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  1. This should be in OFFTOPIC not in general !!
  2. The last backup i saw in the interface was from october last year, I had no time to make a new one, since someone was messing with my account ... Hope he has indeed a recent one, or else hope the users still have some copies of the entries.
  3. The current quest (I like to call it a quest)/ story from the AL it is, indeed way back then the actual date of events. At that time, I needed some specific persons from MD to help in the quest. They were involved in some activities that were, somehow bound to the quest in progres. The story still exists, I still have the logs, the history can still be written, even if it involves some of our veterans that were ''lost on front''. At that time, Awii, Handy P. , Guy and some others were not veterans; this is a point you all seem to forgot. It is more to tell in that story, then you can imag
  4. Err..what is the problem if someone buys items to collect them? His role is a collector then... You guyz simply run out of rant topics? O.o I should call out the common sence of you..this is a game. If he wats to buy items and he buys them he can do so..WHO are you to decide or to question what he does with his money and items payed in MD? Does he has something you want really really bad? then scratch your face in silent and try to buy it, but stop the random rant and go have a calming tea ... I suppose very soon you guyz will make a topic spaming the forum with RANT about avatars from al
  5. Dst, i would add to that the big secret things that some players like to have, the separation from the game thru ym and other forums. That is what is killing new players. If you are not 'profi' you can't simply stay in the game; So all of you profi rp should stop ranting and look at yourself. Md is not an exclusiv rp game, nor one to fight and get stats and stats but one that mixes both. Atm it is like in high school..groups that are outside of MD at first and where the plans are made and come to 'enlighten' the other ppl from the realm about what is hapening. Also the paranoia around you, i
  6. The adventure log does not work like that. Random stories are not for AL, especially ones that contain at least 1 real character and fiction...that is part of why the lore got stopped, and that is how the fiction lore appeared. The problem, as it was stated in his post, is that he has no time, not no story. I think that the people who tried so bad to enter the AL and sent stories or suggestions can tell you that what they sent was never used. All in all, exactly because of what you just asked/done is why he said that players can't write the AL, and do remember : it is not the story mi
  7. After a period of ~ 2 months, Death Bell will be left on 'probation' , aka mod preview will be off his head. Note: all mods agreed for the probation.
  8. Pff .. why do people need to use names like Wizard of and Shades in their stories that defines their role? Everything that happened in that period is in AL and you are not in there, i am sorry to say this to you, but your story with Wizard and Shades is a lame one.. People..be more inventive..come with something new ad stop bounding your stories with the ancient LR, especially when it is connected with old AL. Last Guardian of Golemus? BTW: last scroll Wizard left was a letter ... pitty you were not in this realm at that time.. which takes me to the next remark : when you start to
  9. That was the fun from it . All players from all lands should start to meet and make a tactic of their land and we will all have a lot of fun during TC. ( at least the ones that are not interested in prize especially but in their land pride ). This contest is meant to give us so much fun, only if we try to play it and come with tactics and actually have some enemies I don't speak of doing what LR had done ... 40 vs 16-17 is a HUGE amount of points ...( meah..we had..i can't find the word ) but of coming with tactics to contra-attack the enemy and start to[b] [color="#8b0000"]PLAY[/color
  10. That it is called teaming up to fight for your land, only the main accounts participated, this can't be qualified as a cheating, but as a good team up between the alliances that fight for their land. Torch Competition is about between land fights. It is a tactic to win against others, this tactic as we can see was used and got LR a huge score and they got to say it all loud they are champions with this tactic..bad move Ailith, you were the only one to defeat your land and to attack the ones with other torches...i suppose in here you have my opinion in how to defeat this tactic until TC
  11. We are simply answering to your pole, which is not in the right section btw, should be in the offtopic, considering the subject and answers. Moved to offtopic. [u][b]UPDATE :[/b][/u] A Quote from trashcan of his contest that we are speaking about in here, the true reason of this topic, at least that is what some of us think [quote]Posted Today, 11:11 AM I am commissioning everyone(not the person ) to find out how to access the hidden creature pictures. There was once a link we could go to, to see hidden creatures, but we can no longer access it. I would like you all to help me,
  12. Would you like me to quote your previous topic? That one with the contest on who finds the hole and report it to you, so you can see the secret creatures and after you have your thing, you will go and report it to Mur ? You want to prove something stating that phrase : 'your husband' ? Do you feel like kissing his back if you go and report a bug? do you? do you ? PS: dst had a role on reporting bugs i would choose my answer wisely if i where you
  13. Fenrir, it is BAD to ask people to find bugs, report them to you for a creature and after you had fun with the bugs come like a saint to Mur and explain the bug. If you pass over a bug, this should be immediately reported and not shared with others and get profit over it. It is against the rules and could get you banned. How you report a bug? Send a mail to manu@magicduel.com with full description of that bug. [b]PS[/b] : your reasons sound like : 'You know, i did not payed my taxes in order to fully explore the effects on the society and improve the system -> so no reason for me t
  14. I was thinking of having an ad-hoc meeting in Bucharest today at 7:30 pm in Piranha . To keep my evil reputation up, we will stay at the non-smokers balcony, so dress well in case you want a 'fresh air' smoke . Subjects to debate: undisclosed Who is attending? Me Mur dst No One
  15. I am against this idea, it will not be a fair one. Proof: Let's take Rednecks case...yeah we all don't like him, he may or many NOT done something, there is not an existing proof. (beside being annoying) He asked, like many others if he can have a trip and Grido tricked him. He is in jail on no reason, (based on Mur's rules that you seem to want to respect so badly), thou the 'community '/jurry voted to keep him there, and came with 'inventive punishments'. The judge in this case was Grido who put him there, also by not respecting the rule we got told regarding the ban spell : "no t
  16. As I said, there is not an exact number of poems requested and when that number is filled it is ended. The poems will be implemented later, as promised; until then I hope to gather more .
  17. Akasha


    What glue?
  18. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    © © MagicDuel.com

  19. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    © © MagicDuel.com

  20. Z took a shovel and a bag and managed to get the little snow you see there
  21. [size="3"][color="#8b0000"][b]The contest is closed[/b][/color][/size] And now...the prize is same for everyone :[b] a special, unique[/b] hand made by me yes ... you guess . I bet if i would have told this from the start more would have participate..or tried to ...what can i say..do it for fun not for the reward ! Prizes will be collected in few days, as it needs to be finished. Any snowman posted after[size="1"] (day : 359 hour: 16:20 server time)[/size] will not be taken into consideration, you had time . Thank you all for participating and remember :[b] HAVE FUN[/b] [si
  22. Are there any other people that are trying and willing to make a snowman ? I will close the contest soon, but i will wait for you first.
  23. Akasha


    Yes, we got lucky this year and we had lots of snow, thou next days will vanish under the hot sun 13 degrees Celsius
  24. Akasha


    What can i say.. she is 8 years old and she acts like a 3 year old
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