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    From the album: Happy moments

    Bran...vampire...it is warm and welcoming, the only castle i always feel like home inside

    © © MagicDuel.com

  2. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    How do you call this tree in english ?

    © © MagicDuel.com

  3. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    Tired ..so many pictures and houses (especially those hobbit houses )

    © © MagicDuel.com

  4. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    Mur happy that i had not the good lenths to take that picture

    © © MagicDuel.com

  5. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    I suppose you get the picture of how cold it was

    © © MagicDuel.com

  6. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    Beside my water bottle *cough* i tried to explain to Z that Bob should learn to grow like that

    © © MagicDuel.com

  7. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    1 Balcony from Bran castle

    © © MagicDuel.com

  8. Yes, again, why DEDICATE an award to someone that did something that did not lasted at least 1 year ? something that vanished with the player identity ? And vanished at the beginning of this year, not the ending ..at least so you can say 'this year' Outstanding work is osmething that lasts for more then 1 year, and in it's original form...but i might be wrong at this..as my standards are very exigent
  9. Hmm...i know a lot of subjects that the MDNP omitted...you can't tell me that you stooped working on the MDNP because there is nothing important of your time, mister to write about it...a newspaper, with true journalists [u]always [/u] finds something interesting to write about. I attack since i see the MDNP that is your job to keep it up-to-date and monthly not being so, because i see you wanting something thou you can't accomplish those things, but you desire to... And the people who leave because of true facts...are welcome from my part to do so..if they are here because of the drama and
  10. before anything else : you failed in keeping an up-to-date newspaper... what would change that? Logging in everyday to keep the active days and idle? Entering from time to time on forum or in game and trying to catch up ? I am sorry but i find this revolting... the only one who made the archivist job and master archivist job is Awii and i think we all agree on this.. at least because of him we had calendar, memories and man other things .. not because of the others. (and i am speaking about present, not things from 1-2 years ago. )
  11. [quote name='Gargant' date='02 December 2009 - 05:33 PM' timestamp='1259767987' post='48906'] I'd like to keep the 'outstanding service to MD' award from last year and dedicate it to last year's winner Calyx of Isis. [/quote] Excuse me... Calyx was not in MD this year ..so this i found out of date. Not that the paper is on date..considering last release and the months between them...
  12. About someone else giving a go on the spell docs and try to make new ones or alternatives ..before you all start crying, start looking where it is open to all of you to try : http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/3971-spell-document-quest/page__view__findpost__p__31796 After you all finish the rant maybe you also start to make something and put some more interest in what it is in the PRESENT developing . Also the enchanted poems is part of the spell docs..development status : paused because you all like to rant and complain then do something.
  13. If we look back, because of the old al that was written by someone else, Mur decided to close it and write it on his own. As he has more things to do it needed to be put on pause. AL it is not something to fill with 'tales' especially fantasy ones from papers; I am here for a long long time and i saw how real AL is written and how things happen to be in an order, how an end of a story is the beginning of an other, regardless of how long it takes or if there is something planed or not. Things in the AL (beside the story written by archis) are simply happening and follow an unwritten order
  14. Akasha


    what's wrong with just funny posing ?
  15. Akasha


    You don't remember the mystical mix ? you were right there, laughing at the ingredients .. it was almost same for No one too .
  16. Akasha


    It was not for me..the one who drank it ... did not know about it until this pic got out
  17. Akasha


    SHould we leave him or not to drink it
  18. Akasha


    And that was the mystical tea and yes, in the bottle of water it's the rest of beer .
  19. Akasha


    No..i was telling him that piper must come AFTER salt and water:P
  20. Akasha


    I did not noticed this pic when i censored them
  21. Akasha


    what? I was trying to explain everyone that they had enough drinks and that i am not opened to negotiations
  22. Akasha


    I can see the attraction between you 2 And no, i am not referring to Peace and you
  23. Akasha


    Again not me *wonders if the face is recognizable*
  24. Akasha


    not me i was innocent all night
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