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  1. i think the stats should come back as well... the description is still on the rpc list. simply get rid of the description on the chat panel, the way it was originally and you should be set
  2. the forum works the same for me old or new... when i log in i always click right on the "view new posts" link and scroll through those
  3. my tag: the trainer, or breeder (open for other suggestions) mainly because of my creature library (im still working on... but virtually done) and that i have a goal to own at least one of every creature available, and all the upgrades individually. description: fascinated by the growing population of new creatures found throughout MD, research on each one individually and collectively lead him to new discoveries and an increasing library. (or some variation) as for a reward, the drachorn would be nice, and/or the . simply so i can continue my completion of the library
  4. your current experience is all the exp you have ever gained... the number you see when you click on your name is the exp you have at that time. i believe when you sac a creature your exp value goes down when you click your name but stays the same on your current exp
  5. not necessarily... cuz the other guy could have chaos archers in back and knators in front and easily win against a force like yours... theres always a ritual that can defeat another ritual.
  6. i tend to use just one face really other than the simple smiley -.- supposed to show disgust and sarcasm in the right usage
  7. exactly but dont forget this idea, i think it will be a good addition and can make the game slightly more interesting... sometime later when the game is more advanced and developed bring it up again and we'll see where it takes us
  8. true... the older players do have more advantages, only slightly though. i suppose its really not a big deal and i kinda forgot we were still in alpha anyway so i guess ill get over it
  9. o sorry... ultimately it will probably be manu that will decide whether or not it will be in the game or not, considering he is the original creator
  10. when chapter 3 is available to everyone, what will happen for those who have already gone through the story once? i mean, i am mp5, so ive been through the prologue and the first 2 chapters already, but when chapter 2 was done i went right back to the prologue. when chapter 3 is available, everyone that has not gone through the stories yet will be able to play through it and get their stats 3 times, whereas us mp5's will only play through it once... is this something that can be fixed? or am i just going to have to deal with it?
  11. yes, if this was implemented now, basically the entire fighting system and all the creatures would undergo some change. although it is a good idea and i do support it, i think that at this point its not a top priority and/or would not be worth it. mostly because the placement in rituals are not quite accurate when making them. maybe in the future though this "reach" factor in combat can be added, it certainly would make setting up a ritual more of a strategic process
  12. dalorian came up with the idea also another thing... the resurection cant count towards overall gained vitality at the end of a battle... if you set up two of these creatures and just have them res each other you will have a massive gained vitality at the end of the battle and win for sure
  13. 1) i agree... its probly a better idea to have a range of gained VE back instead of a set amount. 2) either way would work really... if you only had one creature able to do it that leaves you open for a lot of other options for the rest of the ritual... on the other hand, the penalty for multiple resurrections can be quite effective. 3) for the level cap thing... theres just not enough artwork to support that, i really dont think that would work. and as for the new hollow warrior i believe that would be a much better idea and could be easily supported.
  14. i like it but there would have to be a bunch of restrictions on that one 1) the dead creature only comes back with a certain percentage of max vitality, probly like 20% or something 2) there can only be one creature that can resurect per ritual so nobody abuses the power 3) cant be a power of a lvl 1 creature, i think it should be given to the hollow warrior, he is way underpowered and if it is given to the hollow warrior, the next level requirements should be doubled at least, because all the new players will get the barren soul as their first healing creature and this power shouldnt be u
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