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  1. I have to admit: i am with dst on this one. Yes, i am a RPC, yes i will be trashed (again) in the rpc sections for discussing with non rpc players things that involve a rpc name , but again , i do not care. Wodin problem is a[i][b] public [/b][/i]one. Peace got access to th GG ally with the deal of stealing [size="1"](yes! i consider stealing/robbering/raping and i still like Peace do not misunderstand)[/size] some of his creatures. Now: [i]- the ally is a public ally, with non-rpcs in it . - the war did not involved only rpc's in it. - WOdin is a player, between rpc and npc. - e
  2. I will say my opinion on this: Grido refused to fight for his land when his king asked it, because he was friend to the land enemy, therefor the king saw a threat in Grido and his trust vanished so he took measures to defend the land and stop the enemy to enter it and it's deep and secret places. Grido now acts from anger and revenge so the reason is a lame one for a king disposal request. The so called ..whoever is asking to be king is a [i][b]COWARD[/b][/i] [i]why?[/i] because when you want power you have the power to defend yourself and fight for what you want and believe, don't put so
  3. Oh and another minor thing to mention : Shades, are not alive so, they can't die ..
  4. Let me get my thoughts in words... Ok, so i drop this lines: Wodin balance the shades because he was outside Necrovion/shades. Now there is a big problem and unbalance : Wodin is withing the shades control that means his power drops shades power drops. That means it is a wrong thing to Necro people and a good thing to anti Necro people. Correct me if i am wrong.
  5. Ok, you have lost me long time ago..who said shades ordered to kill themselves? there might be some posts i did not read or not understood
  6. Just to fast comment on a wrong supposition There is liquid dust and shades. Shades are a natural thing to the land of Necrovion. For a better understanding of what liquid dust is, i invite you to read the Order forums about that.
  7. Main question : who said Yrth had immunity to shades? i must find my words regardless the 'yrth controlled summoned army' subject..that is a very unreal excuse
  8. i meant keep it to subject. and stop spamming the section. That log is the chat log so what is in there is what actually happened.
  9. This log is as a reference to history, keep it that way.
  10. I did not helped through the Order, i run a big experiment which in the end confirmed my theory about the 2 gates which were a teleport system and gave the Order more work to do. Now, thanks to Yrthilian i can't do that again since the soul is burned so i am in search for other things to activate the portal again. What seems strange to me is how come you are queen supposed to Necro and you are in another land ? isn't that against the logic? Shouldn't you remain near your land and husband? fight and so on...the usual things?
  11. [quote][color="#cccccc"][2009-09-26 18:14:36 - Alpha 9][/color] Clarification: Long ago, Khalazdad put his good half of his soul in a cube and gave that cube to Yrthilian (current king of GG) to hold. Recently, during the escalating war situation, Necrovion took over the GG alliance and pillaged Wodin (to be analyzed later). Hoping to get the attention of Necrovion and force them to give the ally back, yrthilian started to burn sides of Khals cube in the fires of the Stone of Twisted Souls. Very little attempts were made to stop this process, most present Necrovian players looking at it as to
  12. Topic closed and next time someone is starting again with the lore will be deleted the whole topic/topics/forums of that lore.
  13. I guess the person who wrote in there forgot that she/he should answer in here to you, Dst..sorry..i am copy/paste the puberty and frustrations: [quote]DST, of course you would be offended by what i said previously. Just so happens that you are part of the whole Romanian Mafia ruining this game. So please, you silly goose, take that oily t-zone of yours and gtfo! Adelha at 09-25 03:16:47 [/quote] Seems someone is suffering a lot. Pity it can't be helped.
