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    Somerset, UK
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    I love music (most types), games, films, odd things that force me to think, my friends...especially my friends because I have exceptional taste in people ;-)<br /><br />I write, sometimes poetry others doggerel either way I enjoy doing it and like being able to use that as a vehicle to convey things to somebody. Am hoping to start learning guitar soon and am just starting to build myself a new PC.
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  1. umbrus

    before you cook today let me know and ill help you, maybe it wont taste so vile this time :P

  2. Tai

    Found the friend function and added you - because you like my poetry :D

  3. umbrus

    congratz bro, u managed to find the button :D

  4. Tai

    Woohoo! I like anyone that likes my poetry :P... lost the add friend function...I blame it on having had to work today :P

  5. umbrus

    added you to friends cuz i like your poetry :D

  6. i use msn messenger : marymalfoy@hotmail.it

  7. *hugs* I am very very drunk right now... but I'm officially adopting you as my little sister so I can hug you and say that you rock without being called a dirty old man :P I can't focus enough to log on to the game right now but I promise to hassle you loads tomorrow and is you use any messengers mail me to say which one and I'll give you my addy :P

  8. staying here... doing nothing..

  9. weeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I enjoyed myself :P hope you had a good night sweetie

  10. okay. enjoy urself! ^^

  11. Sorry hun...my internet is falling over every minute or so... giving up now and going to get drunk...maybe tomorrow

  12. *hugs* not gonna happen sweetie.... gimme 30 mminutes and I'll be on the game... just need to go make myself pretty again :))

  13. don't want u to leaveeeeeeee :''((

  14. that's ok sweetie - I had to leave because in the time I was there I lost over 50 honor to attacks and had most of my creatures killed. I now have an evil defence ritual :D

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