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  1. YES it is me in that pic, and maybe i'll change it with a new one, nut for now i won't first i put it for someone but now i like it very much.
  2. hello and welcome to our comunity
  3. yup, Manu is right, one fight on this forum is enogth.And i think i'll move those posts to manifesto.
  4. Hello and welcome back, i will respond to any of your questions, Manu also reads and replies, feel free to ask and start any discussion you want..once is started all will have to say something
  5. 'None of the team members knows the answer so everyone is welcome to try.' I don't feel right with this. I think a contest is made for users not for team members (my opinion) I find it unusual to give gifts between us, so I will not take part on this one.
  6. Manu, tell us from where do you know all this things? Because this isn’t a information that you see every where.
  7. Hello Elder and Welcome to MagicDuel forum
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