  14. Gates of despair: [b]war period: [/b] [24/09/09 20:50] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i].Shadowseeker. comes in whistling a low monotone song[/i][/color] [24/09/09 20:51] [b]Liberty:[/b]please we dont like idea of having observers becoz it screws our online list [24/09/09 20:51] [b]Liberty:[/b]and there will be mad clicking so plase neutrals stay out, come 10 mins after 21h [24/09/09 20:52] [b]Liberty:[/b]buns back to the cave [24/09/09 20:52] [b]Jester:[/b]10 mins left MB... [24/09/09 20:52] [b]Liberty:[/b] [24/09/09 20:55] [b]Liberty:[/b]lady renate please step back ... 4 mins
  15. In a war, spells are very useful and should be used. That's why they exist. In the end it is a MagicDuel in which you use tokens on magic creatures. Spells are part of magic, part of our life. It is not a competition like heads, it is a war. In a war you use all your weapons in order to win, it is a matter of life and death. that's my opinion about spells/magic and wars.
  16. He is back..he was away with limited connection and now is back.
  17. Use the PM button and send pm's, this topic is closed, nothing to be said anymore, please do not open a new one to give more lessons and learn 1 lesson from this one. Thank you, Have a nice day Byeeee
  18. The drawings are [b]HAND[/b] ..with your hand and pencil on a paper not on the pc, with some program. I already told you that if someone will need your services will contact you, and that until then to chill up and follow your own advice. I suppose i don't have to explain that i don't know who Lambdin is and i / we don't even care? Again, the game design [b]is not[/b] how you are used to, and it is done by Mur (who is not unorganized but working on many web projects and has no time to read p'ms daily ..or even weekly) and until now i don't recall he asking for drawings done with programs
  19. Akasha

    Torch Comp

    [color="#cccccc"][2009-09-11 10:16:01 - Alpha 9][/color] Torch competition started with a delay, this month the two competitions will be very close to eachother. FIxed
  20. Ha ! Never noticed that..well never looked at territory name . The names are fixed : (also to the others that are not mentioned in here and the Underground is corrected, Golem Golemicarum name fixed in Golemus ..) If you notice other wrong locations, thou i will walk around to check it, please let me know. Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 7_floatingbook_1 [b]Should be "Lands Of The East"[/b] -- [b]Fixed[/b] Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 7_floatingbook_2 [b]Should be "Lands Of The East"[/b] --[b] FIxed[/b] Gates of Marind Bell Territory:
  21. We got your message, we thank you for the offer but now would be a good time to stop insulting people around. Also I announce you that your warn level is increased and will continue to be like that if you do not stop with the insults . I noticed in one of your lasts posts that you said you will ban yourself from the forum ... if you continue to act like this on this forum you will be banned and this is the warning. I also expect that the person who directed you to this forum to post your services to speak with you nice and tell you what and how are things going on in here, explain for ex
  22. As i was not sure where to address the leaders of MR training grounds, i message the following questions in here so you can object or accept : Would you like the next achievement unlocker to be placed at the globe from the training grounds? [b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=MDgwOTEyMTAyOA=="][color="#cc0000"].Muratus del Mur.[/color][/url]: [/b]quick thing, i am planning to make the globe here an achievements unlocker, same like the warriors bust in Tribunal [b][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=MDgwOTEyMTAyOA=="][color="#cc0000"].Mu
  23. well i have the chat log [07/09/09 17:37] [b].Grido.:[/b]1 minute... [07/09/09 17:38] [b]Windy:[/b]I still have plenty of burst left. [07/09/09 17:38] [b].Grido.:[/b]who wants to be my last two attacks? [07/09/09 17:39] [b]Windy:[/b]You can attack me Grido... [07/09/09 17:39] [b]phantasm:[/b]ew ew me me [07/09/09 17:40] [b].Grido.:[/b]aparently i cant Windy [07/09/09 17:40] [b]Windy:[/b]That\'s right! You attacked me already. [07/09/09 17:41] [b]Adiallinda:[/b]Me [color="#305681"]*[i]puts her hand up[/i]*[/color] Me.... Oh.. that\'s not possible either. [07/09/09 17:41] [
  24. They will be seen on your profile, like the hate page, there will be an achievement page with them
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