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  1. Welcome Yep...it's very tempting but indeed, ur waiting worths .
  2. Hello, Well...I know what u felt when u clicked restart but..it is in a good case know u can really take care of ur skills and maybe u'll pick another answer if u'r looking for something new in the story And about waiting 25h..i like it...it's like i read a book and stop at page x and then continue
  3. Hello and welcome here. Yes..it's nice in Russia especially if u are looking for a snowy winter
  4. Yes, and know we are working hard to improve the game
  5. Hello, we were away for 2 days, sorry we are doing our best.
  6. It will be hard work..and lots of series... but ok/..we will do a movie based on a game after the game will be finish..i have some ideas for the movie.about the way i can combine the path from the game..
  7. Ya, and maybe a movie after the game/book
  8. THIS IS A TOPIC ABOUT THE MAN WAITING ..... something NOT ABOUT FOOD! STOP POSTING OFF TOPIC! i think i'll begin to apply a drastic warn to everyone that post off topic from now on in posts like this one .
  9. Hello and welcome to our community.
  10. ok..just that it's strange..i'm from Romania and never had problems with my native language.. even if it is writing or speaking...
  11. ya, if u were from US u would have no problems with english language ... so ...
  12. Hello and welcome to our community
  13. Yes, it's me in that picture and maybe i'll change it for u to see that IT"S really me
  14. Hello, If u speak about Kingsduel here maybe is time for me to say my nickname from kings... B) I suppose u heard about Akasha
  15. YES it is me in that pic, and maybe i'll change it with a new one, nut for now i won't first i put it for someone but now i like it very much.
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