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  1. Well, he will use the forum gallery so we will be able to choose what pics we like and not (only with us)
  2. It will rain, therefore, better let's meet down in the subway station
  3. Yes, indeed , thank you Dst for helping with my trivia idea and improve it with the question contest. [size="1"]The regards will be on your PM soon [/size]
  4. First 3 rounds finished. We thank to everyone that participated and invite the ones that lost this time for a second change tomorrow, [b]day 282 at 22:00 server time for the final 3 rounds.[/b] The [b]winners[/b], in order are: [color="#8b0000"][b]Shadowseeker[/b][/color] :[b] [/b]1 drachorn [b]Eigger[/b] : 1 WP [color="#8b0000"] [b]Jester[/b][/color]: 1 drachorn [b]Burns[/b]: 1 WP [color="#8b0000"][b]Observer[/b][/color]: 1 drachorn [b]zeTsu grass[/b]: $15 credit codes. Thank you and have see you tomorrow. [size="1"] Chat log attached.[/size]
  5. Ok, after discussing about USA time problem, we decided to split this trivia in 2. We have today : [b]Meeting place[/b]: Room of[b] [color="#ff0000"]Indexed Memories[/color][/b] (where else can we hold a knowledge contest then not in a place full of books?) [b]Contest time[/b]: 15:00 (we all gather). [color="#ff0000"][b]15:15[/b][/color] it will start.Time is [color="#ff0000"][b]SERVER TIME day 281[/b].[/color] And we have for [b]USA[/b] tomorrow: [b]Meeting place[/b]: Room of[b] [color="#ff0000"]Indexed Memories[/color][/b] (where else can we hold a knowledge contest then not in a
  6. Yup. and RPCs can participate too
  7. We finally came to a stat date and time, rules of the contest, organizing the questions and prizes are still discussed. [b]Meeting place[/b]: Room of[color="#ff0000"][b] Indexed Memories[/b][/color] (where else can we hold a knowledge contest then not in a place full of books?) [b]Contest time[/b]: 15:00 (we all gather). [color="#ff0000"][b]15:15[/b] [/color]it will start.Time is [color="#ff0000"][b]SERVER TIME day 281[/b][/color]. [b]Rules[/b]:[b] [color="#ff0000"]BEHAVE![/color] [/b]If not...you will be sent to GOE which will make you lose some of the questions aka you can lose the co
  8. And how about here not at the subway http://clubpiranha.ro/galerii.php#foto
  9. He has every right to write on forums, he has done nothing wrong. I personally think that he is developing his character and it is nice to see some tales from prison. There is no reason for his posts to be previewed or blocked; also no reason to delete them. Jail was made especially for people that made something wrong but also can and have the right to continue their playing. There is a difference between I do not want to hear and WE do not want to hear. I personally think you are over reacting atm. I also noted in his log that his swearing when i found him were with a good reason.
  10. Akasha

    Name That Pub!

    Topic moved. It is off topic and no posts counts.
  11. The rewards for this trivia : [b]20[/b] x1$ codes , [b]5 [/b]x 5$ codes, [b]3[/b] wishpoints, [b]4[/b] [color="#8b0000"][b]drachorns [/b][/color](aged), [size="1"] and more[/size]
  12. Of course you can put, but make it yourself , you know what i mean. A second time to screw up..something you don't want to.
  13. You have the Artworks gallery now. Also fun one for all the posters and i kindly ask each of you to move their funny internet pics in there.
  14. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4441-my-last-effort-for-the-artisans/page__view__findpost__p__35191
  15. I am sure there are out there some great artists that would like to share their drawings with us. They do not need to be MD related but hand drawn. Of course if you have an awesome draw you would be asked if you like to submit some art work for MD. I even think about a gallery contest. Best gallery to win of course . Please submit your drawings not others, not copied. Thank you
  16. [color="#8b0000"]Considering there is no more Artisans, due to inactivity, as the announcements say, sample art will be sent to [b]manu@magicduel.com[/b][/color] [quote][color="#cccccc"][2009-10-03 12:54:47 - Alpha 9][/color] The Artisans Guild was disbanded. Reasons: They were unable to create a constant flow of artists to submit artworks. They kept their ranks closed for a huge period of time, IGNORING artworks submited on the forum by people with great potential, instead they sent in artworks that were not checked for authenticity and they were copied/stolen. The Artisans _guild_ beca
  17. Akasha

    Forum Alts

    Yes, you can have a choice, if not I will choose the one with more posts. Thank you
  18. Ok, you can start posting the ideas and remember no comments/replys! Rules: [quote][color="#cccccc"][2009-10-02 11:09:22 - Alpha 9][/color] [b]Best Contest Organizer[/b] Everyone is invited to submit their plans for a big and interesting contest they can organize. Best organizer will be rewarded IF he can actualy do that contest and if the contest is a success. As reward for the winners of this contest, i am putting up an amazing reward. A reward never seen as a prize untill now. So you bring the contest idea, i put the prize you give to your winners, and both you and them get rewarded
  19. Akasha

    Forum Alts

    All the forum alts will be deleted. What can be done is to change your forum name, and add the alts name in it, eg: ' [url="../../index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=2550"]Amoran Kalamanira Kol[/url] '. PS: please do not start posting in here 'do not erase my alt' or 'i don't think' but the exact names of users that share same pc/ip not more then 2 and the request for user name change. Thank you
  20. yup, alts will be removed, check the new topic in General stuff. this user is banned, problem solved, topic closed.
  21. I was thinking at this for a very long time. The forum is being atacked by alts. You make an account on forum to speak, give opinions,vote on polls and help in taking decisions. Having alts on forum is like having 1 person with the power of decision of 2-3-4 depending on how many alts. I know some of you may use the same computer to enter in game or forum, therefor i kindly ask you to post in here the accounts that use the same computer and are not the same person. Not more then 2 !
  22. Your forum account will be removed, however you can still keep your [b]other accounts[/b] for now. I am thinking of removing forum alts (all).
  23. And you know 101010 it's the id of the debug account [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img]
  24. You will have to deactivate the pop-up blocker and do it again. Good luck
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