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  1. TEASE! Maybe you should tell half of us or something how to solve it for testing, then the other half can test how hard it is too solve.
  2. I've been trying, and have gotten like 10-15 people to check it out, but I got them from strategy RPG's that I play, and this is more of an adventure RPG, so they mostly all left
  3. that doesnt seem so bad to me, since the best guild would most likely find spells first. i dont agree one bit with "finding" spells. its luck, no skill involves. buying spells requires you to work towards them, whether it costs VP, or honor, or battles won, etc. it may be unique, but i dont think it is unique in a good way. a mediocre player could become stronger than one of the best players on the server by luck. i believe you should be rewarded for putting time into the game, not luck.
  4. yes, the stam potion is bugged currently. it will be worked on eventually
  5. Instead of making the words different for each account, make them guild/clan based.
  6. It will probably have to be cartoon based to keep the original drawings. So valy is gunna end up being VERY busy :lol:
  7. A movie based on a game instead of a game based on a movie! Genius! Would be first of its kind! We have to beat Halo to it
  8. Welcome to the MagicDuel community! I look forward to killi......I mean saying hi to you ingame :lol:
  9. Any of you read Harry Potter? I believe they are like Patronuses. But you can get new ones and can cast many different kinds. But they are bound to you like Harry's stag patronus is bound to him.
  10. Let me break down that 60% ^^ 20% are illegal aliens from Mexico, so they only speak their own strange version of Spanish...some call it Mexican 30% are people living in the south, and have the strange accent which causes them to say "yall" and stuff, which is not proper English. 10% are kids/people who dropped out of school and speak slang. America isn't that bad. Dislexia? Dunno how to spell it myself
  11. Greetings Lucren Im assuming you spent the first years of your life somewhere besides US, considering you are mentioning you struggle with the English language. Where are you a native of?
  12. Well, thats the plan at least....not exactly working too well
  13. Everything .....high school not like I pay much attention, im smart enough to get by while my eyes wander elsewhere
  14. Not at all. I'm not sure how to think about women, I haven't had much success no matter how I think Theres the kind of guy that thinks that way, and there is the kind of guy that believes they need to just go with the flow until the right one comes.
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