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    Adding Years

    err...as the announcement and the letter says : 2009 = year 4th, that means we are on year 4 th
  2. Akasha

    Adding Years

    As i remember, this letter confirms , we have years , we are in year 4th : [b] "Letter found this morning , day 100 or the 4th year (11 April, year 2009, modern time) on the Loreroot High Council table."[/b] http://md-archives.com/articles/120/1/LR-vs-GG-War-and-Retirement-of-Knator-Commander/Page1.html There is also the announcement : "[color="#cccccc"][2009-04-14 01:39:08 - Alpha 8][/color] [b]PARTY! PARTY! PARTY![/b] MagicDuel cellebrates [b]today 4 years[/b] ..well actualy many more since the first plan was put on paper but 4 years since magicduel.com saw the int
  3. Akasha

    Adding Years

    As far as i know, the diamond appears when you have 1 year, that means the counter stops there. Or this was not the question? sorry then, my bad
  4. For one thing i am sure: the lands of the east were mentioned before and me and the team i gathered are the explorers of the lands. The lands are actually opened because of some small things we have done, aka read AL and you will have your history. SO, before you start imaging demons and other WOW characters you better start researching or ASK .
  5. Problem solved : [color="#cccccc"][2009-09-03 09:50:19 - Alpha 9][/color] Due to a small problem, Stage II of Head Contest started a bit late this time.
  6. Well, problem solved: [color="#cccccc"][2009-08-31 23:12:47 - Alpha 9][/color] Changes to the Head Contest: - Players that have a HC medal, will no longer be able to get heads by fight, regardless at what MP level they participate in the contest. [b]- RPC and LHO can not gather heads by fighting. [/b] - In case of uncounted win, you now get maximum 2 of the enemies heads instead of just one.
  7. Here i post to revive this topic. Please post your names for the translation team and select one leader to help you. Here will be kept updated the list of the translation team. Good luck ! [b] ------- Names ----- [/b]Herly xPo Lozober
  8. Posting just mesages like : lol @x player and things like that , it is called spam. That message got deleted and i put the warning in here so it can be seen by the ones that thinks to post spam again.
  9. this starts to be offtopic and the posts to be spam. i will start using the warn button soon so better take care. PS: as a BONUS, the user that spams topics will get a big reset to 0 at post count.
  10. because of your insulting status, your posting are restricted and need an mod/admin approval. Your warn status was increased, your forum status deleted. Next time will be worse, take care UPDATE: do not delete this, you will get another warn

  11. Yes, Manu pay attention when Amoran says that she drew for MD and you stole her artwork and you did not payed what you did not asked. Personal favors are personal so not artworks for md but drawings of Amoran. what you say it is an insult for anyone that made any sketch on his personal papers. Have fun trying to look a victim Trista , i feel bad for you living the nightmare
  12. Please do not make new topics for adding 1 link or 2, try to put them in the same topic, try using the edit button. Thank you [b]UPDATE: do not erase my posts in were i explain why i merged your posts and how not to post 1 link/post just to get 1 count per post. thank you. [/b] [b]PS: you can lose the moderation right when you spam and erase the comment i explain you spammed..aka you got warned.[/b] Sorry I didn't realize that I needed to keep this spamming warning thing up, or that I was spamming in the first place, I was just trying to put all the stuff the Advertisers did into the
  13. Akasha


    So i get it or i let you do my quests or you will revenge?? what is this? we, RPC are not obligated to accept everyone in the quest. You don't like it you must survive with it. Yes, from now on you can consider yourself excluded from my rewards/quests. Have fun spoiling whatever you like, this is the lower you can get as a player and begg for rewards by thretening us.
  14. Akasha


    As i said before, the quests are done by RPC's for players. If 1 RPC would like you not to attend his/her quest it is only their decision and they are allowed to select certain people to do it or not to be able to do it. However, if you decide to make the quest, hen it is for your own pleasure, without a reward since you have been noticed that you won't receive one. You can go, ask make a big deal that RPC won't accept to give you a reward since you were not supposed to do it, but i am sure that won't solve anything. After the fight you (note i use you as in general not as a personal refer
  15. Good luck with it, if i can help, just let me know. Hope this will bring real fighters in MD.
  16. Well, it seems like..when time comes, there is nothing you can do to stop it..entered in cardiac arrest and we could not bring him back :(

  17. Yes, i love them, and this is one dog i saved from pure death :D

  18. As i said in the other post, i do not agree with this stupidity of banning a user that does not agree with you, is an active player, done nothing against the rules of the GAME not DOJO; and about the 'i spoke with' it is an inactive RPC. I still state that dojo is dead and without the spells nobody would respect your rules. Mp5 have nothing to do with dojo, if they search a sanctuary they have plenty. And the Magic Duel Community , from the votes, you can see is not working together with your dojo, but against it, or maybe against the current, what have become a so named dojo Also, yo
  19. When i have a quest up, and it is public, i like it to be in the papers i carry with me and the persons interested in my quests to find me. In the end, finding me is also a small quest, so the first step is always that . I carry my book of stories, some can be found in MD Archives, some not, depending if they are connected to quests or not and the importance of them. The other book i carry is the Order book, in which i try hard to put everything the Order finds. I also run quests like missions, some in secret, some in public. Now, if you want to read one of my stories simply find me a
  20. Banning an active player, nice one...and may i ask when and how you spoke with an inactive RPC? ) also on what period is that ban? BTW: we ban users that speaks dirty, swears , does something very very wrong and after we speak with them and give them last chance. I mean..look at what Rex did to get a ban BTW 2: ''The Dojo works because the Magic Duel community works together with the Dojo Staff and Trainees to ensure(bla bla)'' yes, translatio : The dojo works because the 'dojo staff' and 'trainees' have some extra powers . I mean...without them you all would be dead, and you know it. L
  21. Akasha


    No, that how he waits for attention , and when you give him some attention bites you with love Oh and that's how he usually sleeps
  22. Now i not only that i am older, but also the birthday ended (
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