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    A mix of ... a lot of ingredients
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    If so many people are angry and think he should get some kind of punishment, make a list of the very very bad things he done and a poll of what he should get as a punishment. Maybe that will mean something ... i am just saying.
  3. Dear Fenrir, I am not demanding things out of anger, I am simply sick of your spam posts that block the essentials from topics..important ones. ANd it is not only me..most of us are. Now, you can rant and entertain yourself , close the pc and go to sleep without learning anything, and be simply a spammer. MD is different and more the a game, from it you learn , maybe it would be time for you to start learning when to stop and how to read, as i see that you know how to entertain yourself... Considering that MD is like a baby for my husband and that it became soemthing very important in
  4. I am sad that we are entertainers for you. I have no more words to say..it is simple a insult to our efforts to try and actually explain to you and give an answer to your doubts.
  5. your warnings are from different mods and admin. I am not targeting you, you put yourself in the target by screaming out loud that we dont understand spam, and we have a wrong theory and your's is good : meaning offtopics are ok, excuse me, i am the admin and you are the user; if the mods warned you i belive them and the print screens they put in there, not you the off-topic adept. If you think you would have a problem with abstain yourself form posting spam, you should make something, but stop this non-sens and rantings about it. [u]Get over it ! [/u]
  6. The forum is not a 'game chat'..well , only the spammers would say it is [quote]We talk about a subject, and sometimes it goes off topic. [/quote] Wrong! spam means offtopic, that's why there are mods and admins to scream at you to stay ON topic. [quote]Punish those who are actually posting useless crap/ off topic posts. Not those who go off topic occasionally, because Akasha, you would get punished as well [/quote] That is exactly what i am doing now..punishing those that get offtopic and you are one of them..considering your warning status you will get the 'preview by mods' thing
  7. I know you are scared of getting a reset , you would like it now, or later after few more posts? Please look at your warnings...from today they start to mean something to a mod/admin and you could actually get a bad thing from them.
  8. Moderator preview..well he made 7 posts in 5 minutes.. so yeah, a moderator will approve or disapprove his posts. Unfortunately he can't understand when to stop , and i personally had enough of the spam from the forum, that's why i started to take actions. Think that more the half of his posts are spam...and look at his warning and such..if he can't stop, we must stop him..i personally want to read a topic without posts wich are put in there just to increase the post counts. The free of speech ...well he was free to post *cough* spam 658 posts ..so , i started to cook the spammers from this
  9. Well, DB got another warn and a moderator preview posts. So.. who is next?
  10. Lately i saw a lot of spam in all topics. From now on i will delete the spam, count down the numbers of post counts you have, or depends on your warnings...reset your count posts. First to go : Death Bell got his first reset to 0 posts today because of repeated spam . Good luck to the rest ps: rants in this topic will be counted as spam also
  11. After a long period, the reward was pm'ed to Kafuuka. Kafuuka has access to 1 shade account, from wich the ctc's will be pméd to the winners by Kafuuka. Also : [b][size="3"]warning[/size]:[i][color="#8b0000"] account might be bugged and not fully functional in all its aspects. Its also a NPC so expect different behaviour. Abuse is not allowed, you should respect its shade identity and not mock it. Acc its tradeable, creatures on it can be given as rewards you can use it as you wish, but if you discover a possible exploit (like endless fights) you should not use but report directly to M
  12. Hmm ..coffe mug? "coffe with grasan flavor? "
  13. Here will be the texts for the items , updated and per item? And we should get some from the 'you know you've been too much on md..' If you want to discuss : [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5673-official-md-t-shirts/"]http://magicduel.inv...al-md-t-shirts/[/url] [b] [/b]Link to the products : mug : [url="http://www.zazzle.com/tamed_reindrach_special_edition_mug-168308933110480520"]http://www.zazzle.co...308933110480520[/url] t-shirt : [url="http://www.zazzle.com/wanna_play_death_tshirt-235656352039621244"]http://www.zazzle.co...656352039621244[/url] [url="http://www.z
  14. I will blame the wineS we had. and yeah... the one who took the pictures...
  15. err..the pics will be on forum ? That is not good
  16. *starts preparing the cauldron* infidels?
  17. I would like a BIIGG coffeee mug and also i think at having slippers ..but with a drachorn form (i know that is harder...to get)
  18. Neah, thank you for invitation but we are recovering..plus..what's too much is not the same
  19. well, after waking up with 10 min before the actual plane to start flying and waking up everyone...i could say good morning..but i did not know if it was good or bad..and it was ..at 10:00 not at 5:29 pm SO...
  20. Then how about friday night ? and it won't be in tnb..i stood and frizzed waiting for all of you. It will be in Piranha and we will all meet inside not outside to freeze to almost death.
  21. I am sorry i needed to edit the description because it is not the First annual meeting ... if you have doubts check forum history for other meetings I say it is first american meeting. Have fun
  22. All i can see in this thread are some debates about the garbage that is thrown over the wall (like thrown i mean roleplayed live in game =)) something 2 guyz know to do it on forum) so yeah..i see nothing to be closed. I see no rp that Z put the garbage in there...but thou today i went there and saw DB trying to clean the place up by ROLEPLAYING IT LIVE IN GAME ..so yeah..nothing to close but 2 thumbs up for the funniest offtopic i read until now. And i sill wait for that P67 form ! and the proof Z has against Peace [size="1"]please ..someone try to explain better then me that what the 2
  23. Guyz...you know the rp is done in the game not on forums. Topic closed.and will be removed if refered like history.
  24. No, it is not a dead topic, it is alive and we hope to get more poems.
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