends me the love box? Thanks Seanchan
  2. Thank you for not tainting my box... I could keep yours in a seperate box if you think that would be wiser
  3. <chase after the love on all fours before it flies away and adds it to the shoe box> <stroke the shoe box of love> Thank you.
  4. yay. <gathers love up the love and put it in a shoe box to keep it safe>
  5. Hi, I'm new to the game. Bit about me, I'm female, Scottish, early 20s, fond RPGer, cat person, arty, would very much like a tail... <covers up the crazy as I just met yous> Hope to see you in-game, the nice yous that help lost wided eyes n00bs rather than the mean yous that attack lost wided eyes n00bs... yes, I need to put my eyes on a diet. ....love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edited part- what parts of the board do you recommend I check out. I don't want to run in to too many spoilers so not poking around withot guidance.
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