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  1. be careful where you spam... the mods will be out for your blood if your not careful!
  2. voted for scattered NPC's Hope it goes through ok
  3. thats the thing i was thinking of! Thanks ugauga!
  4. Gozer - check you junk/spam mail. It might be in there?
  5. they can offer you a greater attack/defense (power i think) they also give yo ua faster regen rate... i think thats what manu said???
  6. you say your capped a about 16/10? Whenever i log in, mine is about 25/10? So like ugauga says, maybe you have to do something for it to increase?
  7. Dragon Reborn

    Story mode

    could you possibly make it so that there is another area that you could explore? Like dream world perhaps? Or link some games so that people dont get bored waiting? But you DONT have to choose 24hrs.. so its really up to you what you do?
  8. haha it is quite interesting just thinking about it isnt it?
  9. yh apart from the god-forskaen shade man thingy. ive got 3 aromans and i still cant beat it... might get a grassan i think!
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