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    Somerset, UK
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    I love music (most types), games, films, odd things that force me to think, my friends...especially my friends because I have exceptional taste in people ;-)<br /><br />I write, sometimes poetry others doggerel either way I enjoy doing it and like being able to use that as a vehicle to convey things to somebody. Am hoping to start learning guitar soon and am just starting to build myself a new PC.
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  1. Lucky for me I was planning on sticking around anyway... I love the complexity and ambiguity of this
  2. umbrus

    before you cook today let me know and ill help you, maybe it wont taste so vile this time :P

  3. The more I read of Principles, the more I get the feeling that it will be the least obvious ones that have the most devastating powers... YAY!
  4. So in effect many of the principles can achieve similar results, they just do it from a different perspective and using different thought patterns (or spells) - would that be right?
  5. Hi Oliver and welcome I'm Neil, but answer more readily to Tai anyway
  6. Tai

    Found the friend function and added you - because you like my poetry :D

  7. umbrus

    congratz bro, u managed to find the button :D

  8. Now there is an option to really complicate things... many of the principles have direct opposites, would having those negate the bonus of an opposing player? I must admit I hadn't really put the two together, I saw principles as your world view and creatures as a manifested personality archetype but I see the logic that world view would enhance or limit your ability to manifest an archetype... in a pacifist ideaology a combat personality would be harder to truly believe in.... interesting
  9. Tai

    Woohoo! I like anyone that likes my poetry :P... lost the add friend function...I blame it on having had to work today :P

  10. umbrus

    added you to friends cuz i like your poetry :D

  11. i use msn messenger : marymalfoy@hotmail.it

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