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  1. err..the pics will be on forum ? That is not good
  2. *starts preparing the cauldron* infidels?
  3. I would like a BIIGG coffeee mug and also i think at having slippers ..but with a drachorn form (i know that is harder...to get)
  4. Neah, thank you for invitation but we are recovering..plus..what's too much is not the same
  5. well, after waking up with 10 min before the actual plane to start flying and waking up everyone...i could say good morning..but i did not know if it was good or bad..and it was ..at 10:00 not at 5:29 pm SO...
  6. Then how about friday night ? and it won't be in tnb..i stood and frizzed waiting for all of you. It will be in Piranha and we will all meet inside not outside to freeze to almost death.
  7. I am sorry i needed to edit the description because it is not the First annual meeting ... if you have doubts check forum history for other meetings I say it is first american meeting. Have fun
  8. All i can see in this thread are some debates about the garbage that is thrown over the wall (like thrown i mean roleplayed live in game =)) something 2 guyz know to do it on forum) so yeah..i see nothing to be closed. I see no rp that Z put the garbage in there...but thou today i went there and saw DB trying to clean the place up by ROLEPLAYING IT LIVE IN GAME ..so yeah..nothing to close but 2 thumbs up for the funniest offtopic i read until now. And i sill wait for that P67 form ! and the proof Z has against Peace [size="1"]please ..someone try to explain better then me that what the 2
  9. Guyz...you know the rp is done in the game not on forums. Topic closed.and will be removed if refered like history.
  10. No, it is not a dead topic, it is alive and we hope to get more poems.
  11. Well, he will use the forum gallery so we will be able to choose what pics we like and not (only with us)
  12. It will rain, therefore, better let's meet down in the subway station
  13. Yes, indeed , thank you Dst for helping with my trivia idea and improve it with the question contest. [size="1"]The regards will be on your PM soon [/size]
  14. First 3 rounds finished. We thank to everyone that participated and invite the ones that lost this time for a second change tomorrow, [b]day 282 at 22:00 server time for the final 3 rounds.[/b] The [b]winners[/b], in order are: [color="#8b0000"][b]Shadowseeker[/b][/color] :[b] [/b]1 drachorn [b]Eigger[/b] : 1 WP [color="#8b0000"] [b]Jester[/b][/color]: 1 drachorn [b]Burns[/b]: 1 WP [color="#8b0000"][b]Observer[/b][/color]: 1 drachorn [b]zeTsu grass[/b]: $15 credit codes. Thank you and have see you tomorrow. [size="1"] Chat log attached.[/size]
  15. Ok, after discussing about USA time problem, we decided to split this trivia in 2. We have today : [b]Meeting place[/b]: Room of[b] [color="#ff0000"]Indexed Memories[/color][/b] (where else can we hold a knowledge contest then not in a place full of books?) [b]Contest time[/b]: 15:00 (we all gather). [color="#ff0000"][b]15:15[/b][/color] it will start.Time is [color="#ff0000"][b]SERVER TIME day 281[/b].[/color] And we have for [b]USA[/b] tomorrow: [b]Meeting place[/b]: Room of[b] [color="#ff0000"]Indexed Memories[/color][/b] (where else can we hold a knowledge contest then not in a
  16. Yup. and RPCs can participate too
  17. We finally came to a stat date and time, rules of the contest, organizing the questions and prizes are still discussed. [b]Meeting place[/b]: Room of[color="#ff0000"][b] Indexed Memories[/b][/color] (where else can we hold a knowledge contest then not in a place full of books?) [b]Contest time[/b]: 15:00 (we all gather). [color="#ff0000"][b]15:15[/b] [/color]it will start.Time is [color="#ff0000"][b]SERVER TIME day 281[/b][/color]. [b]Rules[/b]:[b] [color="#ff0000"]BEHAVE![/color] [/b]If not...you will be sent to GOE which will make you lose some of the questions aka you can lose the co
  18. And how about here not at the subway http://clubpiranha.ro/galerii.php#foto
  19. He has every right to write on forums, he has done nothing wrong. I personally think that he is developing his character and it is nice to see some tales from prison. There is no reason for his posts to be previewed or blocked; also no reason to delete them. Jail was made especially for people that made something wrong but also can and have the right to continue their playing. There is a difference between I do not want to hear and WE do not want to hear. I personally think you are over reacting atm. I also noted in his log that his swearing when i found him were with a good reason.
  20. Akasha

    Name That Pub!

    Topic moved. It is off topic and no posts counts.
  21. The rewards for this trivia : [b]20[/b] x1$ codes , [b]5 [/b]x 5$ codes, [b]3[/b] wishpoints, [b]4[/b] [color="#8b0000"][b]drachorns [/b][/color](aged), [size="1"] and more[/size]
  22. Of course you can put, but make it yourself , you know what i mean. A second time to screw up..something you don't want to.
  23. You have the Artworks gallery now. Also fun one for all the posters and i kindly ask each of you to move their funny internet pics in there.
  24. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4441-my-last-effort-for-the-artisans/page__view__findpost__p__35191
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